Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Tuesday......


I was just up at our front office, and this guy (who doesn't really work here, but hangs out sometimes, it's a long story), came up to me and was like, "Well, I couldn't see your belly earlier and I just saw you face, and I was like 'DANG, she's put on some weight!'"

Ummmm, Fuck You Very Much, Douchecanoe. You can now take your wonderful comments and jump off a cliff.....into an alligator infested lava pit......to die a slow and aggonizing death....... and the last thing you hear is the Beibs' 'music'.

Granted, he didn't know I was pregnant, but still. Really, Buttface?! Really?

So that's a good start to the day.
Especially when I think my face looks like the an elephant ass stuffed in a sandwich sized ziplock baggie. But what can you do.

In other good news, my husband has been doing a lot of this lately:
Playing in the dirt with toys.
He's such a happy camper.
And such a boy.

At first, we were just going to work on our front yard. Ripping out these terrible bushes and retaining wall, then just smooth it out.

Then, he decided that wasn't good enough, so he moved to the back yard and started making berms and hills and stuff for future gardens.

And since 2 days of sunshine doesn't even come close to drying out 37 straight days of freak July/August rain showers, the ground was a smidge muddy. And by smidge I mean, I'm surprised he didn't sink to China in his little toy.
Did you know 'smidge' isn't a word? Well, isn't one recognized by blogger spell check. It says it's supposed to be 'smidgen'. I don't wanna use 'smidgen'. I wanna use 'smidge'. And so I shall. Neener Neener.

Needless to say, Wyatt thinks we did all this for him and loves every muddy mess of it. 4.66 acres left of grassy fields, and he still walks right through the muddiest part of the yard. AFTER, I gave him a bath last weekend also.

I'm going to get a burrito the size of my elephant ass face and mow that down for lunch.
Then I'm going to check on my sick husband. (Oh yes, someone worked too hard these last few weeks and made himself sick.....5 days before I'm due. Super excited about that, let me tell ya.)
And finally I'm going to nap away the day.

Cheers to Tuesday's folks.
It can only get better from here.

Oh! And CHEERS to my teacher friends that started school today!!!! Lindsey and Chelsea (and every other teacher out there!! I know I'm missing a few!): I hope your first day is filled with well behaved, eager young minds and appreciative, thoughtful parents! (BAhahahahaha, like that EVER happens.)


  1. 5 days....wowza!!!! Nice to see he is working though..and not sitting on his ass lol!

  2. Douchecanoe is the best insult I've ever ever heard!! So sorry that some people are so freaking rude darlin. /hugs

  3. Gotta' love a man who likes to do yard stuff! My hubby doesn't enjoy it one bit, but does it out of duty.
    You're getting so close!

  4. I cannot not giggle at douchecanoe. Can't do it.



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