Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Late Edition.

Holy toledo batman.

It's been a week! WHEW!

Here's 10 of the most random things going on in my life. At the moment. Won't be hard, as my life is more unbalanced than the psych ward in crazyville.

1.  So I went to Minnetonka, Minnesota on Monday and Tuesday. For work. Not play. Ok, there may have been a teeeeeeny little play.

First of all......and this is the most important part......our plane left at 6:00AM. AM!!!! WTF! (Shout out to my Drazzy on her WTF Wednesdays!) I had to get up at 3:30 in the morning to shit, shower, and shave. Then drive to the airport in a practically comatose state. In the dark. In the early, early, EARLY AM! Seriously people, y'all know me by now, mornings and I just don't roll all bomb diggity like. But I made it. And I was in a semi-good mood. For 5:30 in the morning anyway. Let's just say I didn't pummel someone with my carry-on. So that's good.

Once in MN, we got our lovely rental car.......I mean van..........Mini-Van, to be exact. Lets just say it wasn't a turbo. And the driver (which would be my little co-worker buddy dude) went the warp speed of a drunk turtle. Slow down the hills, slower yet up the hills. Ugh. Shoot me now. We made it to the company that we were visiting. Clearly safe and sound because old ladies in semi-trucks were passing us. I won't bore you with all the deets of the work crap, but it was interesting. I got to see how lighted movie posters worked and this company made the lights for the Tron movie motorcycle. That was kinda badass. We ended our tour at about Beer:30, and headed to the nearest bar. Conveniently located within stumbling distance of the hotel.

After we threw back a few we headed to dinner at this AMAZING place on Lake Minnetonka. Bar on the water.......yup, pretty much my style.
 The food was TO.DIE.FOR. I had Walleye Tacos............oh my giddy ASS! So yummmmmy.
A little jealous, huh?

Afterwards, I had to take some pics:

The weather was gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

After that was a tag game between me and another co-worker about who could drink the most.
I think I lost. Bad.
What can you do.

Tuesday morning was not the brightest. But we made it through the day, back on the itty plane and back to Wichitity.

2.  Coming back to Wichita, and getting back to work has been...................let's just say..................a shit storm of category 4032 proportions. I need this. I need that. Can you do this. I need you to do that. UGHHHH. Paaahhh-lease people, leave me alone. Please.

Bad news is, it's just going to get worse. Way worse. Thank the Almighty I have my trusty sidekick co-workers to help me through it.

So I want all y'all to get down on your knees, right now, and pray to the Booze Gods that I will make it through these next few months without shanking a person. Mmmmkay? Ok.

3.  Oh my God. Look at this color:
Is that not the most badass thing you've seen all day?!?!?!
You're welcome.

It's my new color, and I freaking love it.
All goldie locks shimmery sassypants.

4.  Well, on the running front, I've made some decisions. I really need/want to get back into it. The problem.....finding the time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to start evening running. I've always been a morning person, but since work is a suckhole I'm going to have to pull major overtime (like getting there at 6:30---AM......there's those dreaded two letters that designate early morning again). And I've got some major Dr. appointments coming up (more on that later) so that leaves the only available times between 6:15pm and 9:00ish, when I passout from exhaustion. And somewhere in there I need to work on pictures. And other jobs (more on that later).

So I either need to buck up.
Or only get 4 hours of sleep at night and make everyone around me hate life because I'll be a raging bitch from Hell.

I think I need to buck up.

5.  Ok. Doctor appointments. Well, I've been having horrible neck and back trouble for, I don't know, about since puberty. No really, I've always had neck problems because of the way I sit at the computer. And the only thing that's helped is massages 3-4 times a year. Tragic I know. I don't know how I put up with it.

But lately (since January) I've just had the worst time. Anything I do gives me horrible pain. And I'm stiff as a horny corpse every single morning. Not fun.

So I broke down and went to the chiropractor yesterday and today.

Well, lets just say, it could be better.

First of all, I have what's called......hang on, I got to find all my fancy pamphlets.......oh here: Subluxation Degeneration. On the worst side of Phase One. What does that mean, you ask. It means a normal spine curves slightly. Mine is straight, and in between the vertebrae I have uneven widths, oh and plus I have bone spurs on my vertebrae. Or is it vertebrA for multiple. Or the other way around. Who cares. Anyway, here's a picture description (not my spine, btw):

See how the picture on the top left (Textbook Normal.....of course) is curved. Well, I'm like the picture directly to the right of it. Straight as flagpole. Awesome.

And to make matters worse, I have about 8700 vertebrae 'out'.
Another illustration for your enjoyment:

Let's not comment on the frompiness of my pictures.
But see all those different colored squares down the middle? That represents my back from head to ass, and it points out which vertebrae are 'out'. That's a lot of colors.

