Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Well hello there little angels! How you doin'? Whach you doin'?
I'm writing my little randompants crap down. Ya, know. Like usual. All for your pure amusement. Aren't you lucky?

1. First of all, I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday was just straight up murder. Don't you just hate it when you get in those horrible dark, bad mood places and nothing can pull you out of it? It was a tough one yesterday fo'sho'. Some of you know, but others might not, I battle with depression. And have for, well, probably since I was 13 or 14. It got real bad in college, where alcohol, late nights, and binge eating took over my life for about 4 years (hence why it took me 7 years to graduate. eek.). But through counseling, meds, biofeeback, and a LOT of hard work, I managed to pull myself up and become 'normal' again. Well, I'm not really ever going to be normal....haha....but normal for my crazy self. Now, I've been off meds for 6 years, ever since I met my human anti-depressant, my hubby, and rarely feel down and low. Anyways, yesterday reminded me of those dark days in college. But I pushed through and even did some work at home before hitting the sack semi-late for me. And I got the best sleep! Woke up rejuvenated. Ran my pooper off. And that's that.

2.  Oh, and during thebestsleepever last night, i had the best dream. Apparently I'm just too excited about Sept., because my sub-conscience is telling me things. Last night I dreamed about BOOBs. Ok, wait. That sounded bad. I didn't dream about tatas, so boys, just close your mouths. I dreamed about the BOOBs Trip in Sept to Chi-town!!!!!  I don't remember everything, but I know that Draz was there and I'm pretty sure we were shopping (shocker, I know), but then Dawnya showed up, and maybe Ronnie. I can't be for sure. There was a huge group of us, and it felt like all my special friends from here were all there. We were laughing, and talking, and gossiping, and bitching (pshhhhh, we don't do that!), and just having a blast. I I woke up and had the biggest smile on my face. It was awesome. I think my dream is predicting the future. Wouldn't it be oh so cool if I had like a deja vu moment while there, because of the dream??!! That shit happens to me all the time. I'm weird like that.

3.  Despite my disastrous day yesterday, there was one little shiny sparkly star of awesomeness that happened..........



I got Instagram!!!!!
Yes, it's the little things folks.

Instagram finally made an app for a Droid and I promptly downloaded that shit like first thing. All my dreams are coming true!
See, my phone takes shotty pictures. They just suck. But with Instagram, I can do all sorts of fun things to make them look the way I think they should look.

So here's some examples that I played around with last night:

I don't have the originals to show you side by side, but lets just say they were slightly out of focus, the color was way to bright, and they didn't have that fun border on them.
BadAss huh?!?!

Dawyna and Andrea, if you have a Droid or iphone, get your asses to the app store for this!! It's awesome for when you don't have your big camera with you, and just your phone!!! You probably already have it. I'm just behind the times.

4.  Check this:
I have run 35.7 miles in 3 weeks!
My farthest run was 6.2! SIX.POINT.TWO MILES!!!!
And my fastest was a 9:48 mile, which, happened on last Monday when i was feeling like dinosaur turds and only got in 2.5 miles because I thought I was going to die. WTH?

I know it's not like psycho running numbers or anything, but I kinda feel like a badass right now.
Just a little.
Ok, maybe more than a little.
Corn Dog and I are going to smoke that 5K in a week and a half!

5.  My little friendy Jordan finally got my prize for winning our challenge in January/February. I know, right? Jeez.
No, really, remember we did a month long challenge to see who could lose the most weight? Well, if you don't remember, just play along.
We both did pretty good at it, but I ended up on top. Barely.
So this is what I got:

Well, Hello to you, sweet little thing.

New granny panties here I come!!!!!!
Well, I'm going to wait until Wed. because then Jordan and I can have a girly shopping night out. Followed by going to this place:
And sit and chat and have little girl giggles at stupid crap.
And eat these:
Those are the finest of fine artisan chocolates people. In case you couldn't tell.

And maaayyyyybe drink some of this:

6. OK, I've got to get back to work. I'm missing my little assistant buddy today because she has the nerve to go off and take a day of vacation. Rude.

But I'll leave you with this fine young gentleman that I took pics of a month ago. He's my cousin's first baby, Cale James, and he's adorable to boot!!!!!

Isn't he the cutest?!?!?!
I just love newborns!

Cheers lovelies!!


  1. That chocolate looks oh so yummy! I love newborns that pic of them on the bed.

  2. Glad you're feeling better! Good job on the running! You should feel badass!

    I started using Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

    My cousin just had a baby on Monday so they called today and asked if I would take pictures of them in the bluebonnets, so I'll get to practice my newborn photography skills or lack thereof. Haha!

  3. A) OMG Wyatt
    B) since when is 10 things Thursday only 6 things? And actually who am I to ask since I didn't even do my 10 things today. Too busy. Forealz.
    C) BADASS about your mileage. I am j. My Monday blew, but Weds was better. I think I'm around 3.5.
    D) cannot wait to see you in Chicago too and I actually laughed out loud (for real not just saying it,) about the boobs comment and not meaning tatas. Haha
    E) heart u

  4. Dude - you only did 6. I'll forgive you just this once mmkkaayy?

  5. Did you have a Thursday brain fart? :)


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