Friday, September 9, 2011

Doves, Cow Patties, and Sunsets. Good Times.

What does a normal, everyday, bloggyfool girl do on a Friday night to spend a little QT with her hubby????
She goes dove hunting with him and their 'child'.

Can you spell H.i.c.k.?? I can....sans spell checker. Amazingly enough.

***And Dawnya: I'm cuunt-ree. Meaning I hunt.  BUT! We eat everything we kill and it is soooo much better than the processed chemical filled crap that's in the grocery.  AND! There's like a billion doves.  Just on our property. Way too many. They need to be brought down.  I hope you can still love me long time.  I am your boo, remember!

Heading out, we ran into some little thunderboomers which produced this gloriousness....

Not the sad dead corn stubble....the rainbow. Very Purdy.

We parked at the farm and found new friends....

Well hello there Horns.
Then we did a little tour of the bean fields. Very nice.

If you'd like, you can tour it too. For $23.50 a pop.  Hey, blogging doesn't make me any moola, something has to.

After the tour we settled down to wait for the doves to fly.  Well, Ryan and I settled down. Wyatt ran all over God's creation and back. But as luck has it, he stopped for a millisecond because he knew I wanted to take a picture.
"That germ infested cow porta-potty looks yummy Mom! Can I swim?? Can I??"

Yup. That's not normal mud people. Not normal at all. It's poo. Cow poo. Just fantastic.

Still waiting for the little birdies, our friends came back to see us. Apparently we are beyond fascinating to them. Why? I.DO.NOT.KNOW.

Ummmm. No. Stay away. Stay far away.

I mean, I'm a country girl and all, but when multiple four legged, 586 pound freaks with horns come within a beer can throw's distance.....I'll pass. Thank you very much.

Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed them though.  Cautiously walking up to sniff....things. Not a good idea. Charging is the word of the day.

But that didn't sway the little pup.  After they wondered off he continued to sniff.  As in nose in a very fresh cow patty (that's shit, in case you didn't know).  And as my husband eloquently put it, "Stickin' your nose any sooner in that and it would have been steamin'."  I'm officially in Hell.

But alas. The Almighty does shine down upon thee.  This was the last thing we saw before the sun set....

It was like the sky was on fire. So. Beautiful. 

Wanna know what I sooooooo wanted right then??? My super bad ass 'good' camera.  Oh yeah, could have 'possibly' made millions of dollars from the images the clouds and sunset was producing.  Ohhh, don't get me wrong, I'm not the worst professional photographer and forgot the damn camera. Oh no.  I brought it.  But without the battery.  Some days I even shock my self with my stupidity.

And to top the evening off....only 3 birds.  Totally blaming this on Ryan. If I would have had my gun....dozens. Dozens, people.
**UPDATE**Apparently, I forgot a very convenient point in the whole 'only 3 bird thing', which was graciously mentioned by my adoring husband:  We had to leave early so we didn't get to shoot as many birds as we wanted.  Because....a huge storm (which didn't produce near the amount of impact as I had thought) was getting ready to break right over our heads.  I mean, what chick wants to be in a field when it starts pouring.....not this one.  So, it is my fault there were only 3 birds shot. Totally my fault.
Dove hunting in Kansas. In a nutshell.  Aren't you glad I post amazing bullshit. Literally.


  1. I loved it!!!! and you made my night along with making me laugh a lot!!! Thank you soo much for sharing your adventure along with stories that sooo happen to me every day!! How was the ride home??

  2. My gosh, I bet it was fun getting that stink off of Wyatt!

  3. That is AWESOME! Did you know I'm a country girl? My brothers own a shit pumping truck company- SERIOUSLY! They pump poop from pits and haul it and spread it on fields and make MEGA dollars! Wanna know what else they have? A 400 cow dairy farm! And you wanna know what's better? I do ALL of the accounting for both companies. Uh huh. My office is located ABOVE the maternity pens, so I watch cows have babies all day. And then I go in and rescue the babies and put them in a special sanitary pen. (LOVE baby calves!) It's pretty freakin' sweet! And of course I pet them, pick them up, and plop them down when they're still wet and gooey from being born. It's part of the job... AND I put on my shit kicker boots and walk around in poo IN THE PEN WITH THE COWS. They're not scary. :) I promise! (But that guy with the horns?! I THINK NOT!)

    And still I know the difference between Dolce & Gabbana and CoCo Chanel and look killer in a pair of 4 inch heels! :)

    Glad you have an eventful day and that Wyatt apparently loves shit! GOOD DOG! :)



  4. I hope you had a truck, like a good country girl and that Wyatt rode in the back util he got his bath.

  5. OHmyLord, that picture of Wyatt and his poop covered sock feet cracked me up!! I bet he was one happy pup. :)

  6. Oh my. Keep the horns away from Miss Ronnie. Livestock scares me, and I'm a country gal, too.

  7. I would snuggle Wyatt even with cow poo on his paws. Me loves Wyatt long time. :)

    Also - girl, seriously your photography is out of this world.

  8. I love love love your blog!

    The cows bulls whatever looked so cool! And your pup had on nice poo-boots. Haha


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