Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Another round of randompantsness (it's a word) to just brighten your soul. You're welcome.

1. I'll start your day off right (Cat!) with a little Wyatt action.

This is what I've gotten to wake up to the last 4 days:
Yup. Don't be jealous.

I wake up, stretch, turn around and there he is. All snoring and soft and cuddly.
So then we spoon.
And I scratch his ears.
And tell him he's the best puppy in the world.
'Cause that's what normal not-at-all-obsessed-with-your-pet dog lovers and owners do.

2. This day was starting out so nice. I woke up refreshed. Had a semi-peaceful drive into work. Was kinda excited to actually do some work.

Then the one person that I butt heads with comes in to my office. First thing in the morning. And wants me to modify a product that we are NOT approved to do (by the FAA). Sure, we can just get parts in and just change them up however we want and just put them back on an airplane. Lickity split. No problemo.

Sometimes I just want to pull my hair out and run screaming from the building. Or drown myself in a keg of beer. And it's only 8:51am.

3.  This week has been a rough one for injuries. Seriously. My left hand is all tangled up.
First was the tragic window washing injury:
Which left the above bruise on my wrist. I know, I know, you can barely see it. But trust me. It's there.

Then the other night I decided that ironing shirts wasn't good enough, and decided to see what ironing my hand would look like, because I'm cool like that:
 Purdy, huh?

It's a wonder how I've made it through life with only minor scraps and bruises, seeing that me and Mrs. Clumsiness are clearly besties.

4.  Another week has gone by sans dreadmill action. I know I keep whining about this, and you're probably like, 'Laura! JUST.GET.OFF.YOUR.FAT.POOPER.AND.WORK.OUT!', but I just have no energy to do so. It's sad, really. Like, sad and pathetic. That's me. Mrs. Patheticpants McGee, here to chug beers and eat crap and watch her glorious muffin top grow.

I've made the decision that Monday is my day. My day to start fresh. I've got a really hectic weekend coming up and I know I'm going to have zip for willpower, so I'm going to start fresh on Monday.
No eating crap.
No smoking.
No drinking during the week.

So there.

5.  Have you guys seen this stuff:
Seriously, it's kinda like a rice cake, but not, it's better. And look at how good it is for you!!! No fat! No sugar! All natural! 15 Calories! Woop woop!

I originally bought it to dip into hummus, but I didn't like it all that well. So now, I've been dribbling some raw honey on it in the afternoons and it completely takes my sweet cravings from Hell away! OK, lets be honest here, it doesn't completely take them away, because the last 2 weeks I've been acting like a psychotic crack addict when it comes to chocolate. But, if I wasn't a psychotic chocolatecrack addict, it would totally work for my gigantic tyrannosaurus rex sized sweet tooth. So if you see some at your local shoppy shop, pick up a bag. They have different flavors too. Like cinnamon and onion, but not together, of course. Which I will be trying too. Soon.

6.  So, my friendy Jordan and I have been planning and working on our other friendy's baby shower, that's happening this weekend. (Hence the cleaning of windows and ironing induced injuries stated above, and the hecticness.) And you would not believe how fun and exhausting it is!! OMG. Fo'realz. But I completely blame myself, because when Jess asked me if I'd host her baby shower I was like, "YESSSSSSS!!!! It will be amazing, and fantastic, and down right the best damn baby shower of this century!" And I'm sure she was thinking, just a simple BBQ, some friends, and a few laughs. But OH NO sista! We got to go all out with this shiz! So that's when I went out and started doing all these crafty things, and baking things, and more crafty things. Luckily, well, maybe she doesn't think she's so lucky now, but Jordan volunteered to help and has taken a huge chunk of the crafty projects and completed them herself. Thank you baby Jesus for Jordan!

Anyways, I don't want to show you all the amazingness we have planned (I know, I'm such a tease), because I know the soon to be new mama reads this, but I will definitely have pictures for you guys next week! All I can say is there's going to be a lot of 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhh' and some of 'Ahhhhhhhhhh' going on up in heeeere.

