Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pintrest Project #297........COMPLETE!

(BTW, I don't think the other 296 projects ever got complete....or started for that matter. Go getter right here.)

Little Birdy Mobile:

First off, yes, that is a 'D' above her crib. *Gasp* her name starts with a D. You've got 2 weeks-ish to start guessing. GO!

2nd, I decided  a little 'project' while sitting on my pooper these half days was needed. So, I saw THIS pin on Pintrest and became intrigued. However, I wanted to do it a little different; I used wreaths & multiple layers of birds instead.

The birds took the longest because I had to hand sew all of them and when your fingers are numb half the day, it makes it pretty shitastic. But I prevailed!!!

Then to get the birds to stay on the wreaths was another challenge. But I have to give major props to my hubby because he was the ultimate genius and said, "Why don't you just hot glue them?"

So simple. Yet so life changing.

I mean, who doesn't like to use the hot glue gun?!?! It's like a little pistol shaped magic ejector! Whoa. That sounds dirty.

Moving on.

I don't care if Baby D likes it or not, I had fun making it and I think it looks fan-tab-ulous!!!!!


  1. So cute...and crafty! D=Diana...for princess di? :O)

  2. Gonna need to know that name. I'm too excited to wait!

    Love the mobile. :)

  3. I absolutely love the mobile!! I want to go with Delicious Dynamic Delightful Diva!! :)

  4. Oh...and my second guess:

    "I don't always guess baby names, but when I do I guess Dos Equis." Hee hee.

  5. Cute project! I wish I was crafty. My sister inherited all those genes.
    Delilah? Is there a prize for the winner?!

  6. I personally like the name Deirdre... a good Irish name!
    and the birdies are adorable


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