Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Did ya miss me?!

So, it's been too long. I know.


I can't believe the last time I wrote was Oct of 2015. Freaking OC.TO.BER!
This is what happens when you have kids. Or A kid. They suck the life and time right outta ya. Well, it's only 'A' kid until Sept 4th. Yes, yes, if you haven't heard another Baby Wiksten is due. If I wasn't puking or feeling like puking, dealing with headaches, bloody and runny nose, heartburn to kill a person, and extreme exhaustion, I would be jumping for joy. But seriously, just don't get pregnant.
Ok, I'm kidding.
No really, we tried long and hard again for this one and every toilet hugging moment is a blessing! Truly! I can't wait until Sept, and not just because this pregnancy is such joy, but because I can't wait to see what type of ornery little rascal this next one is going to be. I.Can.Not.Wait.

Moving on.

The real reason I'm writing again, is because I straight up miss it. And I need it. As most of you know, I struggle with severe depression and anxiety and writing has always been a great release for me. I tried to lie to myself and say 1. I don't need to write, I'm a badass!; 2. I don't have time to write, I'm a mom!; 3. No one cares, why should I! But the biggest lie was all those put together to mask the real reason I didn't want to write again, which was fear of rejection, anxiety of putting myself out there again, and just over all panic attacks. You know, the normal, every day, crap a woman worries about when considering getting back into writing a little, itty, bitty, teeny, tiny blog about (of all things) Beer, Dogs, and Health.

First of all, I'm far from a badass. That's just ridiculous.
B. Yes, I'm a mom, but even mothers......wait, ESPECIALLY mothers......need a way to release, they need a way to vent, and they definitely need to make time to do something THEY want to do (even if it's only taking a poop-poop by yourself, complete with the luxury of getting your own paper and flushing your own toilet.)
And finally, I care. I do. I care about me, even if no one reads my shit-nanegans. It helps me. I started this just for myself, and I'm going to start AGAIN just for myself!

Here's where things get exciting.


I'm changing this ol' bloggy up a little. I'm still going to concentrate on getting healthier, but mainly I'm going to be writing to clear my mess of a noggin. Oh, and don't worry, if you haven't caught on already, I'm still going to try and be a below average funny person, slightly inappropriate, and most importantly.....real (aka boring. It's fine, you can tell me. I can take it.)

Until next time.

PS, I put on my big girl panties and bought a domain name for this little thing.....

Now you don't have to write a paragraph to get here.
You're welcome.


  1. Glad you're back writing again.....I really missed it. Love ya.

  2. So glad you are back and Congrats!!

  3. Congrats on another BD&H baby!! and Congrats on coming back, I agree with you we all need a place to vent/recharge (I too need to get the ole' blog updated).

  4. Yay! glad you're back. Can't wait to follow along.

  5. Glad you're back, babe. We are here for you!


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