Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No need for limes. Or salt.

For the love of baby Jesus, someone PLEASE get me an IV drip of tequila. Like now.

Beer just ain't gonna cut it people.

I can not express to you how utterly shittastic this day has been already and it's only 11am. IT'S TECHNICALLY STILL MORNING!!! I have at least 5 more hours of this bullshit.

I die. I die.

If one more assface walks in or calls or emails me about a problem they are having, and because they're about as sharp as a pool cue at figuring out these problems on their own, and asks me to solve it for them, it's going to get all cray-cray up in here.

Damn straight.

The only thing that is keeping me out of the straight jacket is the fact that I get to see gorgeous nekkid bodies on the big screen tonight.

And it's a movie theater where you can drink.



  1. Here you go:

    Hope this gets you through until the main event tonight - enjoy!!

  2. Haha, enjoy the movie! I expect a full report. ;)

  3. Saw it on Sunday...Wanna know what you think? I won't say a peep about it but will give my opinion after you see it. Beer is a good thing I be thinkin.

    Oh ya and I am now on the second 50 shades......sometimes it sucks to be single!@

  4. I want to move to your town! We have no theaters where you can drink. I didn't even know I was missing that until this minute and now I feel like I need a theater with a damn bar.

  5. When you find someone to tap your tequila IV please send them my way. I need a steady supply to make it through this day!!!

  6. In Phoenix, we have some dinner/movie places too. My fav is Studio Movie Grill. Comfy chairs and dinner/drinks brought right to my piehole. Mmmmm.

  7. Wow. Sounds like quite the hellacious day

    Hope the movie was delish

  8. Hot Damn! Magic Mike AND a theater where you can drink? You really know how to do it right. Sounds like you deserved it too.

    Hope it was everything you wanted it to be and more :D


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