Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So, yeah, Howdy.

It's been awhile....I know. Lots going on! Lots! I miss you all and miss reading and writing so much!!! I've thought about it countless times and then, well, life gets in the way.

Well, life and work. Lots of work.
But it's good work!! I've been doing more and more photography and I'm absolutely having the time of my life!

I've recently decided to try and expand my little photo business, and I applied for a grant!! Yippee!!!!! However, I need ya'll's help! If you have a Facebook account, could you please just take a few little moments and vote for me?!?! I need 250 votes to qualify and as of earlier I only have 80 something.


I'll love you all LONG TIME!!!!

Here's some of the work I've been doing!! (Get ready, there's lots of examples!)