Friday, September 27, 2013

WTF Friday

1. I accidentally showed half my left boob and all of my right bra to a 87 year old flower delivery man yesterday. I was in the middle of feeding Dillyn and I was so shock that the door bell rang, AND that there was a man standing at the door holding a huge bouquet of flowers, that I threw the baby on the couch and raced to the door to see who my secret admirer was. (And by 'threw', I hope you know I laid her gently down on a pillow.) 

It was only when I got to the door I realized my shirt was still up.

What the F*ck IS IT with me and showing my tatas to random people lately!?!?

BTW, my secret admirer was my husband. Flowers for our 4 year anniversary! He's the best!

2. The other day there was an infestation of black birds in the backyard. I'm not sure if they decided to have a black bird conference and invited all of the black birds on the planet or what. But I was not happy. Cure to my problem: Send the BIRD DOG outside to get them! I'm a genius!

Well, I opened the door and the 'Bird Dog' looked at me like this:

Didn't even move. WTF.

Some bird dog he is.

3. Do you see at the right there -----> Where it says Running For Beer??? (you actually might have to scroll back up a little.) Ya, my goal this year was to do 100 miles. I'M AT 79 MILES!!! What the frick?!?!? How did that happen?! Especially when I've been pregnant all year!

Apparently I need to up my goals next year. 200 miles maybe????

That's it for me. I got a little girl that is all smiles and wants to play!


  1. #1 show those tatas off while you can girl.. This is the best they'll ever look. Trust a sister.
    #2 change your profile. It says you don't have children and I'm pretty sure you already have a novella of stories to prove you do. Muah. So jealous I can't smash my face into Baby D's neck sugar. Ugh..

  2. She is adorable, Laura. Flashing your boobs is just an occupational hazard when you are breast feeding. I can remember some of the women whipping them out in the middle of church when I was a kid. Congrats on your anniversary. Those flowers are beautiful.

  3. Dillyn Is absolutely precious! They are only boobs! Everyone has seen them! As long as the poor man didn't have a heart attack your golden! Ah the stories you will be able to tell your baby girl when she is older!

  4. Lovely flowers! Happy Anniversary!

  5. OMG, I love that dog! I took the kids to the beack for ice cream last night and there was a yellow lab running in and out of the water, having a blast, and he remined me of your Wyatt! So cute.
    I figure he was more concerned about gurarding the baby than chasing birds.
    Happy Anniversary. Beautiful flowers!

  6. Well...had a giant cock been standing on your doorstep she may have moved. Evidently flowers don't motivate her....a huge rooster might :D

  7. I love those Flowers and your "Bird Dog" couldn't be any cuter. Did he try to explain to you he's a water dog and not a bird dog?? :)


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