Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

Well, hello lovelies! Here's where I talk about 10 completely and ridiculously random subjects that have to deal with nothing remotely important, just about little ol'! Try to contain the excitement.

1.  I have gotten up twice this week in the mornings to run.  Hey, I didn't make my goal of 5 days of running this week....but, two times is better than none, right?  And you know what? I have had the freaking best energy those days I ran. Like bouncing off the wall crazypants energy.  I plan on getting a run in tonight, then taking tomorrow off, because I want to rest up for my big 1st 5K on Saturday!!! I'm getting excited!!!  
And a little nervous.

2.  I've done pretty good on eating clean this week. I've stuck to a diet of an egg and oatmeal for breakfast, a salad and some sort of protein for lunch. Like this week I'm having a hamburger without the bun.  Snacks are sliced turkey, Chobani yogurt, and an apple. Then for supper I've had a salad or soup or something.  Last night I had the typical Wednesday night cousin drunkfest, so I had queso (YUMMMMM) and pizza. But I only had 1.5 pieces.....small pieces.....of pizza and just a few chips and queso.  Eh, I call it a win.

3.  I do really like the eating clean/healthy/not 18 donuts a day type of diet. It really makes me feel so much better. I've noticed that when I do eat a 'bad' choice of food that I get horribly bloated and have terrible stomach aches.  I just feel miserable.  So, that's been making me not want to eat as much crap as I do. Also, I've been listening a lot more to what my body's telling me, like when I'm full.  I never really paid attention to when I was really full until it was too late.  Now, at the first sign of full, I put the fork down and put a napkin over my plate.  The napkin trick is from a friend of mine who's a firefighter, if they didn't cover they're plate then people would keep serving them food, so he learned to put a napkin over it. It also helps that you can't 'see' the food and continue to pick at it.  Just a little trick for ya courtesy of Matt the Fort Worth firefighter.

4.  Don't you just hate it when people lie to you? I ABSOLUTELY hate people that lie. Hate them. Why do it? Why not tell the truth?  Now, I'm not talking about a little white lie or an embellishment of the truth. I'm talking about a straight to the face naughty pants lie.  I had someone lie to me yesterday. Actually, he told so many lies I can't even count them.  And I know they're lies because I went and talked to the people that were mentioned in his lies.  What do you do when you know someone lied to you??? I would confront him, but that's what I was doing when he told me even more lies.  UGHHHH! Stupid liars.

5.  Anyway, that was kind of a downer. On to more fun things! Our bedroom furniture came in last week!!! It's sooo pretty. And sooo adult.  We had a mismatched set of crap for bedroom furniture before. An old nightstand from the 70s, a dresser that was bought at a garage sale in college, etc. Not pretty. By the way, I will totally give you all that old furniture, if you want. Swear. Take it. You know you want to.
This is pretty though:

Yes, our tv is like on the ceiling now.  That dresser is soooo tall. And heavy. Oh it's a heavy sombitch. Now all I need to do is get something on the walls.

6.  I do NOT want to work today. At all. But I have to. Because my little co-worker had to up and have foot surgery and leave my ass here. Alone. Rude. For 3 days. Well, not completely alone, I have my other co-worker and she's fun, but she can't do my job for me like Rebecca can. Is it Friday yet?

7.  Looky looky what my hubby got for me for our anniversary:
I just love flowers. Love them. And him. I love him.

8.  Did I mention I do not want to work today? Because I really really really really don't wanna.

9.  I'm going to my mom's this weekend.  Y'all know there's gonna to be good stories on Monday because my mom is just hilarious. Her whole life is one big comedy show. Three humongous dogs, a boyfriend that has a revolving gun the DINNING ROOM, and her completely lovable but completely ditzy self just cracks me up. Wanna know the latest thing that's going on with her life? Well, I'm going to tell you.  Hardy, her bf, was having a hard time getting his gun and his self out the dinning room sliding door and onto the deck without spooking the deer that he wanted to shoot with said gun. So he put up one of those tents with just a roof and hung camo army stuff on the sides for 'cover'. So now he can walk out to the deck with ease and not scare the deersies and blast them to kingdom come. Normal every day things.
Here is my mom all done up in camo, on the 'covered' deck.
I'm such a proud daughter.
But isn't she so cute?!

10.  Lastly, to all my little BOOBs that are traveling to Ch-town this weekend for the little girls getaway: A) I'm so jealous of y'all that I could just hate you. But I love you all too much. B) Travel safe. C) Don't do anything I wouldn't do. But there's not a lot I wouldn't do, so you're safe. D) Have the BEST time!! And take tons of pics because I need to see all the fun and what I missed out on!! Next year I'm THERE!!

Tootles y'all!


  1. OOooh bedroom furniture, so pretty!! Love the dark wood.

    Your mom is adorable, she sorta looks like she has dreadlocks. /nod

    You and I will be there next year. Damn them not coming to PA instead. Hee hee. Damn those ladies that I love love love. :)

  2. OMG I can't wait to hear about your visit with your mom. She looks like soo much fun - and the camo tent off the kitchen...Hilarious!!
    Friended you on fb, incase you wonder who the friend request is from.

  3. So is Matt the Ft. Worth fire fighter cute? :)

  4. 1) I never workout/run the day before a 5K. Good job planning that one.

    4) Liars, for real, suck big green donkey balls.

    6) I don't want to work either!

    7) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

  5. Love the new's so nice the first time you get real "grown up" furniture!

    Your mom is adorable and looks so happy covered in camo...can't wait for the stories after your weekend.

    Next year, I am there with you (and Cat) in Ch-town...maybe we can bring some gourmet jello shots ;)

  6. You are absolutely right, two days is great. I think it's easy for us to think of it as a negative at first.

    The furniture is really pretty and I like your wall color.

    Love the camo story. lol

  7. New furniture is even more exciting than new shoes! I love the colour and the lines.

  8. Haha, I'm with Angela. Cute? Single? What's the di-di-di-dilly-o dilly-o? LOL

  9. SOOO jealous of that bedroom furniture!!! GORGEOUS!

  10. Have a great 5k this weekend if i dont get to stop by and wish you one before hand!!

    i cant wait to read your recap!

  11. Haha! The tv on the highboy cracked me up because my hubby put a 50 inch on top of our highboy in the bedroom. Have fun at your moms! Shoot something....anything! :)

  12. Congratulations on the new furniture! I love dark wood.

    Yes, liars suck! So annoying! Especially when you know they're lying straight to your face. This happens to me all the time at work...with clients not co-workers. lol

    Good luck on the 5k! :)

  13. And do you ever notice - after the lie is out ... it becomes the truth (or perception) ... argh ! the flowers are beautiful :)

  14. uhhh, are you doing rosstoberfest? if you are, email me. i will hunt you down. we will meet. and it will be awesome. the race goes right by my house!

    in other news, besides the liar bit, this post was SAWESOME. all of it!


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