Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bondi Band Givaway!!!

OK Peeps. Get on this bandwagon! Hehe, I so funny.

My good friend Ducky is giving away the coolest thingy-ma-jig EVAH!

It's called a Bondi Band, and it's a cool sweat wicking headband!

It comes in fun colors and you can customize it!!!
Do you see the dude with the 'Will Run for BEER'??!?!?!? That's totally going to be mine some day! But in purple.

And you know what's even cooler about these little things? They're only $8!!!!!

I know when I'm running outside.....or lets face it, when I'm running anywhere.........I have buckets of sweat just dripping everywhere! In my eyes, down my cheeks, dripping off my nose. It's pretty. It would be so nice not to have to try and use a towel while running (and not trip on my uncoordinated stupidfeet when using said towel).

Anyways, go to Ducky's site HERE to enter!!! It'll take two minutes!

Guess What?????

It's official.

The EXERCISE is ONNNNNN like donkey kong up in here!!!!!!!

Yup. Last night I got a wild hair up my arse and decided to do a little sweaty Betty action. And I'm not talking about the mattress kind. Get your dirty minds outta the gutter!! Shame, shame.

First, I did 50 sit-ups, 50 push-ups, and 50 squats. All were broken down in sets of 10 reps. And each set was different. Like, first set of 10 I did regular sit-ups, push-ups and squats. Next set of 10 I worked on lower abs with my feet rested on my exercise ball. (Which, btw, that ball hasn't seen the light of day for about 42 dog years. So sad.) Then I did triceps dips, and finally lunges. And so on and so on.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I rocketed through all those in pretty sweet time. And I felt the burn at the last three reps of each set. My arms are a little sore this morning, and my gluts are a little, well, lets just say I want to cry my eyes out and scream like I just saw a spider in my funderwear drawer every time I have to get up outta my chair. And since I work at a job that I'm barely able to sit still for a mosquito fart length of time, this day is going to SUUuuuuuuuuCK.

BUT! If all that jazz isn't enough, I trucked my happy sore ass to the gym to run it out.

First of all, it was hotter than Satan's balls inside that place. For realz.
I started out strong, finishing the first mile in about 10 minutes and a few extra seconds (that we're just not going to count). But the second mile things started to go horribly wrong. At about mile 1.2 I ended up trying to wipe off the sweat pouring outta every pore in my face and get a drink of water at the same time........not a good idea. Since I'm about as coordinated as an walrus doing a keg stand, my feet went all shenanigans and decided to just not work. I ended up gripping the side bars like my life depended on it, and managed to not face plant the conveyor belt of death and end up with nice road rash on my forehead.  Thank you Baby Jesus.  Luckily there was only one other person in the gym to witness this fantastic spectacle, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't looking.

Then about mile 1.7 my stomach started making all these weird noises and then the pit of my stomach just dropped. Nice. Saliva started forming in my mouth and I was pretty sure that if I didn't slow down or stop running my dinner was going to explode all over. Not pretty. I did learn a lesson on this though, apparently 3 slices of pizza pre-running is not the best fuel food. Who'da'thunk.

I ended up finishing 2.0 miles strong. And by strong I mean I sprinted at 7.0mph for about 2 nano seconds. And yes, I count 7.0mph a sprint. Definitely a sprint.

I did have some difficulty on my breathing and keeping it under control. But I blame that on the fact that I was was watching Men's Diving on the Olympics. I mean seriously people, they were wearing speedos. SPEEDOS!!! And it's OK. Because they had bodies made for speedos.

My legs actually felt good the whole time. Which was a shocker. They only got a little weak at the very end when I was pushing myself, and when I went to get out of my car after arriving home. Thank god little Wyatt was there to catch me, otherwise I would have had a little make out session with our driveway.

Week 1 of Exercising started off pretty smashing if I must say so myself. I'm going out to dinner tonight for my weekly Cousin's Night. There will be NO beer. None. Nada. Zilch. I told Maria that I'm going all week without a drop of the magic juice. And by all week I mean till Thursday. I don't have plans to exercise tonight, but maybe after dinner I do a little Bodyrock.tv or maybe a 10 minute ab work out or something. We'll see.

