Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

Hello my little Twinkles!! You know what day it is....Ten Things Thursday!!! (Even though sometimes, I complete forget. Or post it on a day that is not Thursday.)

1.  I am OB.SESSED. with Pinterest. Yuppers, can.not.get.enough. Borderline scary stalkerish. Have you been on there?? Oh, don't go. Its so Hotel California.  You'll get suckered in and never able to leave.
Fo Real.

So because of my new little compulsion, I have determined that the decor in my entire  house needs to be undated. Like, now.  I mean, really, it's been the same for like 5 years. Time for a little changeroo, don'tcha think?? Of course you do. I need all the support I can get.....because the hubby thinks I'm crazypants.

We have this big wall in our living room, and I have determined, in my infinite wisdom and because of Pinterest, that it needs to be a gallery wall. Like so:
 You completely agree, I know. Even though you have no idea what my living room looks like. It's fine.

2.  Because of the above decor transformation decision, I need a 'W' right? Because of Wiksten.  You just can't have all pictures up there, you need to shake it up a bit. (I love how I'm 'writing' to y'all like we're having a normal conversation. Completely not mental. At all.)  And this is where this idea came in:
I got a wooden 'W' at The Hobby (lobby), with some brown twine/string.

Start at one corner and use a hot glue gun to attach the end of the string. Wrap around, gluing on the back and sides of the 'W', and in the front, a little.

Keep wrapping.

And TA DA!!! Purdy en'it?
I'm so excited to hang it up!!! And I'll post cool progress pics on the re-decorating thing on a whole little bloggy post when I'm finished. Y'all can't wait, I can feel it.

3.  The new dishwasher.....IS IN!  Remember how we bought a new dishwasher and it came in broken and I had to make poor little salesman Ron poop his pants because I was so hot about the issue?  Well, little Ronny finally came though.  I must say, there have been numerous people very impressed that we got free delivery and free installation out of the deal.  It's all in how you word things folks.  And I can be a pretty frightening bitch when I put my mind to it.  Sad news....we washed dishes last night and they didn't get all the way clean. Most where freaking spotless squeaky clean. Yippee! But there was a bowl that was kinda grungy, but it had caked on oatmeal, so I'm chalking that up to nothing cleans caked on oatmeal.  And a fork was pretty much not clean at all.  *Sadface*  But, it was the first wash.  Maybe the next one will be better.

4.  Ryan AND I are going to a KSU football game this weekend.  See, normally, football season is in hunting season, so he's always hunting and unable to come par-tay with me and my KSU fanatic-fan friends. But it's still too green out to see the critters, so he's able to make it this game! Woot Woot!!  And you wanna know what else???  We got the Club House seats!!  You wanna know what happens in the Club House?? You get to drink beer.  And have a 'special' elevator to use.  And have seats with backs on them. And are on the 45 yard line. Best weekend of my life coming up. (Well, besides getting married and all.)  I will totally take a buttloads of pictures and do a little weekend recap!

5.  I ran my best 5K time on Tuesday night! New PR (personal record, didn't know that's what PR meant for the longest time, and I still forget and have to look it up).  32:33!  It was so weird because I was dying. Really, thought my lungs were going to shrivel up and just disintegrate into my bloodstream.  And my legs felt like blocks of concrete.  But I just kept trudging on.  The beginning was down hill and I ran that first mile in 9:20. 9:20 people!! Me likey likey my new downhill course.  Then Mile 2 was 10:20. Not bad and it was mostly uphill. Then the last mile...can you say 'broken record'....was almost 13 minutes.  Lame.  But it's just because my endurance hasn't built up yet.  Maybe if I got my jigglebutt out more than once a freaking week. Gawwwd.

6.  On that note, about running more, I've set my alarm every morning, EVERY morning this week, to get up at 4:30am to get my run done and over with pre-work.  And every morning when that little blaring beast chimes off, I've reset it for 5:30.  Epic. Fail.

7.  Didgya know that Kirstie Alley has lost 100lbs since starting DWTS?  You go girl!!
She's from Kansas. Wichita, to be exact. So I've always kind of liked her. But when I saw her struggle with her weight it was just so unfortunate.  I just wished she could figure out what was causing that rollercoaster.  I'm glad she's found whatever is working for her and sticks too it!!

8.  Clean Eating is still going well. Last night was the weekly Wed. Night Cousin Gossip Fest, complete with pizza...again....and beer.  When I woke up yesterday I had full intentions of not drinking or eating bad.....then I got to work.  And a shitstorm erupted. Eight hours later that frosty Bud was like reaching the gates of paradise.  But, I had only 3 beers at the bar and 3 beers at home, not a 12-pack, like normal. Lush. I had one small piece of pizza, not 3 pieces, like normal. And had a few chips and salsa.  Not bad.  Improvement in my book.  Maybe if I slowly weed out the booze and'll eventually not be a problem to say, "Nope, this gut does not need more empty calories." We'll see.

