Goals are good. Goals are great. I will achieve these Goals, mate!

Goals to meet by May 26th, 2014
I've had my baby, now it's time to get rid of the booty! Starting NOW!

1. Eat Clean (no junk, fast food, or SUGAR)
2. Lose 10 pounds.
3. Run a 5K
4. Exercise 7 days a week.


Goals accomplished by the July 4th 2011
1. Lose 12 pounds!! - Hasn't happened yet. Still truckin'.
2. Run 5 miles (without stopping). - Again, still working.
3. Run a 5K in 30 minutes (or under).  - Completed!!! Ran my first 5K on 10-1-11 in 31:29ish. I think.
3. Exercise at least 4 times a week.- still working.
4. Continue to be Smoke-Free.- still rocking this! Mostly.

Goals to achieve by 4/7/11 (day I turn 30)
1. Exercise at least 3 times a week.
2. Eliminate junk food from my diet (with the exception of a cheat-snack every once in a while, I mean I'll probably go to the loony bin if I don't have chocolate once a week).  Junk food = candy bars, Sour Patch Kids, donuts, and any other super fatty-high calorie-not good for you food that I can't think about now but will come to me later.
3. Eat more fruits and veggies. At least one serving of each every day.
4. Lose 20 pounds!!! (Lost 8 of the 20.)
5. Run 5 miles (without stopping).