Cheers Lovey's!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Want to know some completely random shit about me?
Well, tough shitnanegins!!

1.  First off, I want to thank you all for your comments, thoughts, and love. Every one of your comments touched me and made me feel so loved and cared for. It made me realize I’m not alone. I’m never alone, and I do have support and love and kindness, everywhere. I’m going to reply back to your comments, each and every one. I actually was going to do it yesterday but was just an emotional mess. And I don’t think all the dudes in my office would have appreciated the sobbing, sniveling, snot-covered hot mess that I would have become. So my goal today is to reply.

Oh, by the way, I’m participating in the BOOBs 2012 Chicago Challenge and yesterday’s mini-challenge, posted by the amazeballs Draz was to reach out to someone. Well, all of your comments were a reach out! (Ronnie, this means you!!! You did complete the challenge!!)

Ok, also, I usually always reply to everyone’s comments when they post on my blog, so if I’m not replying back to you via email, please send me your email address. I think there’s an Ashley that I don’t have an email for and Mari too. So ladies, email me at laurawiksten @ hotmail (dot) com with your email and what blog you belong to, if you have one!

2. As far as how I’m doing………I’m ok. Still struggling.  Yesterday was just a crap shoot of whether someone would find me curled up under my desk or balling my eyes out at a random picture of a baby bunny. This little emotional rollercoaster that I’ve been on is awesome. Just awesome. Can I get off now?!

Really, I’ve faced the fact that my depression is back. Which is the first and most important step.  And the only way that I’m going to fix this…..again…..is to seek counseling, get back into Biofeedback, (which reminds me, I need to do that this morning), take the support and help from my loved ones, stop burying my head in the bottom of a beer can,  and write about it.

I ended up talking to a counselor last night and have an appointment for next week for a full one hour session. He seems to be a really good guy, and has a lot of good points. I think he was a little taken aback at how depressed I really am. And the fact that I’ve struggled with depression my entire life.

As for Biofeedback, I’m going to get back in the habit of taking 10 minutes a day to just sit still, hopefully with my eyes closed, and concentrate on relaxing my breathing, slowing my heart rate and warming up my body temperature. All those things will help me reach a relaxed state. And the more I practice the more relaxed my body becomes, which in turn helps my mind relax.

Taking support is hard for me, but I’ve made the first step in reaching out to my husband and telling him how I’m feeling, why I’m feeling this way, and asking for help. I’ve never done that before. I mean, yes, I got help in college for my depression back then, but that was from a counselor. It’s completely different getting/receiving help from a loved one, for me anyway. But he was completely understanding and is here for me 100%. It’s got to be scary when you realize your wife is in such a deep dark hole, and really doesn’t know why, and feeling like you don’t know how to help or fix it. But he is helping. By just being there.  And I’ll take y’all’s support and love too! That always helps me so much when I can just blab my crap out there and get amazing responses of understanding and advice. Seriously, y’all, thank you. And I have a very special friend that doesn’t mind when I bother her with constant emails of my shittastic life. She gives me great advice and wonderful insight. She’s the most amazing person I know, and I love her long time.

And lastly, beer and me are going to have a little chat. I should have known there was something wrong when I just wanted nothing more than to have a frosty one and forget the world. The world’s there no matter if I have a good buzz going on or not. It’ll be there when I wake up, when I’m holed up in a temporary cubicle prison all day, and when I get home. Trying to avoid it or forget it, however the way, is not helping. It’s hurting. But admitting that I’m depressed is kind of a slap in the face to me, making me realize that’s what I was doing, when drinking.  So no more drinking to forget. No more. I may drink, but not like I have been for the last 6 months, that’s for sure.

OK, moving on to fun things!

3. I still haven’t had time to do the vacay recap of the century. Because work is a suckhole. I have been working my normal shift 8-4:30, then either going home for an hour or to an appointment, then coming back here around 6pm and staying till 8pm. What.The.Farts!? So yes, life is just one flush away from becoming a stinky turd at the bottom of Satan’s outhouse.

