Monday, May 13, 2013

You MUST follow this chick!!

OK. I know I haven't posted in a coon's age, and you're due for the 25th week update (from last week), but give me a break...I've been moving. Mmmmkay?!?! K.

I just wanted to do a quick post to link a friend of mine that I am SUPER-DUPER-POOPER excited about!!! She was the one I was telling you about that went from a size 12 to size 4 in like 4 months on Show off.

Anyways. Well, she started her own blog!!!! I'm obsessed. Like downright stalkerish. It's an issue.
But I think she still likes me, so it's all good.

Go follow her!!!!!

Chelsea @

She talks a lot about eating clean and exercising. How it she struggled, what she's given up, or sacrificed, and how she made the COMMITMENT to get healthy. And she's a busy hectic lady, so if she's got time to do this, we've all got time to do this!!

She is a MEGA inspiration to me and I will be following all her tips when I push this little donut craving nugget out in August. (Yes, I fully blame Baby Girl for the cravings. Don't judge.)


  1. Hope the moving is going well! I will check her out!

  2. So I love her story! Thanks for sharing. It is an interesting perspective for me because I weigh 177 and have about 32 pounds left to lose, which is what she shed. I am also a size 12. I can't believe that weight sent her to a size 4! That is amazing... not that I expect to be a size 4, but I would love to forever be in the single digits!

  3. glad to see your still out there and baking that baby. hope the move goes smoothly.


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