Thursday, September 8, 2011

I run! I run!

Yuppers, you guessed it. This girl found her running mojo tonight.  It was hiding in the closet, underneath my pile-o-shoes. Sneaky bastard.
And since I haven't graced y'all with a workout picture in like ages, I thought I'd better share.

For your viewing pleasure:

Wanna know what else I learned tonight?

A little extra belly flab action, or what I like to refer to as my beer belly (Classy is my middle name), helps, a lot, to keep your water belt from riding up during the whole jogging escapade thang.

I'm sure my husband is proud to have this chica as his beloved wifey. Solely because I post ridiculous pictures of myself all over the abyss of the web. Nice.

On another note: I drank my horse trough of water tonight....and then some.  I think I chugged like 144 ounces or some asinine number like that.  I peed like 487 times today. I could have filled up a pool. Eww, that was kinda gross. Clearly I'm tired and need to retire to my fluffy mattress.

Nighty night everyone!
Sweet dreams Sugarplums!


  1. You are totally a sweaty hot mess and I love it!!

    5 foot something, cherry bomb she had everything going on
    The first thing that caught my eye
    She was rockin’ the beer gut and I love the way she’s not ashamed
    Rockin’ the beer gut well it’s just some extra love around her waist
    Rockin’ the beer gut she’s more than hot, she’s everything and with the blue jeans a little tight around her butt
    Rockin’ the beer gut

  2. Uhm.. yah.. ewwwwwww!!

    Look at YOU all sweaty and skinny like!! What I wouldn't do to have your beer gut!! Looking good, Sweetness!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  3. You look great and happy, Laura. I love it on the rare occasions when I get the workout bug but even then, I never break a sweat like that. I keep it cool in the house. Can't take the heat.

  4. lol pool full of pee...thats so nasty!

  5. At least it's a pool full of almost clear pee and not super yellow kind! I hate when I don't get enough water.

    Congrats on gettin' out there. :) And I like Dawnya's song, I'm seconding it. lol

  6. I walked, and slothed.

    You make me feel ashamed.

    I pee that much and drink that much every day, it's another of those pregnant things, which is awesome.

  7. Run Laura Run!!! You go girl!!!

  8. So when you come visit and bring Wyatt on his rounds, I intended to keep you out of my pool now.....
    You look like you worked out real hard on your run, run, Laura, run (like Vicky said).

  9. Damn! That's a workout woman. You look like you could make it rain! haha

    Btw, I could NOT stop laughing when I scrolled down to your "dead sexy" picture.

    Your extra super duper mini tummy puff (I can't even call it a bulge) is so tiny and cute. But your caption is damn hilarious.

  10. RYN: hahahaha So far they've been getting along. But, it's only been two days. If they can last three days without fighting, then I think all might be well again.

    Yes, I think they should have little diet babies too. haha :)

  11. HOT! But the truth is, not all fitness minded individuals look like those magazine covers with 345 abs and muscles popping out of their cooter... They just don't! The world will freakin' go on!

    But I still think it's DEAD SEXY!



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