Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WTF Wednesday!

In honor of my dear besty luvbug Draz, I am going to do WTFrankfurts today. Because I need to vent.

1.  You know when you are so overworked, stressed, and just an unkept mess (seriously, my hair today looks like a freaking bird is hibernating in it), and all you want in life is to go to 'that place' to relax, chill, and just have a mellow ol' time? You know that place? Been there? It's called Beerville. And I want to go there soooo bad. Every.Single.Day.

Work is driving me insane. Seriously. I will be owning an array of straight jackets in all colors pretty soon. Picture this: I'm already on overtime, I am non-stop running from 7am-4:30pm, every day, and I rarely, RARELY, catch up on all my work. Overwhelmed much, I think so.  So when two morons from work came in and politely said, "Well, you know that new process, that you have to figure out, draft, type, create a picture book of instructions for, do light tests, print things, do artwork, and all? The one that we were going to WAIT till you had a little less on your plate? Um, ya, we're going to need that by Friday. Thanks."


After I gave the straight bitch stare from Hell that would send Cruella Devil running for cover, for a FULL 10 minutes, without saying a word, I proceed to ask, "So, you want me to create this new process, and everything that it entails, that normally takes 6 months to do, and you want me to finish it in 2.5 days. Hmmmm. Ya, NO. Pass. You can go stick it." Ok, I didn't say that last part. But I thought it.

I did talk them into letting me have a full work week. Actually I have about 7 days that I can get it done.
Oh joy. FML.

2.  I saw a thing/video/article on today that said mosquito's are going to be their worst this summer. WTF. There is one thing I freaking loath, worse than ticks of course, and that is those little blood sucking bastards.  Oh, and they also say that tick season is supposed to be it's worst too. WTF!!!!! Both worst at once. I can not deal.

3.  I went to my second session at the chiropractor last night. This morning I woke up and my body feels like a wrecking ball mangled it. WhyTF is that? Hummm? Why? And last week's first appointment was the same way. Why can't I just be normal and go in there and he straighten me all out and I feel yippy skippy the next day? Why?! OH ya, because I waited 10 years to go the the chiro and now i'm so screwed up the 'good alignment' feels bad. Of course. WTF Laura.

4.  So, remember a few weeks ago when I went up to beautiful Minnesota for work? And I may have gotten a little tipsy on Monday night with my work buddies? Well, some douchcanoe at work decided to throw a bunch of gossip around my work about it. Telling the VP of the company that I can drink 24 beers, no problemo. WTF?!?! Why do you spread rumors, why? It wasn't 24 beers, it was more like 18. Get it straight.

But seriously, are we in high school? Did we revert back to 16? Because I'm confused how grown ass adults like to start shit just for the fun of it. I mean, really. Don't you have more important things to talk about than what I do in my freaking private time? Clearly your life isn't as all badass like mine and you need to justify it by bad mouthing me. It's fine. I will take the brunt of your stupidity and walk with my head high. Proud that I nearly could stand up straight and talk without a slur after 18 beers. There. Take that.

Whoa. I feel sooooo much better.
Drazzy, you got something in this WTF stuff. Fo'realz!

Cheers y'all!!!


  1. Don't want to write too don't have time to have a project to get done!lol! there is always one at a work place that must deem themselves jack#ss

  2. Sorry you have so much going on at work. Sounds liek that guy is a douche, but you know how some people are. I read that exact same artice about the mosquitos and i was like "Frick!!!" because I'm positive that ALL mosquitos originate here and Florida and just migrate North. They are THICK as...well, a thick soup...and that is even with the mosquito spray trucks coming around every night spraying DDT or Agent Orange around our neighborhood all night.

  3. UGH. I think they're the worst they've ever been in Texas this year, too. It's freakin' ridic how many bites I have. And EVERYWHERE, not even just exposed places. I hesitate to even get naked to shower anymore. Jeebus!

    Also, your co-worker is a little heifer. I wonder how that even came up in conversation? Bullcrap. :/

  4. I hate FLIES the most. And those freakin things are everywhere when I am outside. The make me want to run inside. And when I am wet, it must attract them. What is the damn point in a fly or tick or mosqito anyway????? What??
    You r work sounds like a pain. I hope they pay you A LOT!!!
    Love you.

  5. 1. Some adults are WORSE than kids. Ie: Total douchebaggery!

    2. Your job is shithole that doesn't appreciate you. SO, pack your crap and move up here! lol So we can run every day and drink beer. Mmmkay?

    3. You would probably look good in a straight jacket. Damn you. lol

    4. Mosquitoes are mini men flying around in the air. Truth.

    Love you woman!


  6. People who are like that in high school become adults like that. It blows. Its stupid. It makes me want to pop tires and write their name and phone number on bathroom walls.

    Ahem...not that I have ever done that. I HEAR though that it is a good release. :)

  7. I am a new follower, I found you off another bandster's blog. I look forward to reading further. *Maria*~DiZneDiVa: Confessions of a Cupcake Addict, follow me at

  8. No offense, but your workplace needs to get a freaking brain. Really??? They're nuts.

    Being a Minnesotan, I can tell you that EVERYONE here can drink 18 beers. It's what you do when you live in the tundra. (that and screw) Just saying......


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