Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anniversary weekend at Big Cedar Lodge.

Ok, so the vacation to Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri was Amazeballs!!! To put it lightly. The place is rustic....but oh so elegant. That Bass Pro Shop founder really knows his stuff. (He's the guy that owns Big Cedar.)

Upon arriving we had some time to spare before our cabin was ready so we drove about 20 minutes away to a nature/animal reserve...also owned by the Bass Pro guy.
Me by one of the many waterfalls.

Ryan and I by another waterfall.

 After seeing most of the canyon floor of this 1500 acres, we ventured into the animal reserve where there were elk, bison, Texan longhorn, deer and turkeys. Pretty much Ryan's dreamland.
Here come some cow (female elk) and a baby elk.

This is how close they got....like within licking distance. Not that that happened.

This would be the biggest horns I've ever seen. Ever.

A teenage bison (dark brown) and a baby bison (light brown). And I'm talking BABY, I bet he was only a month old.

A bull elk (boy elk). Very large and in charge.

This is another bull, you can see the 'velvet' on his antlers starting to dry and hang off.

More water falls.
Once we finished there, we headed back to check in to our little cabin. It's so darn cute you'll die! But first is a few other pictures.
The Worman House, where we ate dinner one night.

View from one of the pools to Table Rock Lake.

This is Devil's Pool. There's a restaurant, bar, pool, arcade and fitness center all in there.

This is from the balcony of the Devil's Pool Restaurant, where we ate lunch when we got there. Not a bad view. At all.


The view from our cabin deck.

Ryan and I on a suspended bridge before we went out to dinner.
here's the bridge from the water.
View of Big Cedar from the water. Our cabin is just on the right of this picture. you can't see it, but just to give you an idea.
More waterfalls.
View from the Lodge itself, where the 'hotel rooms' are.
Again, on the balcony of the Lodge.
That's the Lodge in the background with all the waterfalls.

Oh, someone parked our 'boat' right in front of our cabin for us. So nice. Thank you boat parker person, you will get a hefty tip.
One of my outfits. Hellooooo hips.
Remember the Worman House picture earlier? Well, this is the inside. Fancy. Very Fancy
This is Buzzard's Bar, last pic of the weekend. *Sadface*
Best anniversary ever! But since this is only our second, I'm sure we'll have so many more to come!


  1. Such an amazingly beautiful place!! And you both look sooo terrific!! I loved each and every one of your photos!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    That place is amazing. And you are gor-geous. Oh yeah, so gorgeous you have to pause in the middle, for extra oomph.

  3. Ummm...it would have been so much more fun if I was there. I thought Ryan was in agreement that he wanted a the big fat black girl to spend his 2nd anniversary with him.

    Stop keeping him to yourself Laura Belle!!

    By the way...you are so damn cute...I just want to pinch you.

  4. This would be exactly the kind of place my husband and I would go!! It looks lovely and you both look happy!! Love all the animals too!

  5. Amazeballs is right! Awesome pictures and you look great.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I didn't know that the Bass Pro guy owned that place, go figure. I bet the main lodge/hotel entry was amazing like the store (one by me). (Lookin' good, girl!)

  7. Ok A) You and Ryan make such an adorable couple it should be a crime. I think that boat was actually a police boat coming to arrest you two for adorable'ness yeah, it's a word. Don't hate.
    B) That scenery is OMG stupendous. I cannot even believe those views girl? And how cute is that freaking rusticy (another word, yep) is that place? I want to curl up by a fire, read a book and never leave.

    Thanks so much for sharing. PS - I love love the pic where you're dressed with the high waist belt (that you comment on your hips tsk tsk) Super amazeballs gorgeous.

  8. Thanks for sharing! And what about those hips? I'd kill for them!

  9. Awwww, happy anniversary! Looks so pretty there! I've only seen Big Cedar from the water, never been there by land! Great pics!

  10. Looks like a beautiful place to stay and peaceful. Glad you had an awesome anniversary!

  11. First of all, you are gorgeous. Second, what an awesome place!!

  12. Wow, what a lovely trip! It looks like you had lots of fun!

  13. Gorgeous.......and you my dear look fantastic! That is one large horned cow!

  14. What a fabulous get-a-way! Just love seeing your smiling face in all those pics. Btw, what does your shirt say?? Jug N Plug? haha

  15. Wow that place looks amazing! Where in Missouri is that? I lived just outside of St. Louis for about 15 years and I'm assuming it's nowhere near there ;)

    Oh and thanks for your sweet words on my blog - I'm really going to try to start updating it regularly :)

    And PS I'm sending you a facebook friend request...

  16. Love the pics-I'm going to talk the hubby into going there!

  17. Jesus - this place is gorgeous - but then again so are you! I love you - you know we're going to talk about how much we miss you in Chicago right? I shall text you - all my love!

  18. i love Big Cedar!! great photos, btw!
    and happy aniversary!

    we're going Christmas week! its so beautiful during the holidays!

  19. That place is gorgeous!! The grounds and cabin are beautiful. Not a bad way to spend your anniversary! :)


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