Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bondi Band Givaway!!!

OK Peeps. Get on this bandwagon! Hehe, I so funny.

My good friend Ducky is giving away the coolest thingy-ma-jig EVAH!

It's called a Bondi Band, and it's a cool sweat wicking headband!

It comes in fun colors and you can customize it!!!
Do you see the dude with the 'Will Run for BEER'??!?!?!? That's totally going to be mine some day! But in purple.

And you know what's even cooler about these little things? They're only $8!!!!!

I know when I'm running outside.....or lets face it, when I'm running anywhere.........I have buckets of sweat just dripping everywhere! In my eyes, down my cheeks, dripping off my nose. It's pretty. It would be so nice not to have to try and use a towel while running (and not trip on my uncoordinated stupidfeet when using said towel).

Anyways, go to Ducky's site HERE to enter!!! It'll take two minutes!


  1. good point...I drip and pour with sweat when i run....do any of them come with built in A/C? It is over 100 here in AZ!

  2. I TOTALLY thought of you when I saw the "Will Run For Beer"!!!!! You need that one!


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