Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just another day being a Mommy.

I think I've crossed over the threshold of ditzy motherhood like a human canon ball out of a canon.

Picture this:

Dillyn only woke up twice last night.

Feeling like a million sparkly dollars (but really, only slightly less zombie-like), I got up before she did, jumped in the shower and even ate some cereal, all before she woke up.

We had a vet appointment this morning so I was kinda pushing time. I decided to wake her up, feed her, and try and get her back to sleep before we left.
I had 27 minutes.
Let the countdown begin.

Changed her diaper. 23 minutes left.

Started to feed her. 20 minutes left.

Little Kaboom (nickname because of her exceptional pooping skills) had an explosion while feeling. Diaper change #2. 10 minutes left.

Still hungry. Feed #2. 8 minutes left.

Finally, she's happy, sleepy, and in her carseat.

Rush to put the carrier in the car, after Grandma struggled with it for 2 minutes. Nearly tackled Grandma to get the damn thing in there faster. Wrestled the dog into the back of the Jeep. Forgot his leash. Tripped up the steps to the house to find the leash. Got it.

It's go time.

-3 minutes left.

Fly down the gravel road to the Vet, miss the turn, had to pull two U-ies on the busy highway to get back to the Vet. Finally get parked and we're 10 minutes late.
I call this a win!!

So where's the ditzy part????

I walk into the vet, check in the dog, sit down, Grandma's holding the carrier like it's a fragile piece of glass and won't sit it on the floor, and I look down and my right tata is definitely more 'pointy' than my left.....Ummmmmmm, that's weird.
Look inside my shirt...... I forgot to button up my bra from feeding 20 minutes ago. My right tata has been just swinging in the breeze.


Now, I can't let go of the dog because he'll go ape shit and climb the walls trying to get pets from the receptionist. Grandma won't let go of the baby. So, I decided to one wing it through the entire appointment. BTW, this is a new Vet. Never met him before.


This motherhood thing is fitting perfectly for me I think.
Yup. Perfectly.


  1. You will find you do all kinds of ditzy things being a new mom. When my second one was born I put the car keys on the seat and lifter her out. Then I closed the door and realized I had locked my older daughter in the car with my keys. Bethany was asleep in her car seat and was too small to unlock the doors. I ran down to the apartment, Kailee in my arms only to realize when I reached the door that MY KEYS ARE IN THE CAR. I stood there and cried for a while and then a neighbor called the police to come break into my car. I was a complete AIRHEAD.

  2. This is my favorite story. : ) I love that it involves Dillyn & Wyatt both. : )
    Glad your Mom is helping you out sweetie! /hugs

  3. Darn I missed the birth! Congrats to you and your new bundle of joy!

  4. Dude, I have done that at work and then run a meeting without realizing it. And my milk makers do not do well without the support of a bra, Bi-level boobage anyone?

  5. Sorry it took me so long to acknowledge the birth of that sweet little baby! Sometimes when I sign into blogger from home I can't leave comments, so I do most commenting from work. Haven't been there much lately!
    Anyway, loved the story and love that little bundle. You did good mama! Such a cutie.
    Hooray for more sleep!

  6. Thanks for the laugh this morning!


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