Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!!!

Miss me?
I miss you.
It's been 2 whole days since I've blogged! Blimey.

1.  I got a new phone. Finally. The old 'brick' (as friends affectionately called it) finally got traded up for a sleek, futuristic, snazzy phone. I got a Samsung Galaxy 3. I like it. It's all fancypants. And it's skinny. At least something I own is skinny now. Lord knows these maternity jeans aren't. And to top it all off, I got 3....count them THREE, blinged out cases for it! Well, one's blingy, but the others are just fun.

#1. Purple Rhinestone Shinyass Chrome case. Love it!

#2, the above purple and this photo are the same case, it's like a mini-purse!!! How badass is that!

#3. And then of course the sport band one. Because someday I WILL work out again.

Notice they're all purple.
I'm sure y'all are shocked by this.

So if you call me and I hang up on you, I mean no bad ju-ju, it's just that I can't figure this high-tech shit out.

2.  Puppy has found a new favorite pastime:
See the hummingbird feeder and the other bird feeder out the glass door????
Well, there's about 50 kazillion sparrows that invade that bird feeder throughout the day, and Puppy thinks they're out there solely to taunt him. He sits and stares at them most evenings. Every once in a while he'll jump up and start barking at them. Poor little doggy.

Oh, and last night, you can't see it in the picture, but there's a window to the left, and he was just staring out it. He had to kinda look up to 'see out', but he just kept staring! Ryan and I couldn't figure out what the heck he was looking at until we noticed at the top of the screen was a huge grasshopper!!! He was crawling all over the screen! And Wyatt just couldn't figure out why he couldn't 'get it'!  It was so hilarious!

His life inside is so tortured.

3.  For 2 days now, I've actually tried to do some real artwork while in the office, and both times my computer had refused. I open a file and it locks up and I have to force it to shut down.
I think this is a sign.

4.  OhhhhEEEmmmmmmmGEEEEEEEE, Duck Dynasty premiered last night!!!! Holy camo butts I love that show. And Miss Kay and Phil got 'remarried', it was so sweet.

I looked and Ryan and asked, "Do you think we'll be married for 48 years?"

He paused and looked up at the ceiling.

Then I said, "Without killing each other, I mean?"

He then replied, "Nope. No way."

I agree.

Cheers to being married for less than 48 years before one of puts the other one in an early grave!!

5.  OH, and you know what else comes on next week?!?!
Sweet Baby Jesus, some genius over on the History channel finally gave that man his own show!!!!
Thank you LAWD!

So, my Tuesdays and Wednesdays are booked.

Do you also watch such quality television????
Or is it just me?

6. OK, this is a question for the Ladies. Gents, you might as well, just move on to #7.

Girls: Every once in a while, whenever I bend over, or even stand up too fast, my left tata gets a huge stabbing pain in it. Like nothing I've ever felt before. It hurts so bad it almost takes my breath away. But it will subside in about 10 seconds and things are normal again.

Is this my milk coming in???? I tried to research it online, but 'Stabbing Pain in Left Booby' didn't get me very far.

And it's only the left. Not the right. And it's really sporadic too.

God I hope this a pregnancy thing. And will go away in time! lol. I can't believe I put this shit out there. Oh well.

7.  My Grandma is coming up this week!!!!
Obviously this is 4 years ago, but that's my cute Grandma. Photo:

I'm so excited, I haven't seen her in forever! Well, since last year I think. She lives in AZ at an assisted living center. So unless I fly down there (which has only happened once) or one of my Aunts brings her back to KS, I rarely get to see her or talk to her. And she's such the sweetest little thang ever!!!

I just wish Baby Girl was here to meet her Great Grandma! But oh well. They'll be another time!!!

8. Puppy and I just got back from a neighborhood 'trying to start labor' walk.

.9 Miles of pure 9 months pregnant bliss.

But seriously. It was nice to get out.
The only shoes that fit me where my lake sandals, but what can you do.

In case you were wondering, Wyatt went after 37 grasshoppers. Just kidding, I stopped counting after 5.

9.  I need this. Beth Ann, you need this too!

10.  OK. I'm going to eat some pudding, take a nap, and see if my feet will reduce to a semi-appropriate  size (vs the engorged flubber feet that they are now).


  1. Uh, hells yes. Where me gets?

    I did tell you that my friend is Uncle Si's daughter, right?

  2. I want the shirt!

    Yes - preggo thing. Not sure it is mile but baby is pressing on everything so it might be a nerve or something. But prepare for even more painful boobies, it is coming :)

  3. You crack me up! One of your best TTT evahh!!! Now go on another walk and get that bubby here! Does anyone around you have a trampoline???? haha jk

  4. Did you say "blimey"? LOL
    DUDE - every time you use that purple bling case you MUST think of me!!!
    I loves you.

  5. I love you in your wedding dress. Who am I kidding...I love you with your maternity jeans on too!! /hugs

    Oh...and is that a Wyatt pic just for me? I knew you loved me too. :) You made my day.


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