I want to be back here:

4. So I’ve looked like a cracked out hobo the last few days. Basically, I just don’t have the energy to fart, let alone do anything more than throwing my hair in a jankity grease infested pony tail and pick out a t-shirt and jeans.

So today I thought I’d whip out my trusty (and slowly dying) ancient curling iron and spruce up myself a bit.

This is what happened:

Now what the hell do I do?
Put it in a pony? Just leave it?
That's what I get for trying to look less psychotic. Figures.

5.  Oh, and my body has now decided it’d like to produce weird fungus growths. Yes, I have a wart on my finger. And it’s the middle finger! Oh, how ironic.

It’s just wrong people, wrong.

I’m putting on the wart remover crap but it turns it this awful white color and it just looks like I’ve got a flesh eating virus or something.


6.  My friend posted this on FB, and it’s sooo true.

I think just about everyone on this little blogosphere could be described like this. Am I right? Or am I right?

7. So this is my work space this last week:

It’s small.
And the building I’m in is the Engineering Building. So it’s full of super duper smart people that could toot an IQ bigger than mine. (Man I’m all about the toots on here today. Weird. But kinda not. It’s fine.)

And it’s quiet. Like really quiet.

See I normally work in a warehouse sized building with loud printers, which causes me to turn the tunes up to window shaking decibels. And I yell at my employees and they yell back at me. None of that is happening over here. I’m afraid to freaking slurp my water bottle straw because it might upset the silence balance.

OH, the reason why I’m not working normal hours and not able to be in my normal building is because the roof is being repaired.  The roofer dudes, which look like some very fine specimens of humanity, are completely tearing off the old roof and replacing the metal sheets with new ones. So no going in there during 8am-3pm.

But only 2 more days. 2.more.days. I hope I make it.

8.  Oh my giddy Aunt! You are not going to believe what my mom and her bf Hardy bought!!!!!
A HOT TUB!!!!!!

Is it winter yet??!! PLEASE?!?!

Because I don’t think I’d enjoy the relaxation of this genius piece of plastic in the blazing 452 degrees it’s been here lately.

Seriously. Is it winter?

9.  Tomorrow is the Olympics!!!! YEAH!!!!
I wasn’t really excited about them until this week. Now I just can’t wait! I’m going out to dinner tomorrow night, so hopefully I don’t miss too much of the opening ceremony. So jealy of Miss Beth Ann and her going there!!!
But in honor of this wondrous time, here’s some cuties that you will be seeing:

Australian Men's Swimming Team.
Holy. Shit.
 David Boudia

 Jake Dalton

And of course, the US Men's Swimming Team

Ryan Lotche

You're welcome.

10. Back to the BOOBs Challenge. I wanted to post my first weigh in and beginning photos yesterday, but never got around to taking any photos. But I'm going to post my 'loss' here. Just for shits and giggles.

Are you ready for this?

I don't think you are.

Drum roll please.......................

I lost .1 lbs.

Yup, that's POINT ONE. Nice. Very nice.

But I was on vacation, so I've got an excuse. Next week will be better!!!!

Cheers y'all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Late nights with too much beer in the fridge.

It's 11pm and I can't sleep.
So I write.

But about what?

What I want to write about isn't pretty. It isn't funny or jaw-dropping or amusing (not like anyone thinks i'm amusing anyway. lol). I know I'm all about green donkey balls and unlimited beer bongs on here, but tonight isn't going to be pee your pants hilarious.....

It's just going to be me. A different me.

What about me??? I mean, really, that was a question to myself, what about me? What is it about me that is 'off' tonight? Or, any given night?

I'm going to tell you the hard truth. I have depression. Like a Mo Fo. Seriously. I was 'formally' diagnosed when I was about 23, but through that doctor and many others, we figured out that I've probably been born with an imbalance (love that word) to be 'happy'. Unlike 'other' people, I need to work extra hard to feel 'normal' (also another word I love).

