Thursday, February 13, 2014

I made a friend.

So anyone that knows me, either on my blog or in person, knows that I don't make friends well. About as well as a wet fart sticks to a slippery slide.

I'm socially awkward. Shy. And verbal shit comes outta my mouth like a waterfall.

Yes, yes, on here I'm so outgoing. And funny. All all sorts of funtastic.

But in real life I feel like a slug on rollerblades. It just doesn't work.

So, low and behold, I've made a new friend. And I didn't have my husband's friends influence (which has been freaking amazing by far. I mean, in what world do you get along with ALL your husband's best friends wives????? Ya. My world.  And that never happens. I'm one lucky beeatch.)

I know she's probably going to read this and…….run the other direction. But I'm writing about it anyway.

We've worked out together. And that was awesome. And wouldn't you know that as we're leaving the gym she's all, 'I'm starting a club for woman who love beer. Good beer. You should be the first member.'


Pretty sure we are destined to be together….as friends of course….for life. If you mention beer, I'm your friend. Easy peezy.

New friends rock.

Oh another note. Completely random and off topic. Typical.

Words of Wisdom: Do not eat chili and brownies and ice cream before you go to a work out class that makes you want to die within the first 10 minutes. And before y'all are like, ' who eats brownies and chili together?!?!' Well, this girl does. And she likes it. Moving on.

So I had TWO bowls of chili. Yes. Yes. I am a rock star.

One bowl was extra spicy with habaneros, and the other was straight vegetarian.

So I had the spicy/veggie/chili/chocolate farts through the entire class.

Just kill me. With a spork to the eyeball. It'd be better than the 59 minutes of juicy toots in a 'Body Design' class at the Y.

So I made a friend and sent 56 people screaming in the other direction. All in *basically* one day.

Be jealous.


  1. Ummm... yay for new friends. I have a hard time finding people who like my brand of crazy as well :) Chilli and brownies sound fantastic, but I love food... food in general.

  2. yay! We've moved around a bit and are in a relatively new area. I have tons of aquaintances but nobody who just stops over for coffee or calls out of the blue.
    I miss that.

  3. Reminds me of Step Brothers "Did we just become best friends?" "YEP!"


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