Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

Morning Sunshines!!

1.  Attempt 438 this morning to get up at 4:30am to run.....................epic FAIL. Damn you CMAs for making me stay up to the ungodly hour of 10pm!! (And this confirms it, I am officially old tits if I think 10pm is late.)

2.  For those of you in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.......WTF is up with the earthquakes?  Of all my years being a Kansas resident I was for certain that the only natural disaster I would ever experience would be a tornado.  Nope. Not now.  We have graduated to Tornadoes AND Earthquakes. Yup, I felt my first (and hopefully last) earthquake last Saturday night.  Kinda freaky. Reaffirms that I never, NEVER, want to live in a part of the country where earthquakes are a-happenin' regularly.

Dear Planet: This is just not right. I should not have to prepare for two different natural disasters. It's just too much. Stop the madness!  Yours truly, Almost Shit Herself During The Earthquake.

3.  I went running last night.  Dolphin claps for MEeeee!!!! Yes, I tried out the treadmill at the 'new' gym. It was hotter than Satan's crotch in that place. I looked oh so pretty though, right up in the first row, directly in front of the door, with my beet red face, dark gray sweat filled t-shirt (it started out light gray), gallons of sweat spewing out of every pore on my body, and I'm almost certain my deoderant decided to take a vacation the minute I walked into the gym. Ohhhh so pretty. One guy kept glancing over, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't to 'check me out', it was to make sure I didn't pass out on the conveyor belt of death.  All in all, I ran about 3.2 miles in 36 minutes. I did make my first mile in 10:10, but then things just went tits up after that.  That's ok, I'm going to go try again tonight......AND tomorrow morning. I will get up. I will get up. I will get up.

4.  Clean eating has gone great, by the way. Yesterday I had two eggs, whole grain toast and 8oz of milk for breakfast, then lunch was a salad with turkey, cucs, toms, feta, and low-fat greek dressing, following with snacks of yogurt, an apple, and a Babybel, finally dinner was a chicken breast with sauteed veggies (squash, zucchini, peppers, and onions with garlic and olive oil). YUMMERSTOWN! I'm finding that I have really missed these good foods. And I'm sooo glad I'm back on track.

5.  On the eating note, you should have seen me yesterday! Straight up bouncing off the walls. You'd have thought I took a little speed mixed with an IV drip of Red Bull.  I couldn't sit down. My mouth couldn't keep up with the racing thoughts in my brain. It was bad. I sounded like that guy that used to do the Hot Wheels commercials, you know, that talked freaking so fast you couldn't understand him? You know what I'm talkin' about. I not only looked like I was hopped up on drugs, but I freaking sounded like it too. I don't know if it was because of two little days of eating right. But! I haven't had this much energy for two months. So, ya, it's gotta be the diet change. Fascinating.

6.  For the last three days it's rained here in the flat lands. Thank you Jesus. And since the sun decided to blow torch the measly grass we had last summer, that equals......Mud Hole Yard.  Because of that, Wyatt gets to stay inside. On our bed. ALL. DAY. LONG.  If I let him outside, I'd end up coming home to him being a brown lab from pits down. And visions of trying to get him into the bathtub w/o touching the white carpet (and he weighs 85lbs and is about as tall as me) sends me running for a padded van.  Well, the last two days I've come home to this:
That white blanket was spread out all nice and flat and the beige comforter was pulled all the way over the pillows when I left him in the mornings. What does he DO all day?! It's like he decided to pretend he's on the synchronized swimming team, doing water routines on the bed all day. Sometimes I want to set up a video camera and watch what he does. Then I'm afraid to find out, so I never set it up. Jeesh.

7.  By the way, if you're wondering how the argument with myself went, over the potato salad issue I had Tuesday, I won. Well, I was arguing w/ myself, so there's no winners. But I did the right thing.  No potato salad. And it's still sitting in the fridge. I reigned that big ol' B* Willpower IN! Take that!

8.  **For those of you that don't like hunting, you might want to skip over this one**
So, it's deer season if you use your bow to shoot a buck/doe.  It's been bow season for a month or so now.  Weeeeeelllll, Mr. Hubby hasn't gotten his deer yet. *Sadface* Which means at this point, 4 weeks of trying, he's a teeny bit frustrated. So, he made a major decision this weekend. Probably one of the hardest decisions he's ever had to make. Poor baby (do you get the drift that in this entire paragraph I'm being super sarcastic, because I am). He had to give up opening weekend of bird season, so he could get one more weekend of bow hunting in.  Tragedy.

