Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ten Things Thursday


You missed me, huh? Like shit-tons, right?

Well, I missed all you Lovey-dovey-woo-woo-shnuckems. (squeezing your cheeks right now)

1.  Well, winter break was fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. All I did was eat, sleep, eat some more. Then sleep again.  Well, that's not entirely true. There was about 1356 hours of driving in there somewhere. Which sucked donkey balls. But what can you do.

2. First, Ryan and I exchanged gifts Thursday night. We were leaving the Sat before Christmas, so we wanted to have plenty of time to enjoy our goodies before we left. I got him some slippers.....that didn't fit. A T-shirt......that didn't fit. A button up shirt......that magically fit. And some hunting bow sling carry-er thing.

He got me a really cool limestone KSU rock for outside
It kinda looks like this:

Cool, huh?! Our neighbors also got one for their front porch. So apparently there's a purple explosion on our street. It's awesome. Especially since one of the other neighbors are KU fans. (Which is our arch rivals.) Hehehehe.

He also got me KSU earrings and much needed Amazon gift cards. I was a good girl this year.

3.  Second, was the trip to colorful Colorado for my dad's side Christmas. 8 hours in the car with a husband who changes the radio station more than Miley Cyrus changes her hair and a puppy that snores. Oh the joy.

We had beautiful weather and took advantage with many a'hike. HEY! I did actually do more than sleep and eat. Badass!

Wyatt having a joyous time in the snow.

View of Pikes Peak from the back of my parents property. Their house is on the right side of the photo in the middle.

Digging for treasures. AKA, sticks.

Another view.

Pike's Peak again.
The front of my parents house.
The Christmas was pretty standard. We opened gifts. The grandkids got waaaaayyyyyy to much shit. My dad got a little tipsy. Oh, and we had the typical dysfunctional family drama, that tends to happen almost every year. Basically my step-brother's a drunk asshole. I'm not going to get into it, but he's definitely on about everyone's shit list.  Thank the Lord his wife is amazing and is the best mother to their son.

We also ended up going to Breckenridge. But I suck and didn't get any pictures. It was beautiful though. Big ol' fat flakes were falling as we strolled through the extremely high priced ski stores, drooling over purple puffy vests that cost more than a boob job. It was lovely. It also just solidified the fact that I am never going to be  one of those people that look cute in their fur boots and stay at places like that and just spend money willy nilly. Yup. Forever poor. Super.

Then the best thing ever happened on our trip home, the day after Christmas. I got the stomach flu. Best.Thing.Ever.  Pretty much had to pull over 3 times, puked twice, and I wanted to just crawl under the car while it cruised 70 mph and die a slow death. It would have been less painful.

4. Then it was a short 2 day break at our house before we packed up the car again and headed to Kansas City for Christmas with Ryan's parents. It was a good trip. We got to see his aunt and uncle and cousins, which is always nice! His cousins are just out of college, and another is still in college, and it's fun to hear about college life and ambitions and secretly thank God that they didn't know me when I was in college because crazy booze-hounds with no ambitions don't exactly fit in with that side of the family. ;-) Good thing I grew up and am now a responsible booze-hound with employment.

5.  After returning home, the husband got the brainy idea to organize our office. Or as I lovingly refer to it as Satan's clusterf*cked outhouse. It was like a Christmas wrapping paper and paper bill bomb went off in there. But, it needed to get done. I know that. And I organized, and shredded, and wiped down things, and shredded some more, and filed till my little heart was content. And I did all this sober mind you. You know, we shouldn't waterboard terrorists, we should just send them into suburbia with a dust rag and file boxes and have them clean out people's home office's. That's torture enough.

And in true husband fashion, the office wasn't enough. Next was the pantry, then onto our closet, then moving downstairs to the spare bedroom and closet. 

It was an epic day. Epic.

But now I'm oh so organized. It kinda feels good. 
And it'll probably last 2.I'mAClutterFreak seconds before I demolish all our hard work with all my precious collectibles. Such is life.

6.  Oh, one other thing that happened over break, or just before break, or.....whatever, sometime in the last month, is I got on my happy pills again. Hip Hip Hooray for Moi! 

Some of you may know, but some not, that I've suffered from depression, most likely my entire life. There was a doc in college that determined that I had a chemical imbalance and would need meds my whole life. Well, when I met Ryan and we started living together, I was feeling pretty good, so I got off them. Because I have a medical degree and all, and can diagnose myself. That was about 5 years ago. Weeeelllllllll, I think I was OK for the first few years, but the last 2 I've been struggling. Really struggling. For some reason I didn't want that doc to be right. I wanted to deal with things on my own. Can you say Control Freak?!

And what really didn't help things, was a lot of major things happened in those few years that I probably needed to be on my meds for. My dad, Mike, getting cancer, and eventually dying. Getting married (not that that's depressing or anything!! It was just stressful, and typically my depression is centered around my stress anxiety.) New jobs, and stress at those jobs. Blah blah blahbity blah. 