Doc says that I'll need about 31 appointments (or less) to work everything back in place.

OHhhhhhhhh, wait, forgot the most important part!!!!!
I have mild scoliosis in my neck.
It's more curvy than damn Sofía Vergara's boob to butt ratio.

I did get popped tonight, and man oh man, that was painful, but ohhhh so exhilarating. Why does everything I write have a sexual innuendo? Riddle me that!
Moving on.

Hopefully I'll be back to 'normal' soon!

6.  Is beer still good if it's been sitting in the fridge for 5 months? I've had some Leinenkugel Nutty Brown Ale since January. I can't just dump it out! That's like a sin.
Let's have a tasty-taste...........
Well, it's a little bitter.
But drinkable.
Okay dokey.

7.  Oh, remember on like 4 or 5 or whatthehellever number up there that I mentioned job opportunities?
Well, as I'm getting all popped by the chiro dude, we're talking and I mention that i'm an artist. He's like, 'Graphic Artist?' Well, ya, dude. What I do alllllllllll day long.

Well, shiver me timbers, he's not only a chiro doc, but into movies too. Apparently he owns some production company.......Grizzly Adams Productions, or something, and needs someone to design all their movie posters. Freaking cool right?!?! He's offered to talk and look at my stuff, and we may trade services.

How badass would that be, huh?!

To give you an idea, they co-produced the new Three Stooges (not the best, but still, major motion) and they're doing a new Grizzly Adams movie with Kurt Russell. BaaaChing!
Kinda exciting.
Just kinda.

8. Grey's Anatomy is starting in like 7 minutes. I need to hurry this shit up. It's season finale y'all!!!!

9. Don't know if I ever mentioned or not, but we finally figured out what we want for a new SUV. 

Drum roll please.............................

Jeep Grand Cherokee!!!!!!


We're thinking an 2011, with semi-low milage, but decked out. Possibly a Limited.
Now we just need to find one.

10.  Ok, so I know I had a big weekend last weekend (my grandmother's 85th birthday where 254 questions of mini-humans were a-happenin'), and I just wanted to let you know I WILL post a recap, but haven't had a chance to sit down to do it. I know a lot of people are looking forward to that enthralling adventure, so I'll try not to keep you waiting long (Shout out to my cousin's Melissa and Rachel D who told me how much they love reading my batshit crazy ramblings!!!!! Love you girls!!!)

Cheers Y'all!!!


  1. Hahaha! You make me laugh! Thoughts: LOVE the nail color! LOVE the car! Not so lovin Granny and her baby making 20 questions game. (Okay. Fine. I love Granny.) Oh- and hell to the yes you CAN drink skunky beer!

    P.S. We love walleye round these parts! :)


  2. WALLEYE TACOS!!!???????????

    HOLY shit those looked fantabulous!!!!!!

    I have scoliosis... doc said if I didn't I would of been 6'4"!! thank the LORD for my scoliosis and being ONLY 6'2"....LOL luckily, I am one of the FEW that have lived w it my whole life and had no issues. Went to the chiro once when I was 17 for back pain cause I rode horses all day long every day. He popped me left and right and up and down once and all was well and never been back! Although I've been saying for about....oh TEN years now that I need to go back! Especially bc like you I have pretty massive pain daily due to sitting a a puter all day long.... have I ever mentioned I'm stubborn...?? lol

  3. I chiro too - freaks me out specially the neck popping but always feel better after
    Trading services ESP with a movie company COOL!

  4. i was having major neck and back problems too and the chiro thought it was going to take a lot of appointments for me to get whipped back into shape also...luckily it only took about 10-12 appointments, so maybe you'll get lucky too and it won't take as long as he thinks it will!?

  5. I don't even know where to start cause you laid so much info on us...walleye tacos (YUM!), Love the nail color (one of these days I'll get something other than natural...I'm boring that way), I'm sorry about your back/neck problems but I'm glad you have some answers and a plan to start feeling better, the idea of you designing for a motion picture company is AWESOME (I can say "I knew her when"'ll still love me when you're famous, right?), and I'm excited to hear about your grandmother's party....sheesh! I think I covered everything!!

    Love you girl and I hope you start feeling better soon!!

  6. I used to Live in minneapolis and loved all the lakes(hated winter and summer)
    I TOTALLY MISS WALLEYE! yes must be in cap

  7. Your nails are Tiger colors! I knew you were a closet mizou fan! Haaaa!

    Your photos are beautiful. Minus the back and neck stuff. That's why I picked my boyfriend. When I found out e had a chiropractic degree I was all "BAZINGA!!" I'm lathing onto him. Okay, that's not totally how it happened. Had more to do with a purple wig and me mooning him....I digress. Uh... Hope you find some relief!

  8. Wow. I'm really not drunk. The typos are because I'm blind.

    Glad we cleared that up


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