Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First (holy shit I can't believe I'm doing this) 2013 Goal.

Hello my peeps.

Thank  you all for your sweet comments about missing me yesterday! Just makes me want to squeeze y'all!!!

So, serious question: Does anyone know if they make Breathe Right strips for Dogs? Anyone?

Because this guy-------------------->
Has a serious snoring problem. And it's starting to irritate.

This really isn't what I wanted to write about, but since I'm a little sleep deprived due to the wonderful puppy sawing logs this morning, it was on my mind.

So, I got my year-end running report from DailyMile a few weeks ago. I promptly opened it and just about shit my pants. Check it:
Ummmmm, Ya.
I did a total of 100 miles, and freaking 39 of them were in March. Clearly my other over-achieving-wonder woman-bad-ass-runner-bitch personality Mrs. Willpower came out to say a big fat WHAT'S UP BITCHES that month.

Crap on a cracker. 39 miles. In one month?!?!

I have no idea why I was a badass that month, and pretty pathetic every other month. But I vaguely remember some challenge I started last year where I had to complete a marathon in one week. 26.whatever miles in 7 days, so I'm guessing that happened in March.

Or someone hacked my daily mile profile and is playing vicious mind-games with me to make me think I am actually a runner. For at least one month out of the year.

It's a toss-up.

Anyways. It got me thinking that I really want to get those numbers higher this year. I don't know. Call it a dare to myself, or since I really have no one else to challenge, I'll just challenge myself. That's kinda the best thing anyway, huh?

My first goal of 2013 is to run more than 100 miles for the year!!!

Who just typed that?!?! Who am I becoming?!?! Batshit craziness is happening up in here folks.
Apparently I need that ho-bag Mrs. Willpower to make another grand entrance. For, like, a solid 12 months.

And I need a reward for this too. Like shoes. Or the biggest box of artisan chocolates from my favorite chocolate maker. Probably should go with the shoes so my ass doesn't grow any more than it already has, huh?

OK, Operation 100+ Miles Bitches is ON like DONKEY KONG!!!!


  1. Sorry, no breath rights for dogs. Although I have noticed that Cooper snores more/louder when his head is tucked into his chest. If I pull his head up, so he is more stretched out, he snores less. Clear as mud? Good Luck on your goal.

  2. I realllly want to make a 2013 mile goal too but I just have no idea what's too little or what's too much....ugh. You go girl!

  3. Woo hoo! Awesome goal! And you reminded me that things like The Daily Mile exist and that I could be tracking my stuff...I do have a serious love for all things graph. :)

  4. /swoon Wyatt

    Ok... :)

    So yeah, you got this. I remember last year something about purple sparkly toms. Don't I? Maybe that was March or something? Well, anyway - I know you can do this as you've done it before. /hug

  5. You got this, skinny! Hell, I probably need to set myself some kind of fitness goal... so I can fit into a pretty dress. ;)

  6. Woo Hoo 101 miles here ya come.
    I know, my Sydney snores like a truck driver; not that I have eer actually slept witha truck driver to know.
    Love your goal. You can do it!

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