Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How Adorable Are They?!

Last weekend I got the PRIVILEGE to take pictures of the most beautiful family ever. It's almost hateful how freaking cute they are. If God is indeed just, he shall also grant me children that are this adorable. F'realz.
At least I'm related, so I can sorta mooch off their gorgeousness through the pictures I take and try to feel slightly pretty next to their amazingness.

Take a gander at my wonderful brother Michael, his wife Jennifer and their two kids, Trinity and Kyron (who turns the big '1' in a week!!!)

Seriously, look at those eyes. It's like he's not even real.

Pretty sure Mom and Dad will have to fight the boys off. If they aren't already.

BTW, Kyron is like the most serious picture taker. Almost all his pictures had this expression. But it's so cute!

Can you say 'chick-magnet' in about 17 years?!?! Anyone living in Kansas that has a baby girl about 1: Your daughters are not safe. Not safe at all.

And of course the fabulous parents. Couldn't get better looking people.

I thought these were fun! I hope they get all four and hang them next to each other!

Look at my brothers face. What a weirdo.

Well, there you go. Just a quick little post to share a little about my family!
If you'd like to see more of my photos, you can check out my webpage

Ok, and look on here later, because by some fluke of nature, I'll be posting twice today.
I know right?


  1. OMG, how gorgeous are these people?!? Those eyes are amazing - and you, my dear, are a wonderful photographer!!

  2. man that family is blessed with the eyes!!! great pics

  3. Those eyes are mesmorizing! What a beautiful bunch! :)

  4. Beautiful eyes!! Yes, shotgun needs to be ready, haha.

  5. Great photo've got talent, girlie!

  6. THOSE EYES!!! Wow! Looks like they get them from Mama. :) Great job with the photos; gorgeous!


  7. OMG, they are one gorgeous family!


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