Man, there's a lot of these ('') things going on in this post. Well, just bare with me.

A long time ago, I started moving from town to town. At a very young age. Slowly but surely I started becoming self conscience about myself, because it was harder and harder to make friends. Well that low self esteem just stuck. Then about middle school I moved to a town that had a 'you're not from there.....you're not from there' kind of mentality. So I was an outcast.

Oh everyone said, "you're beautiful, you're funny, you'll make tons of friends". Soooo not the case.
It was horrible.

So my already low self esteem just took a nose dive in Satan's shithouse. Head first. With it's mouth open.

So, what did I do.....I fought tooth and nail to graduate high school and get the F out of Dodge. (Almost literally, being from Kansas and all.) Once in college, things were a little easier.....at first. But it slowly started getting bad. Like real bad. I found out friends weren't friends and boyfriends sucked. Oh, and some of my family just didn't give a damn. Ya. That one hurt.

Then one day, by the grace of 'Someone' above, and my cousin Corey (who's my best friend too) I decided to change, to be the person I WANTED to be. That I'd dreamt about being.

That's when I started counseling.

And I worked 2 long and hard years to gain some of my self esteem back. Or more accurately, learn how to have some self esteem. Some high self esteem.

It was hard. And a LOT of work.

2 years. TWO YEARS! That's a long motha fucking time.

It was counseling once a week and biofeedback every day. (For those of you that have never heard about biofeedback, it's a technique of controlling your heart rate, body temp and sweat, that with practice, allows you to relax in stressful situations. If you want to know more, message me.)

So there I was, the ripe ol' age of 24, fresh off the looney train, and ready to conquer the world. With medication of course. ;-)

Now, at 31, I'm falling right back to where I was at 22. Depressed. Sad. Beaten. Down.


Believe it or not, I am super shy. Like REALLY shy. But on here, I can be myself, I can act myself, and I can talk about all the dumbshit things I do. I don't care. Because for some reason, y'all are friends....and family....and I know that, despite only meeting one of you in person. But in 'life'.....helllz to the NO. Can't do it. I can't let go. I can't be myself.

I think that's the main reason I'm back at that 'dark place'. That place where I don't like who I am or what I've become.


I miss myself.
I miss ME!
I want to be the person that I'm on here, but out in the 'open'.

But is 'ME' good enough? Some people don't think so. Some people want me to be somebody else.

Is this making any sense? No? OK. Good. Then we're on the same page.

I've got so many things going for me. I've got a great job where I'm doing the most original things in the world. I'm a talented artist. I'm not that bad to look at (not being boastful, just saying that I like the way I look, wouldn't change it for the world, even with my double chin and Ben & Jerry's [thunder thighs].) I'm funny (at least on here). I love a Higher Power, not God per se, but a higher existence than myself. I love beer. That's a give-in. I mean, who wouldn't like a person that loves a frosty malt beverage???? Every.Night. I can be the sweetest person on the planet.....but then be the biggest stubborn ol'  bitch you've ever set your eyes on. I hate spiders. I love to bad movies. And if given the choice, I will read a book or take a nap instead of doing any type of 'work'. I also am more OCD than a chemist on crack.

What's not to love?

So the question is.....do I love ME??

AND: Do I care if others love me? Or if they don't love me.?
Despite my faults of depression and drunkardness. And my fear of spiders.

Another question is: How strong am I?
Can I be strong enough for everyone?

Well, it's been that way my whole life. Why stop now?
Except that I'm tired of being strong for everyone else. Why can't I be strong for me for a change?

Life sucks. My mind sucks. My emotions suck. Why couldn't I just be 'programed' to be happy? WHY?

Because that's not life. Life isn't happy.
Shit. I know that.
I lost a Dad. I miss Mike.
I lost friends.
I lost..............................well.............ME.

But, I've dealt with those losses, and I HAVE found ME again. At least, at one time. What do I do to find ME again?

I found 'ME' when I was completely alone. Not a friend or family member there. Now, don't get me wrong, I had some friends and some family, but I chose not to allow them into my world. It worked. At the time.

