Friday, August 16, 2013

Pregnancy - WEEK 39 (Aug 11th – Aug 18th)

Technically I’m 39 weeks and 5 days. So, almost 40 weeks.

Almost 40 weeks… D-Day is approaching at lightning speed!!!

I went to the Dr on Wednesday, not much has changed from last week. She has moved down a little. My pelvic station is a -2 (it goes -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3-----> Baby’s out), last week it was at -3, so that’s progress. I’m also 75% effaced. Which means that my cervix is stretched to about 75%. 100% is where you want to be.  Still no dilation. But that’s ok. There have been numerous people that say you can go from zilch to a 5 overnight. And my SIL’s sister said that she didn’t even dilate until her little girl was basically born. So that’s comforting.

It’s just frustrating to not see much change. I was really hoping for some sort of dilation. Like, even a 1!!! I’ll take anything!!!! But at least she’s continuing to move down. If she would have stayed at a -3, I’d be even more pissed….and worried.

We did talk to the Dr about induction, a little. Basically, he’s for letting things happen naturally, which I am too. I’d MUCH rather her come on her own than try to force it. I mean, I want her to get here, but at the same time, once you start drugs for induction, then there’s drugs for something else, then more and more drugs, and I’m just not for all that medication. I may be cray-cray, but I want to try to do this as natural as possible.

That being said, I definitely don’t want to wait 3 weeks like my mom, and then induce. Cripes that’s a long ass time to be pregnant. (Totally worth it, huh Mom?!)

Oh, speaking of my Mom, I called her last night to tell her that Baby D isn’t on her way yet, and this is her reply, “Well, she’ll come when she wants to. She’ll tell you when she’s ready. Then she’ll spend the rest of your life telling you how things are going to be done.”

Ummmmmm, if that’s a reference to me, that’s totally rude Mother. I’m an Angel, always have been, always will be. I don’t recall any times when I would have told you ‘how it’s going to be’, especially in my teen years. Nope. Don’t recall that at all.

Moving on.

Dr also said that 85% of women give birth either the week before their due date, or the week after. I’m not even to the week after yet, so I’ve still got a ways to go.
The plan for now is we’re not going to really force the issue until we see how things have progressed (or not progressed) next week. If next week rolls around, I’m still not dilated and she still hasn’t moved, then we’ll talk about possibly inducing.  Until then, I’m going to try everything in my power to get her down further. I’m sitting on one of those exercise balls, I’m going to start walking around our ‘block’ in the afternoons, I’m getting a massage next week and going to ask her to ‘work her magic’ at trying to get my body more prepared, and I’m also considering acupuncture.   I’ve read lots of articles, and they say that it can work at helping the body go into labor. It’s worth a shot, eh?

I’d just like to try every natural way as possible, before we use the drugs. Even though none of them will probably work, it’s still worth a try. And I know she’ll get here when she gets here, but I’m kinda being selfish and I really don’t want to have her on Labor Day weekend. I mean, that’ll screw her for birthdays for the rest of her life. She’ll always be competing with a holiday. And that’s no fun!

So, unless something happens this weekend (which I’m planning on doing some yard work, so you never know!), we’re planning on going another week, at least, before we get to meet her. I know, I know, the waiting is killing me too!!!

OK, as far as baby girl goes, not much has changed since last week. She’s probably only gained a small amount of weight, and possibly added a smidgen amount in the height department. Biggest change this week is that her skin has changed from pink to white, that’s because a thicker fat layer has been deposited over the blood vessels. She’s a regular kicker around 9pm and that lasts sometimes till midnight or beyond. Other than that, she’s pretty quiet during the day. I still don’t think she realizes that she’s got limited space in there, because every once in a while, she decides to try and stretch out sideways. I swear her ass was in the very far back of my right rib cage, and her feet were way over on the left side. Almost in my back! Crazy kid!

I’m still feeling pretty good. I’m uncomfortable, almost all the time. And besides getting up 25 times to pee a night, I have been getting some good rest. I don’t know if that’s because I kicked Ryan’s sick ass out of bed the last 3 nights, or if I’ve finally just figured out how to ‘lay’ and fall asleep. Who knows. My feet are still huge, and last night they were aching something fierce. My fingers are numb constantly now. And I can mow down a package of Oreos in record time. No more craving ice cream, we’ve moved onto Oreos, powdered donuts, oatmeal, and pudding. StrangeCity.

OK my little peeps, 2 days to go. And then I’ll be ‘over’due!!!!!
Everyone start doing a Labor Dance for baby girl to get here!!!! (You know, it’s like a Rain Dance, but much more involved. Shake that ASS! If you by chance happen to video yourselves, please email me, I need a good laugh! Lol)


  1. Okay, so I'll hope that you have the good luck that I had. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, and Josie was born on Sunday... even though the doctor had said that she was head down but not engaged. It can happen.

    Not that I truly believe you can make it happen before it's supposed to without drugs... but I spent all day Saturday either on the exercise ball, walking, or sitting indian style.

    So... Good luck and I hope she's here before the weekend ends!

  2. All the best for your new little member.... God bless you...

    Aaron |
    Mobile Massage

  3. I had scheduled C-sections with both of my pregnancies- the first was because I was having twins and one was head down the other was standing so going natural wasn't gonna work- and then I had to have a c-section with my daughter because I had a previous c-sec, and I'm glad I did- she was 9.3lbs... thank God I didn't have to squeeze her through my hoha.
    Enjoy these last few days of pregnancy- cause once she's out you will forever be on the move with her.

  4. I just saw the facebook post, Yay Baby Time!


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