Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Oh. It's Thursday. I sorta forgot.
Here we goooooooooo!!

1.  I ran again last night. Baby makes things a little slow, but I've been feeling so good after working out, that I don't think I'm going to stop any time soon. Unlike the last 487 times that I've tried to re-up my exercise routine, I've failed miserably and my 'exercise' ends up being 12 oz curls, Monday thru Sunday.  Like a boss.

Well, since there's no more booze in my life right now *sadface*, I guess I need something to do, right? Right.

Enter: The Dreadmill.

That little bastard is a mean piece of shit. And sometimes I just want to shred that little conveyor belt of death into tiny little pieces.

But I don't. I power through my 3 miles and walk away satisfied. Oddly enough.

Basically the hubby and I are going to the gym together, he does whatever he does, and I workout on the treadmill. So far we've gone twice this week, and I plan to go again tonight. And possibly Friday night too.

Here's some things I've learned:

A.  Baby makes me tired. I can only run at about a 4.5-5 pace and only for about .5 miles before I feel like my lungs will burst, or my legs will fall off. But then I walk at about a 4 pace for awhile, and then pick back up with the running. Usually I can knock out 3 miles after getting back into a routine, within a week. This time, baby say's nope, not going to happen. So i'm taking things slow. Which is ok by me. Last night I did 3 miles in about 44:00, and I ran about half of it. I'll take that!

B.  Now that I'm not turning to booze to release my stress (lush), I feel like I really need to do SOMETHING every day. And that something includes more physical exertion than walking to the toilet 13 times. I feel a lot better, mentally, now that I'm not using alcohol as a crutch, ya know? I kinda like this stress relieving gym thing. Huh. Who woulda thought.

C.  This isn't anything new, but I thought I'd put it down here anyway. Did you know that working out allows you to indulge in quiet........chocolate? Or ice cream? Or both? That makes mama, and baby, very happy.

So, I'm going to continue on this baby/exercise/train for awhile and see how things go.
Maybe I can do a marathon at 8.humongous months pregnant like that one chick in Chicago.
Pssstttssshhhhhhhh. Ya right. Bitch was crazy. I'm not. That much at least.

2.  I think I'm going to cut my hair. Right now I'm trying to grow it out. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense. Just bare with me. See, right now it's straight as a nun. It does nothing but hang there, and i'm tired of the same ol' thing. So I think i'm going to get 'The Karlie' or 'The Chop':

I like Mrs. O's style the best. Isn't that cute?!?! And I want to cut some more bangs. Mine seem thin. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

3.  Ryan informed me the other night that he'd like to go to Yellowstone this summer, possibly in June, and vacation for a little bit. Before the baby comes.


7 months pregnant?
In the wilderness?
Hiking around on swollen ankles and a F*cked up back?

Ya. I'd like to see you try and get me to Yellowstone. That'd be funny.

4.  I really want some Toaster Strudels. One of my employees let me have a few of his yesterday for breakfast, and that's all I've been able to think about since. I freaking love Toaster Strudels. I think I'm going to the store now.

5.  I'm back. I didn't end up getting Toaster Strudels. I got a chocolate chip cookie. And it was glorious.

6.  Has anyone used a pizza stone before???? I asked for one for Christmas so that we could cook pizza's on our Traeger Smoker/Grill, but my first attempt (w/o consulting the instructions) was an epic failure. Once I figured out that instructions are vital, I went in search of them in the box, and there are none. Awesome.

So what do you need to do? I read on google that you need to oil the stone before hand. So I did that. And I also read that you need to put down corn meal before you put down the dough. Is that right?

So basically, you spread out some corn meal, put the stone in a cold oven, heat it up to like 400 degrees, so the stone is really hot, then put your dough on it, cook that, then add your toppings, and cook again??

Does this sound right?

I soooo want to try this, but have no clue what i'm doing. HELP!!!!!

I have to go to blood born pathogens training right now (I'm so excited about this), so I'm going to cut this short.

Ya'll have a great day!!! And I think tomorrow I'll post my recap of what went down when I found out I was preggars!!!! So get excited!!!


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  2. Forget the camping, you should go on a cruise. Buffets, Ports with Beaches...oh yes my friend. Tell Ryan I already decided for you.

    I ate pizza pockets for breakfast when I was pregnant with Hudson. Don't judge me.

    If you can swim while pregnant I can't recommend it enough. I swam through both pregnancies and I swear by it. Also my kids could swim like fish by age 3-coincidence??

  3. I've never been to Yellowstone, but I believe it has one of the great old National Park lodges (I think it's the Old Faithful Inn). Tell Ryan you'll go if you can stay there and watch the geyser from a deck chair while he goes hiking in the wilderness.

    Sorry I can't help with the pizza stone. I've never used one.

  4. I love that you're running again.
    Baby is going to be so healthy!!

  5. Pizza Stone...
    I have pampered chef stones and I love them. As long as the stone isn't super cold when you put it in the oven you should be fine. It may take longer to bake stuff on a stone but wayyyy less likely to burn.

    I don't do the whole corn meal thing (messy) you will need to oil (I use PAM) your stone for a while but once it is seasoned you won't have to unless the item is super sticky.

    You can cook anything on a stone that you cook on a regular baking sheet it just might take a little longer. Good Luck.

    Congrats to you and Ryan. Yellowstone go when the little one is here 7 months pregnant wouldn't be any fun and you will miss out on fun things you can't do prego (i.e. hot springs.

  6. The First Lady was rockin those bangs :)

    I love, love, love the cinnamon roll toaster strudel. I only buy them about twice a year because I would eat them all up in a day :)

  7. Tell Ryan he can take me and my guys to Yellowstone - we're totally game!

  8. I have a stone and it really needs to be seasoned....that means bake some greasy cookies on it a couple of times and never use soap on it just water and I think the first time I greased it up and baked it on low for a couple hours. Important to never use soap on it. The more I use it the better it gets. I also put it in the oven when I am heating up the oven so it heats as the oven heats. I don't use pam on it..just wipe some oil on till it soaks it up. Yellowstone has bikes too..knowing you, you will be active in your pregnancy but I don't know at 7mos I seemed good until I hit 8mos then I ballooned out like a whale and everything sucked. Everyones different..go by what happened to your mom or Ryans mom....also check with them on how big babys run in your family(I will pray you have a tiny one----mine was 10.5oz and 23inches long....I come from a family of big babies)


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