Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pregnancy WEEK 6 (Dec 23-29)

Sorry I didn't get this out yesterday! Work was a shitstorm of EPIC proportions. So, i'm forgoing TTT for Week 6! Enjoy!!

So this week was a big week!! First let me go into what’s going on with me! Oh, and the baby, of course. Hehehe.

First off, the tatas grow more and more every day. It’s like the Red Sea parting. It’s like Jesus’ face on a wine bottle. It’s like Carrot Top getting laid. Freaking miracles people!!! I love this pregnancy thing.

That being said, no one should hug me. Like from now until this kid is born. Because the girls will pitch a bitch fest and I will be on the floor crying from the pain. Oh, and having your nipple just ‘pop’ out of your too small bra unexpectedly while at work is not pleasant. Thank you baby Jesus that no one’s been around to see me ‘situate’ myself a half a dozen times during the day.

I also have started this new thing where I don’t sleep at night. It’s awesome. In a ‘I kind of want to stab Mr. Sandman and then pour hot tar all over his nekkid body because I miss my sleepy-sleepy time and am a little crankypants McGee’ kind of way. Part of the reason I’m sleep deprived is I have to get up 26 times a night to pee. It’s redonkulous. Who pees that much?!?! Except for a 97 year man with a prostate problem?!?! Well, according to the ‘pregnancy book’, it’s 97 year old men and pregnant women. Fan-freaking-tastic. The other part of not sleeping is for some reason I can’t shut off my mind, then when I do finally fall asleep, the slightest thing wakes me up. Like the dog snoring. Or the husband snoring. Or the husband stealing the covers. Or the husband bending his 12 ft long legs at the knee so it’s like a damn circus tent with the covers and my ass gets cold because there’s nothing on it keeping it warm!!!  That’s just a few things.

Just kidding Honey. It’s not allllllll your fault. I put that the dog snores too!

Other than that, things are just a ray of sparkly sunshine on a cloudy day.

As far as the baby goes, it’s about the size of a sweet pea. Awwwwwwww.  If I could see the little one, there would be folds of tissue on the head, which are developing into the jaws, cheeks, and chin. And it’s little ear canals are forming too! They’re just little indentations right now, but they’re growing! There’s also little bumps on it’s face for the eyes! The baby’s kidneys, liver, and lungs are also forming. Little one is growing fast!!!!

OK. Now on to telling the parents. First was my dad and that side of the family. We headed out to Colorado, packed and ready to go. Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time (and noticed the major 1st word in my blog name), you know that I love me some beers. Well, so does the rest of my family. We have many lovely traditions on this side, and getting shit-can wasted is one of them. So imagine their surprise when I refuse beer, after beer, after beer, after bloody mary, after tequila shot, after more beer. Ya. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something’s up.

But our plan was that we would have Dad and his wife Jo open a present. The present would be the picture that I put on here, to announce the pregnancy, of Wyatt with the sign and the hunting boots. It would be all framed and everything.

Weeeeelllllllllllllllllll, Jo wanted to drrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggg out the opening of the gifts for like hours! First, we could only open our ‘stockings’. Which weren’t even stockings, because technically it was the Sat. before Christmas, and Santa doesn’t fill the stockings till Christmas morning. (We have little ones around, so we still play along.) But that’s fine. We can open up the stockings, then I tried to convince her to let us open up a few gifts right after. Nope. We had to take a break. To drink. Except for me. Because I was still faking that I just wanted water, because the drive was long. Ughhhhhh.

See, we were going to wait till the very end, that way it didn’t take away from everyone else’s gifts. But clearly, we’d be there all freaking night if we did it that way.

Finally, Jo agreed to let everyone open 3 gifts. Praise the freaking Lord!!!!! We waited for everyone in the family to open their 3 gifts. Which took like a century. Then finally I told Dad and Jo to sit together I had one more present for them. I let Jo open it and she screamed. Dad started crying. Everyone hugged. Everyone said ‘they knew!’ because I wasn’t drinking. And then Jo blurted out it’s going to be A GIRL!!! Don’t know how she knows this at 6 weeks. But whatevs.

Here's the video. It's short and sweet. But you get the idea.

It went good. There was lots of questions. And being that we’re the LAST ones to have kids on this side, there was A SHITLOAD of advice given. It was fun. And soooo nice to finally tell someone!!!

We left Colo. on the 26th and headed home. And this is when my first ‘episode’ of morning sickness decided to rear its ugly head.  Remember that I posted that I got the flu over Christmas? Well, maybe you don’t, but it wasn’t the flu. It was the lovely pregnancy sickness. On.The.Road. All 8 hours home. It was possibly the most horrible experience of my life.  Thankfully, Ryan drove the entire way and I slept the entire way, well not the entire way, because I think I puked 4 times on that trip. A few days later I was back to normal. But oh Gawd I thought I was going to die.

We headed to Kansas City the weekend after Christmas. We knew that the same thing would happen at Ryan's parents, with me not drinking (not nearly on the same level of my alcoholic family), but they’d wonder why I wasn’t drinking.  So we decided to not wait and have them open up the ‘present’ early. We did the same thing for all parents, with the picture in the frame. We had Ryan’s mom, Pam, open it, with his dad, Cliff, looking over her shoulder. She squeeled and his dad got this huge grin on his face. There was lots of hugs and a little crying. It was so sweet. See, Ryan’s an only child, and this would be the FIRST grandbaby on that side. Can you say spoiled much?!?! Yes, we’re going to have to keep an eye on that set of grandparents.

Unfortunately I forgot to video his parents finding out. Which I’m still pissed about. Out of all the parents, their reaction would have been the best because it’s the first and only grandbaby! Oh well.

We have one more set of parents to tell, my Mom and her boyfriend Hardy. But her Christmas isn’t until the end of my 9th week. So we got a little ways.

Tomorrow I'll post week 7!!! Slowly but surely we'll get caught up to where I'm at now, which is 11 weeks. Can't believe it's going so fast!!!



  1. again, love the video!!
    Oh, and your boobs will eventually start to calm down with the pain and the heat (mine used to feel like they were burning coals on my chest!) and they will just be big!
    and the sleeping..or lack therof, totally blows! and it doesn't get any better unfortunately. I just slept in our guest room for months!!
    get a kindle if you don't have one!

    Oh, and do you have the Jenny McCarthy "belly laughs" book? If not, send me your address and I'll send it to you! Only book I read and it's soo relatable to everything you are going through!!
    xo, keep the updates coming! LOVE THEM!!

  2. That video is so sweet! Love these updates, cupcake!


  3. love the video and the jenny Mccarthy book is hilarious! I woke up almost everynight craving cereal...I ate more cereal while I was pregnant than anything. I was definately up more...and let me tell you...I have never slept soundly since! I used to sleep thru thunderstorms...not anymore..I wake up at the drop of a hat anymore.

  4. Absolutely LOVE this post. I love the picture idea too. Thanks for posting your updates. I truly love them. /heart u


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