Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pregnancy - WEEK 38 (Aug 4th – Aug 10th)

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.
Breathe! Breathe!

2 weeks. 2 weeks TO GO.
Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to get a little nervous. I mean, it will no longer be just Ryan and I (and puppy, of course)……we’re having a person! A human being will be shooting outta my hoo-ha in 2 weeks-ish! There will be 3 of us! (well, 4, again, Puppy)

We will have to care for, feed, bathe, change diapers, feed, and again change diapers for another person! Shit’s gettin’ real. Literally.

I’m so excited, don’t get me wrong. I can’t wait to see her little face and find out all her quirks! But at the same time……whoa. 
Another. Human. Being. 
It’s a teeny bit, slightly, hyperventilating, drop a load in my maternity pants kind of scary. But it’ll be ok. We will be ok.

Let’s see, what’s been going on with me this week. Well, went to the Dr on Tuesday and there was no change in my ‘labor state’. Basically she’s at a -3 (highest she can be in the vajayjay), and zilch for dilation. Super. She’s never coming out. That’s what we’ve determined. Here she was, this whole pregnancy, growing, growing, HUGE, and now we’re at a stand-still. No change. I detect a little stubbornness.

I have felt a few contractions. And when I say few, I truly mean like 3. They are rare and sporadic. And only last about 10 seconds. I know women that have contractions starting at 32 weeks! And here I am at 38, all La-Te-Da, I live in Carebear Land with a watermelon in my tummy that never wants to come out. So, either I’m having them and I don’t know it, or I’m just not having them at all. I don’t know which is worse.

As far as other things, I just feel like there’s no room in my mid-section for anything. I can’t bend over, or slouch, otherwise it’s pain. My hands and feet are still swollen. And I still have the wonderful Carpal Tunnel. Bliss, I tell ya. I am blissful.

OH, a new thing Baby D’s been doing is ‘waking’ up at 9:30 at night and proceeding to practice her soccer kicks on my ribs till midnight. It’s lovely. About 4 nights a week, I’m just unable to get comfortable enough to sleep, and with her going all Beckham-style in there, I just end up going out on the couch and watching TV till I get so exhausted I almost fall asleep sitting up. Then I go back to bed, sleep for 4 hours, get up and go to work. Rinse and repeat. Needless to say that’s why I’ve been crankypantsMcGee lately.

Let’s move on to Miss D.
She’s been shedding her vernix & lanugo (hairs to keep her warm) into the amniotic fluid. She’s also been swallowing some of that fluid…..gross, but what can she do. Her lungs keep growing and maturing, as more and more surfactant is secreted (it helps prevent the lungs from sticking to each other when she begins to breathe). The longer she stays in there, the better it is for her brain too! They say the last few weeks are super important for brain growth. So I guess she can camp out if she wants too. But not for too much longer!!!

Technically this is the end of week 38, so I only have 8 days left until my due date. 8 DAYS!!! We’re in the single digits people!!!


  1. Good luck-you are going to be a fantastic mom!

  2. You and Ryan are going to be great parents. I cannot wait to see pics of Baby D and Big Brother Wyatt!

  3. You look fabulous!!!! So excited how close you are to having her!!!


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