7.  About a month and a half ago I had to go take pictures of the cutest little button. It was torture, I tell you. JK! As soon as I found out my cousin was pregnant I nearly tackled her to get her to let me take the newborn photos. They are my fav!!!
Meet Mr. Cale, my cousin's brand new bundle of joy!!!

Isn't he just adorable?!?!

And I get to take some other friends newborn pics this next weekend! I can't wait!
And I took my other cousin's engagement photos, so as soon as I get a sparrow fart's moment of time I'll get those finished and put them up here too.

8.  Can I just share with you a little thing.......

I'm just loving these. Straight up love them. Borderline obsessed.
And I've gotten so many compliments!

Next up for challenge winnings are these:
Orrrrrrrrrrrrr, these:
The black sequin's are $89 (ouch) and the ivory's are $80.
So I need to work out......A Lot.

You can all thank Vicky for this shoe porn, because she posted about her Wedges, and that led me to obsess about my future Wedges.

9.  Sooooo, my mother in all her infinite wisdom decided to give Ryan and I her old 4-Wheeler. Brilliant. It's an oldie, but a goody. Since my mother and her boyfriend had 3......yes, THREE...... 4-wheelers just sitting around, they were running out of storage space. Hence the giving away of one to us.

I'm pretty sure Ryan is in 7th heaven. He's been outside cleaning, tinkering, polishing, washing, working, and more tinkering on that thing all week. Which has been soooo nice. Because he's been out of my hair of course. hehe.

So even though we live in town, have no where to store this thing, and can't really ride it anywhere......we now have a 4-wheeler. Lucky us......I mean Ryan.

10.  I just pulled these outta my desk:

The chocolate monster from the depths of Hell has no boundries.
That's ok, a few more days to indulge and then bye bye chocolate!

Wow, you guys got shoe porn, food porn, and baby & puppy pictures all in one!
You so lucky!



  1. For the record, I have been LIVING in wedges! Buy them! And love them! And by the way, I want to eat your M & Ms.... ;)


  2. Put those M&M's away, they are for the party! (Did I sound mean, and mom-like?) Thanks for the shout out. It has been fun, and I am really glad I can help out.

  3. Glad I could enable you, my on earth did I miss the sparkly wedges?!!!

  4. i like how you roll, you really DID cover it all. i've been obsessing over tom's wedges all spring. swoon.

    also. uh, i wake up to milo laying in our bed like that every morning. my husband and i get three feet of the bed, milo gets the rest. but he is all soft and warm and cuddly and smells delicious in the morning, so we drag him up between us to snuggle him.

    yeah. we are THOSE dog people. shameless.

    also. side note. didn't have to destroy ANYONE on my way to work today, gonna be a good day...

  5. I loved reading this - so many fun updates :) and the toms are adorable!

  6. My favorite things: doggies, shoe porn, babies and M & M's!!!!

  7. That cutie-pie dog of yours wants you to take him for a walk. Throw out the treadmill and have some fun with your dog!

    Clearly domestic chores are not for you. It is time, I think, for your fella to take over the window washing and the ironing.

  8. I love every picture you ever post of Wyatt, and I am so glad I'm not the only one out there who's dog-obsessed.

    The first picture you posted of your cousin's sweet baby made my heart melt. It's beautiful!

  9. Ahh-you do take some lovely pictures.

    Girl-Monday, me & you. It's on. Enjoy those M&M's!!

    BTW-I am from Great Bend, KS-but live in KC now. =)

  10. ItWorks has a suppliment for cravings....justsayin:O)

    And those SHOES! Mercy! I'm so glad I got the new boots which will satisfy me for awhile otherwise I'd be blowing my budget on some wedges!

    Your poor hand... :( That's why I just don't iron. Downy wrinkle release ALL THA WAY baby!

  11. I love the pics of the baby and how you got them of him smiling! super cute!

  12. Love the newborn pics!!

    Thanks for passing on the info about the Magic Pop! I'm going to have to try that out.

    And love the Tom's wedges!


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