Do I need to be alone to make it work again?
i just don't know.

I do know that I'm damn near worse now than I was 10 years ago. That's a kick in the whoo-ha.

Part of me wants to go this alone. To fight my own battles. To fix my own problems. Another part says 'You need to ask for help!'.
But can I?????
Can I allow myself to ask for help, when at one time I figured it out on my own perfectly fine?
WILL I allow myself to BE helped?
And if I go this alone, will I regret it later???

Scary shit peeps. Scary shit.

Betcha didn't know I was this fucked up, huh?

Welcome to the Danger Zone.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Actually, that's a true title/statement, because I am wearing black today.

Because I'm in mourning.

Of my vacation.

It died.

A very slow and excruciating death.

I may never recover.

Ok. Seriously, I'm back!!!! Are you not so excited that you could just pee?!?!?!

I have so much to tell y'all about the amazing and crazy adventures in LaLa Land (that's what I'm calling my own personal 'world'. You likey? Ya me too.)

But first I wanted to mention that I've decided to do the BOOBs Challenge 2012!!! Yippee! This gal needs a little motivation. Ok, maybe a lot of motivation. For realz.

So, it's 71 days till BOOBs 3.0 starts (or something like that). And I'm going to woop ASS! We're on day 6 of the challenge, it started last Wed., but since I've been doing a lot of beer, boats and floats for a week, my official start day is today.

I'm going to try and lose the extra flub that somehow accumulated on my arse last week. I mean, all those 12 ounce curls didn't count for anything??!!?!?!
The tragedy.

I'm also going to finally add some muscle definition to this flab. I'm at the weight that I want to be (kinda, pre-vacay I was anyway), now it's just time for some tone.

So keep checking back for updates! I'll take a before pic so y'all can see how bad ass my tan lines are, then at the end I'll have my STELLAR 'after' pic.

To all the ladies in this challenge: KICK ASS!!!!!

And, in between the 16 hour-overtime-infested-bullshit-days that I now have to work and the meager sleep I will hopefully get, I will find time to get a recap of last week up! Promise. (It just may take me all week......Lindsey.......so just be patient. lol. BTW, Lindsey and Jordan, I don't think we got one pic together last weekend. WTF is that?!)

OK. I have to go home now. So I can come BACK to work, and work like 6 more hours. Or more. Oh the joy.
You're jealously of me right now, aren't you? Just a little? No?
You suck.
Ok, not really.

Cheers Lovies!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Whaaaaat UP my PEEPS?!?! (oops, I almost wrote 'poops', bawhaha) Sorry I missed last week, but life was a shitstorm, as usual. What can you do. But here's this week's edition of randomcrap craziness!!

1. Life is a big ol' poophole. Yup. It sure is.

Remember how yesterday I did that amazing little post that got you all so hot and bothered? And it may have included this:
And I know I'm posting this early, but try to make it past this and read what else I wrote. Please.
And I did the post because I was all 'WTF last week I didn't see the movie, life sucks and I'm not smart enough to look at movie times'. And the plan was to make up for that last night.

WEEEEeeeeeeeeellllllll.........Not so much.
Like I said, life is a poophole. Life is Satan's poophole to be more specific.
Jordan and I started our little ladies date with some fab sushi, a few drinks, and then sashayed (yes, for sure there was sashaying) over to the theater to get us and my other buddy Rebecca tickets. Well, the little movie ticket douchecanoe said, "Sold Out."

I die. I die.

The saga of trying to see Magic Mike will continue, with a THIRD attempt, the week after next.
Third time's the charm right?!
I freaking need some damn charm.
Lucky charms.
Shit, now I really want Lucky Charms cereal. Mmmmm marshmallows.
Moving on.

2.  So, I'm thinking of doing the BOOBs v3.0 Challenge. Since I am going to BOOBs this year (SQUEEEEE!!!).

But here's the thang......I don't really need to lose any weight. Per se. I just really, really want to tone up. I've gained back some of the weight I lost last month, so I'm at 146ish right now. I'd like to get back to 142, but meh, 4 pounds, I'm not really worried about it. Plus since I really just want to tone, I'm probably going to be gaining muscle weight anyway.