So anyway. With help from Ryan and my besty Draz I decided to take the plunge and get back on some antidepressants. I've been on them about a month now, and I can tell you that I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Maybe I'll write a separate post about how bad I really was, but for right now, just take my word that I was not myself for a very long time. And now I finally feel......normal. And it's exhilarating! And you know what, it doesn't make me less of a person to take pills to help me, or abnormal, or different, or strange, it just makes me smart. Smart that I realize that I can't function sans a little chemical help in pill form. And it makes me ballsy that I can admit that I do need help. And to take the help.
So there.
I'm happy now.
Woop woop!!

7.  Can I just tell you how bad it sucks moldy blowfish balls that I have to work?! 
I mean, it should be a crime to come back from 11 days of sleeping in and eating shit, to preform actual work on a WEDNESDAY. And then repeat that for 2 days before you blessedly hit the weekend, where you relapse into your pre-work holiday coma of napping twice a day for a measly 48 hours before you have to grow up and put on something other than stretchy pants and crawl your fat ass behind your desk again.

I think I shall go on strike.
At the local Dairy Queen.
For the next 12 years.

8.  Uggghhhhhh. And I'm wearing this sweater that I haven't worn in years today (that I found buried during the re-organizing debacle), and now I know why I haven't worn it in years. It's ITCHY!!! I just want to tear my skin off right now and I still have 6 hours to go in the work day!!! Kill me now!!

Wow. Lovely face Laura. Just lovely.

9. I got a new Miche Bag too!!! This might have been a little Christmas gift to myself. Because, like I said earlier, i've been a very good girl this year.

It's so purdy!!!
It's navy blue with grey. Kinda a snake print type thing happening. I lurve it sooo much! I just lurve Miche Bags in general! Well, except that I never clean out the inside because I can just swap out the outside. Thus the inside is a menagerie of crap. Oh well, the price you gotta pay.

10.  I went to the gym last night. It was eventful. But not in the way you think. This is what I posted on FB about it:

There's a dude at the gym thats clearly running faster than his little legs can handle. Im just waiting for him to nose dive & fly off the treadmill. Bonus in all this he's literally screaming to himself some sort of gibberish. I can hear him thru my headphones & a vacuum running. Freaky Park Shity people.

Seriously. It was weird. The little guy was pumping his tiny legs so fast I thought they were going to fall off!! And I know i'm going to hell for making fun of people at the gym, but really, any dude that shouts to himself in a gym that has a total of 4 treadmills and 8 ellipticals and is the size of an outhouse, deserves to be be made fun of. Plus it's Park Shity and you just can't make this shit up.

Back to being at the gym in the first place.  Yes, yes, that was my first experience with the dreadmill from Hell in a long long longlonglong time. Dolphin claps for me.  I just walked 2 miles, at a 5% incline, and at a relatively swift pace (faster than 300lb trucker moves while Christmas shopping with his wife, but not much more than that.)  My plan is to get some sort of exercise in at least 5 times a week. I'm shooting for every day, but I know that's just not going to happen. Just being realistic here.

And once my body gets used to the added exertion, I'll pick up the pace and start the running again. YAAAAYYYYYYY.  (Yes, Lindsey, I'll be posting in Buns on the Run!!! Sometime. I swear.)

10.5. Ok, one more thing!!!!!

My KSU Wildcats are playing the poopy Oregon Ducks tonight in the Fiesta Bowl!!!!! I expect you all to watch and cheer on my Purple!!!! Seriously. Cheer for them. Or I will hunt you down. Hahaha, just kidding.



  1. Yay Wyatt!!

    Luck (or skill or touchdowns or whatever you say in this instance) to KSU!!

  2. This whole thing - well minus the puking and going back to work - made me smile. Love that you had a great holiday. Have you used the dammit doll on your desk yet?? LOL

  3. Cute purse! I wish my husband would get on organizing kick :)

  4. Aaaaahhhh the wondrous joys of organisation days. Don't they just make you want to jump out a 4th floor window!!!!!

    I'm glad the pills are working well for you. Anything that takes the edge of, relieves some of the pressure, has to be a good thing.

    The names of American Football teams crack me up. xx

  5. Good decision on the "happy pills"! It's a hard decision, I sort of felt like a failure on my part when I finally did. I'll never forget what my Dr. said tho.... If you need them they'll work and if not they won't. Then we'll just have to figure out your "issues" then. I was happy then to prove that I needed them and didn't just have "issues". :-) thanks doc!

  6. I watched the game so I shall say no more than that. And the mountains look so amazingly beautiful!

    What family is complete without some awesome drama llamas?!

    Welcome back, Chica

  7. Love your new Miche bag. Our contractors got me a new Miche bag. It's from the Luxe collection. It's a little big, but I am sure I will find a way to fill it, haha. We need to get together soon and compare Miche's, and drink, and socialize, and be merry!


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