Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Ohhh Meeee GEEEEE! I know, I know. It's been weeks since the best baby shower of all time, and I so promised y'all a recap, and well, stupid life got in the way. Damn you employment!!!

So, without further adieu, I bring you THE BABY SHOWER OF THE CENTURY!!!

Clap, clap.
Applause, Applause.

First off, my little friendy Jordan so graciously decided to help with everything 'baby shower'. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord. Without her, God only knows how it would have went down.
There could have been naked clowns.
And mud wrestling.

You never know.

First off she made this:
Too cute right?!?!
For that, she deserves a metal. Made of chocolate. And wine. It can be done.

Little baby Brock sure is loved!!

Here's some other things made:

The story on the onesies is that future Daddy-to-be is a firefighter, so of course, that had to be ONE of the themes to this par-tay!

Next was a little relaxation and BBQ action:

The Mom-to-be Jess (purple) and Jordan! Good times!
Jordan and I got the BRILLIANT idea that why make the 'parents' play games, or the girls play games. That's boring. Old school even. So we roped the GUYS into games (after they'd been diving in the coolers for a couple hours, of course).

And this wasn't just any baby shower game. This was the ULTIMATE! We had two teams, one was 'Already Dads' and the other was 'Not Dads......yet'.
Each team had to dress a baby doll. Diaper, onesie, and socks. And who ever finished got a 6-pack of Corona. Because that's how we roll folks.

Everyone was FANTASTIC sports! The 'Not Dads' put up a good fight......sorta. I mean, they tried their best. But lets just say Matt, the soon to be dad, has a LOT of practicing to do when putting on a diaper! Swear to all that is Holy, it took him like 24 minutes. I'm sure Jess, the soon to be mom, was just dying inside.
Collyn (left, and Already Dad) is whoopin' the shit out of Matt (soon to be dad)!

Already Dads clinched the finish before the Not Dads barely had on the onesie!

Tag Team on the Not Dads.

And the group. So proud of our guys!
BTW, see those cute kids? Who has cute kids like that?!?! Our friends, that's who.
And we got a little fun pictures with the cute soon-to-be-parents:

And finally, it was time for the real fun.

Just because we live in town, have kids at a party, and may be a little bored come night time, doesn't mean we need to pull out the hand-me-down 4-wheeler and take said kids on rides in the back yard.

Oh, wait. That did happen.
We are officially Park Shitty Redneck:

Oh, and if that isn't Boondockin' it enough, it was the annual 'deer head' trade weekend.

See my husband and his friend have 'shared' custody of a deer head.
I can not make this shit up.
The dismount.

The handover.
Now we have a blank spot on our wall. Enjoy Lindsey, enjoy. Lindsey would be the very understanding wife of the other husband. I know that she jumped for joy when she found out she got to cart that all the way back home in the back of her Pilot.

All in all, the shower was a success!
I believe it was our group of friend's first 'grown up' party, where no one got completely knock down drag out drunk, peed outside, and then pucked on themselves in the middle of the night.
Progress people, progress!

I can't wait to meet Baby Brock! He is going to be quite possibly the cutest little cowboy/firefighter/KSU fan EVAH!!!!


  1. Looks fun! You are not getting that kinda quality up here, love! We max out at toilet paper and duct tape... ;)

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  2. Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing. Totally my type of baby shower!

  3. They share a deer head?!!! What'd they do...both shoot it at the exact same time? LOL

    Like I've told you before, our families would get along very well...this totally sounds like something my family would do...

  4. They share a deer head?! That is too funny.

    That shower wreath is genius!

  5. park shitty redneck! bahahaha, i haven't heard that one. but i snorffled. awesome.

    please throw me a baby shower someday, because uhhhh... bad ass. that is all.

    p.s. we take milo to chisholm creek for day camp every now and then! so i make a bi-monthly to park shitty. ha.

  6. You say no one peed outside, really no adults peed outside, you forgot Owen. I still think we have all progressed to adulthood. P.S. I am going to steal this post for my blog.

  7. Sweet Georgia Brown, you have a deer head timeshare? Are you sure you don't live in Alabama? Honestly, you are the first person ever who is not from Georgia who i've heard use the term Boondockin', but you're version is different from mine. For me, it meant we would go out to some undeveloped/underconstruction neighbroohood and drink beer in the deserted cul de sacs during the summers in high school.

    Yes, I realize this was a random comment. It looks like a super fun party! I swear you mid-westerners are into your baby showers! I never had one when my daughter was born. :(

  8. How fun! What a cute shower!

  9. What a totally awesome shower! You are the bestest friend ever!!!!

  10. That DOES sound like the best baby shower ever. Next time we have one in our family, I'm going to have to steal your "Dads" and "Not Dads...yet" games. :)


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