So really, the chances of me winning are like nadaboombada.

BUT! That's ok. Wanna know why? Because I need a challenge to keep me motivated. I need a goal, and end date, the support of you fine ass ladies, and well, I think I'm bored and need a little lift-me-up.

So while at the beginning of this #2 I was just thinking about doing it, I think I've talked myself into actually doing it. Bad Ass. I think my plan is to do toning exercises 3 times a week, MWF, then run twice a week, TuTh.
Good deal-ee-o!

3.  Ok, so 4th of July. Guess who went batshit crazy over the fireworks this year? Can't guess???? Well, I'll give you a few hints......He is adorable as all get out. He's spoiled rotten. Has blond hair. And fur all over.
Guess yet?!
Yes, it's my little schmookem's Wyatt.

That dog, I tell you what, I've never seen him go after fireworks like that before. He was about as excited as a kid on an IV drip of redbull who just ate 74 Ho-Hos. Every firecracker that went off, he'd run over and hop up and down looking for the where the noise came from. I think he thought it was gun shots and he was looking for the birdies or something. I don't know. Regardless, it was down right hilarious.
Here's a little video of it!
Hilarious, isn't it?!

He's never done that before. I don't know why this year is so different, but whatevs.

4.  Speaking of the 4th of July, my mom and her BF Hardy went to Arizona to visit his daughter and my grandma and aunts and uncles. They did the typical of just sitting by the pool and drinking beer (jerks-no I'm not jealous, not jealous at all), but one day, Mom talked Hardy into going to the airplane history museum, or something, that's down there (I'm assuming somewhere near Tucson, which was where they were staying). Anyways, he emails me this photo:

Sorry it's a little blurry, but you get the idea. That would be my mother on the right and my Aunt Linda on the left.

There are just no words.

It's shocking to know that we share the same DNA. Just shocking.

BTW, they're probably reading this right now (or at least my Uncle Charlie is), so HI EVERYONE!!!! Miss you and can't wait to visit next year!!!

5.  Summer project #341 has commenced. Yes, as if staining the deck wasn't enough this summer, we decided to paint the house too. And start this project in the middle of July. With the temperatures ranging between a sweltering 103 to a boiling 942.
But really, it needed it.

So last weekend, in the thick of 103 degree temps, we break out the paint brushes and rollers.

I can not tell you how much water I drank, because I lost count after 120 oz. And that was before 3pm.

And I had the best get-up on. I wish I would have taken a picture, but I forgot. So sorry. I wore my swimsuit (because ever 2.4 minutes I was hosing myself off to keep cool), flip flops, and my Color Run headband to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I was puuuuurrrrtay. Don't worry though, I fit in just fine with Park Shity's finest.

But, about 4pm every night (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), I cracked open my first Mr. Bud, closed my eyes, and took a loooong pull. Ahhhhhhh and all was blissfully wonderful in my world. Until I opened my eyes again and realized that I wasn't done painting yet. Fartsicles.

But we got really far, 3 out of the 4 sides are done.
Here's some pics:

We're painting it a medium gray with white trim. IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!

Just gotta do the front and we're finished!

6.  Ok. I saw this article the other day that was titled At 74, Jane Fonda 'never had such a fulfilling sex life'. First reaction.......EWWWwwwwwww.

I mean, I'm happy for the lady and all, but.......Ewwwwwww.
I'm sorry, I don't give two porcupine shits about Jane Fonda's sex life. Not two shits.
And the fact that she's 74........I mean, that's like picturing my grandparents........OHMYGOD EEEWWWWWwwwwwww.

I'm sure that when I'm her age and have great boomboomwow, I'll feel differently. But right now, not so much.

I mean seriously, we can't find something, ANYTHING, else to write about folks?!?!

7.  I committed one of the 7 deadly sins the other night.


I know, you're not shocked. Neither am I.

