Thursday, September 1, 2011

Booze and Shoes


After work, I went to get booze for this holiday weekend.......

And came home with this......

All for 33 buckaroos. 

Bad. Ass.
Thank you to whoever put a shoe store next to the liquor store. You are my new best friend.

(**Side note: Totally didn't realize that it was 10 Thing Thursday till about 2 minutes ago.  Typical.)


  1. Booze and shoes?? Sounds like a new project!! Except you get to sample the booze while you try on the shoes. People namely women would buy for sure!!

  2. Liquor store and shoe store...that totally goes together. LOL

    Laura Bell take this gosh darn word verification off your comments section. Ugh. LOL

  3. Umm, even better if the clothing/shoe stores SERVED booze. Hello!

    $33 for 4 shoes and a pair of sunnies? I hope you weren't so excited by your steal of a deal that you forgot your liquor. ;)

  4. I'd rather buy shoes than booze any day...I wonder if it cuts into their business...LOL

  5. So, did you pickup booze too? ; ) Nice score!

  6. You are smokin in those shades sista! Love the shoes too. Totally rockin deal.

  7. Cute shoes, where did you get them? All of my cute (cheap) sandals have gone to shoe heaven. Trying to decide if I should buy now or wait until next Spring, or both!


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