Now, let me give you a little background:  Ryan has gone out to western KS to bird hunt with some really good buddies, some buddies that he's had since high school, for probably 10 years now. Or more, I don't know.  It's a tradition. TRADITION, people.  You just don't mess with hunting traditions.  But Ryan has. He has broken the sacred tradition this year. *sadface*.  Sunday night he had to call his buddies and give them the bad news.  It was like he was breaking up with a girlfriend he's had for 2 years. He was pacing and nervous, didn't want to call, afraid that they'd disown him as his best friend, that he's go to hunter's hell for breaking tradition, and on and on.  But he did it. And he survived.  Whew.

Seriously, it was probably the funniest I've ever seen him act. I got abundant entertainment out of the issue. Hehehehe.
Sorry honey.

9.  I lost 5 lbs somehow last night.  Pretty sure that that 159 I saw on the scale on Monday morning was 7 lbs of water retention. (I lost 2 lbs on Tuesday, also.) Damn you sodium and beer!  So I'm at 153. I'm going to wait to take measurements until the end of the 7 weeks, that way I can really see a difference.  I am going to keep weighing myself, not crazy obsessive stalkerish weigh myself, but maybe a few times a week, just to see where it's at.  I'm trying not to pay attention to the numbers, but you know how hard that is. But at least I'm not letting it effect me the way it used to. So if I go up one pound, no biggie, as long as I was working out and eating right, issss alll goooood.

10.  This weekend I'm going to Manhappiness to see my KSU Wildcats beat the piss out of TX A&M (sorry, if any of you are A&M fans). I'm so excited! My friend Jordan is meeting me in Wichita and we're going to drive up together! Girl time!!!! YESSSS! It's the last game I'll get to go to this year. Probably. So I'm livin' it up Baby!  Game's at 2:30, we'll start tailgating at 10:30am (yes, 4 hours is the correct amount of time to get your tailgate on like donkey kong), there will be chili for lunch and lots of boooooooze.  I know I talked about cutting down the drinking. And I will. But maybe not completely on Saturday. It's a game day!  Ok, so I'm not going to get snockered or anything, but I'm definitely going to have more than 6 beers, which is what my original weekend limit was.  And that's ok. One day a week is ok.  Hell, it's a vast improvement to last week, so win win.

Talk to y'all later Babycakes!!!


  1. That is too funny that Ryan Was nervous about telling the guys. I was in the car when Matt texted Will about it, and Will was out talking to a landowner. When I saw the text I was like Wow! that's big news. It is so funny how important opening weekend of pheasant season is for everyone, including the wives.

  2. We had an earthquake over here in NC not too long ago. And we NEVER have earthquakes on the east coast! What in the world is up with the planet?

    My dog likes to destroy the bed too. I have no idea how... he must just move the covers around so that they are to his liking.

  3. Conveyor belt of death -- yes, that's what is should be called henceforth. ;)

    5lbs since yesterday? Um, please patent your success formula and send it to me. You're already half way to your "athletic" category. Awesomeness!!

    And yea, what's up with tornados? I live in a safe place too (only thing we get are tornados) -- I hope we aren't next for quakes. :(

  4. Well, I'm old too because I'm definitely in bed before 10pm on the weeknights. What can i say - i love my sleep!

    I want to set up a video camera for my dogs, too! But I'm pretty sure they just sleep all day.

  5. Tons of love for you in this comment.
    1) LOVE that you ran on the conveyor belt of death. And that dude was totally checkin out the hot chick gettin her sweat on. /nod
    2) LOVE that you posted a pic of where Wyatt practices aqua routines. : ) Yeah, I'm a Wyatt stalker. I have a problem.
    3) LOVE that you lost the 5 lbs of sodium water weight. Doesn't that just feel amazing?!?

    4) and finally...LOVE you! *sparkle hearts with WildCats logo in the center*

  6. Way to conquer the conveyer belt of death! We did set up a camera once to catch out cat climbing the Christmas tree. It worked, we also filmed him knocking it down.

    Have fun in Manhattan! I love me some Aggieville!

  7. Great stuff. BTW, I'm now a KSU fan, because I saw Eric Stonestreet on ESPN Game Day and he's an alum...I love all things ERIC STONESTREET!! So, yay to your team!

  8. And, I'll comment on the food ... that day of clean eating (especially the salad) sounds delish ! Love to see the weight drop off (as quickly as it prob came on) !

  9. Did ya do it?
    It's 6:45amhere and I am not on the elliptical or the treadmill. BUT I will do it later. Hope you made it!


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