I made this:

And while I made it for our upcoming vacation, somehow a "small" bag of it ended up in my desk drawer at work and I've been plowing through it for like 2 hours now. *palm to forehead*

I was telling Jordan about it last night, and the little hussy had to go and mention that she found a recipe for Lemon Puppy Chow (or Mud Buddies). LEMON! Made with white chocolate. So of course I had to stalk her Trest of Pin site for the recipe and proceed to steal said recipe for my own evil use.
 I will be shoveling you in my hole soon. Very soon.

Oh well, the challenge starts next week, I can be a gluttonous heifer for a few more days.

8.  OK, so I'm gonna tell you guys something, and you're going to be super duper jealy of me. Remember my Color Run recap post? And I said that I had more adventures after the Color Run? Well, I'm about to tell you about said adventures. And you're going to hate on me a little, but I just don't care. So there.

After the Color Run, I promptly went home and scrubbed all surfaces of my body to get all color out, which ended up being all for not, because some of the color was just going to chill on my skin. For days. And it was on my face. And it was yellow. Awesome. So I looked like a psych ward patient that got ahold of a highlighter and just went to town on my forehead and cheeks. It's fine.

Anyways, after that, and a nap, we planned on going out to dinner with some friends to a cajun food restaurant. And this is the jealous part. Not only did I get to see my friends Jordan, her husband Will, and our friend Evan, but I also got to hang with THE coolest chica. Her name is Ducky. I will love her, and pet her, and will hold her close. Ok, that might be a little overboard. Anyways, if you haven't checked out her blog of amazingness, get your butts in gear and march right on over there! Now!  She is downright hilarious, has the most precious daughter, and has TONS of givaways!!! I mean she talks about shooting squirrels in the ass off her deck.....in town. What more do you need?!?!
So this is us:
Isn't she just the cutest thang ever?!?!
And she wore this adorable white dress with cowboy boots. I sorta hated on her for a minute because of her cute little outfit. But then got over it.

We talked about all sorts of crap. It was like we have been friendies forever! I can't wait to hang again.
So you're a little jealous huh? Ya, I would be too.
I just love meeting bloggers!!!

And to make you even more hatin' on me, this was my din-din::
And you're never going to believe what it was called.
It was The Coonass Chicken.
I ate some coonass.

It was actually delicious, crispy chicken over dirty rice with crab and shrimp on top. With this sort of creamy spicy sauce. YUMMERS!

After dinner we headed over to the new casino and had some drinks and pissed our money away. Well, literally and figuratively.
The casino was built right next to the Nascar track, so the bar we drank at looked over Turn 2. It was pretty bad ass.
Sorry, bad picture, but you can kinda see the bleachers in the background.

Then I lost some money, won some money, then we went home.
The End.

9.  Any of you want a really good snack, that's good for you too?!?! Of course you do, because we're all trying to get healthier.
Well, have you ever heard of Cucumber Salsa?
Yup, me neither until last summer.
But this summer  I have about 900 cucumbers coming up and had no idea what to do with them all, so I asked for the recipe and Oh My Giddy Aunt it is so easy and sooooo  good!
Here's the recipe:

3-4 CUCS, SHREDDED (very important, must shred with cheese grater or food processor with the grating attachment.)
ONION (I just shredded this too, in the food processor, but you could probably chop it)
JALAPENOS (I used about 3, but I likey likey spicy)

Mix all together and chill!
That's it!
 You can eat it will tortilla chips (homemade whole wheat, if you want it to be even more healthy), or even spoon over some chicken.
And it stays good for like weeks! Bonus!

10.  Ok, I have some news, that while is GREAT for moi, you're going to hate it a little. I'm going on vacation next week!!!!! YEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

9 days.
No work.

The Lake.

We will lay out, drink beer, fish, drink beer, boat, ski, read, drink beer, float, drink beer.......well, you get the idea.

I'm so excited I could just pee!

But, sadly, there is no internet down there, so not only will I not be able to follow your blogs, but I won't be able to bloggy blog blog myself.
So sad.

But rest assured! When I get back I will have the ultimate of ultimate recaps!

Cheers Lovies!!!!