Other than that I'm still keeping to my regular diet of dust.  I'm really missing cheese.  We were best buds for so long.  And milk. But the 'no dairy' part of the diet is only for 2 more days. Then cheese and I can become friends again.  But only in limited quantities. And all the veggies I'm consuming are giving me the worst toots. I'm tellin' ya. Not good. Not good at all.  Probably should break down and by some beano. I'm officially a middle aged man with uncontrollable gas. Fantastic.

9.  This is glorious:
Just glorious.

10.  My mom posted this on my FB wall and I wanted to share with you all.  I think i've mentioned that she and my dad Mike raised service dogs from 8 weeks old to 2 years old, for years now.  They taught the basics, like sit, stay, etc. And took the pups on trips to football games, and restaurants, and the grocery store, to aclimate it to public.  It was something that my dad was extremely passionate about.  He always said that it was hard to give those dogs back to KSDS to get formally trained, but it was ok, because he knew they were going to help someone in need.  Well, here is a little video about one of 'their' dogs, Elf. Elf helps Callie out with her day to day living....and so much more. This made me cry.  I know that Mike is living on in the wonderful things he did for other people.

Have a wonderous Thursday little Pumkins!!!


  1. That video made me cry too! What an amazing thing your mom and Mike did raising service dogs! We so rarely have an opportunity to make that much of a difference in another person's life...I'm sure you are VERY proud!

  2. Love the photo wall idea, I know yours will look extra cool, because of your beautiful photography. You will have to come help me do one in my house. Check out our new house Will hates when I want to decorate too, they will just have to get over it. PS. Let me know where you guys are tailgating this weekend. See you soon!

  3. Another Pinterest addict! YES!!! :)

  4. I'm decorating my new office and I'm totally doing a wall like that. My building is over 100 years old so I'm going to take some B&W pics of it and use them in the collage wall.

  5. I. Love. Pinterest. Going to totally add you.

    Damn, Kirstie Alley looks GOOD!!

  6. Ok, I don't need to cry right now so I can't watch the doggie video just yet...

    Pinterest is evil! I just signed up two days ago and I'm hooked. All of the eye candy is amazing. I love the W you made. :)

  7. Great post! I could use a beer right now. But I've pretty much cut out alcohol from my diet...until Saturday when my BFF comes to town!

    Awesome job on the running...I'll be doing more of that now that Hell is starting to freeze over! :O) ha ha ha..just kidding on the hell freezing over...but it is getting cooler out! wohoo for me!

  8. I love the photo wall and the W. Since I live in KCMO I am surrounded by KSU and Mizzou fans and am frankly neither, Still rooting for my beloved Buckeyes of OSU! Have fun at the game. You can't beat box seats with a stick!

  9. I'm officially staying away from Pininterest. I can't afford a new obsession.

    I will watch the video when I get home. If I cry I'm going to bite you on the thigh.

    Good job on the eating. It's progess. I'm proud of you chickedee.

  10. Great post!! I love the wall too - I think you NEED to do that at home!! With all your glorious photos, it should be amazing!!

    And I thought we WERE having a normal conversation!!

    Have a GREAT weekend, Friend!

  11. I open up this pinterest thing... the first thing I see? NO BAKE CHEESECAKE! What are you trying to do to me!?

    That W looks awesome. :)

    Oh, and veggies give me the toots, too... but I kinda like it. Lets me know SOMETHING is happening in those bowels of mine. (Too much? lol)

  12. OMG! I'm bawling! Love the W, it's awesome, can't wait to see progress photos. I never heard of that site, DANGER!

  13. I too like Pinterest and the "W" is really cute.

    Glad I found your blog.

  14. Love the video and the "W". I have a big "A" on my bedroom wall and it's so cute. I'm staying away from Pinterest because I know I will be addicted in no time.

  15. I just fell in love with your parents! Seriously! That's awesome!

    So... Hate to tell you, but we're pretty much separated at birth. I am currently putting that EXACT stuff on our living room wall right now! I painted it last week, and now I'm putting black frames with white matted photos up! SCARY! :)

    And way to ROCK a PR! Stop being so awesome, because you're making us slackers look bad.... ;) LOL!


  16. Pinterest is awesome! I love it!

    Congratulations on the PR! I'm with you the alarm clock fail. I so want to be one of those morning exercise people, but I can't stop hitting the snooze button! lol

    Kirstie looks great in that pic! The media was so horrible to her and I always felt bad for her.

  17. Ah, crap. Now I want Pinterest, too!! I am addicted to enough sites.

    Kirstie looks AMAZING!! I'm so happy for her. And of course now, the media loves her again. Which is so wrong.

    Congrats on the PR. That is awesome!!

  18. Can't wait to see the wall!!
    Congrats on the food choices. I sat in a school gym with mounds of JUNK food a short walk away for 3 days straight. I ate 1 cookie every day. Not bad considering before I would have inhaled everthing!!! Hopefully today I'll get a P90 in. Can't wait to read your BYOC.

  19. The W is amazing...WTG!!!!

    oh and Kirstie Alley....WOW...I actually thought the after picture was Fergie from Black Eyes Peas....don't cha think?


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