Monday, August 5, 2013

Look out y'all, my Heathiness is showing......a little.

I saw a girl/woman/whatever, running today on our gravel road. I've never seen her or anyone run on our road before, so I'm assuming this is a new routine for her, and I couldn't be prouder.

It also made me a little sadpants. I wanna run! (enter whiny voice) I'm tired of walking turtle-ass slow. I might as well be a sloth. Or an overweight snail.(And, anyone that knows me, knows that walking slow is like a death sentence. I'm constantly going mach 1.)

Yes, yes, I know i'm like 8.5 months pregnant and all, but Daaaammnnnnnn, lets get this show on the road!

You know what I've noticed recently? With my 45lb weight gain? (Ya, 45. I'm a lard ass sloth. Ugh.) But, seriously, my knees! They're killing me. Getting up and sitting down are equivalent to 46 needles being stuck in my left boob. I've never, NEVER, had knee problems. A shitload of ankle problems because there's like no cartilage left, but never any knee problems. It's sad.

I know that this is only temporary, but still, it sucks balls. Even when I was at my heaviest (not pregnant), I never had knee problems. It's just so surreal to be overweight and notice all these things that my body doesn't 'do' well any more. It just goes to show you how that added weight can really make you feel like shitsticks.

What am I going to do about all this weight gain?

Good question.


I'm going to work my ass off for the next year and get back to better shape than pre-preggers!!! Only problem is that I'm so scared that I'm going to be super exhausted right after Baby Girl gets here and I'm not going to want to eat right or exercise. Like, should I set my expectations uber high and start a plan the day after she's here? Or is it more realistic to give myself 2 weeks (or more???) to get into a routine and 'feel' better?

These are serious questions! I need all y'alls advice!

I think it's common sense to wait a little, but I don't want to use it as an excuse, ya know?

And you know what? I'm living up this eating like shit thing 150% right now, but I truly can't wait to be done with it all. I bought the book Sugar Nation, because my super svelt in-shape friend Chelsea recommended it, and I haven't even cracked the spine yet, because I know I only have a few more weeks of processed crap and I'm just not ready to give it up totally.....yet.  And I know reading that book, I'll never want to touch a TastyKake again. But I am getting that feeling of, 'ok LB, enough is enough'. And that's good!! That's the first sign that my mind is getting wrapped around changing things. It usually takes me awhile to get my mind, then my body, wrapped around a significant change. I'm a procrastinator like that. But once it is, then it's Go Time people.

Most importantly, I want to set a good example for my daughter. I know she hasn't got the best start with all this crap I shove in my mouth now, but once I start breastfeeding, I really want her to get the correct nutrients, ya know?

I mean, we didn't worry about how many Swiss Rolls we ate as a kid. Or if our food was organic. Or if that can of Cheese-Wiz was real cheese or not. And I was never overweight, but I was unhealthy. But then again, back then, no one really cared about 'health' like they do now, I think. I just want my daughter to crave bananas instead of chocolate. And spinach instead of Big Macs. And actually, if I'm really being honest, I want my husband to do the same. Lord knows an improved diet would help SO MUCH for his diabetes! I've read countless articles on if you eat wholesome, organic, non-processed food, sometimes you never have to take insulin again! I'd love that for him, more than anything! And I know he'd like it too. And I know he'll totally be on board because of that.

Just a few more weeks.
Then it's the Wiksten Healthpocalypse!!!!


  1. I know the feeling. It is hard to grow a baby and give up your body. I am 5 months post with my second baby and I am just a few pounds heavier than per-pregnancy. The doctor will tell you to wait at least 6 weeks to start anything. You will be bleeding LOTS for several weeks. I am talking lots like at times you may ask yourself, "Am I dying? Should I call a doctor?" Then you uterus and organs are slowly getting back in place so you will find you are very sore in the ab region (not to mention other regions), and tender. If you are breastfeeding you need to eat about 500 to 800 calories more. This will establish a healthy milk supply. You will be burning plenty during this time. Not the time to diet. No. But, that doesn't mean you have to eat like crap either. You can eat lots of fruits and veggies, etc. I cut out a lot of the processed foods after Calla was born and dairy. I am still losing weight. I started running again in June (baby was born in March). I am slimming down and feeling good. The last thing you want to do is set yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations. Let you body heal. Seriously. And, ease back into a healthy eating plan and exercise regimen. For me, it was helpful to sign up for a half marathon in October for a goal. But, listen to your body and your doctor. Giving birth wrecks havoc on your body. Breastfeeding is an awesome calorie burner so feel good about that. And about getting your baby to eat healthy, you can worry about that later when they are about 6 months. You can make her food and she will thank you later. :) Good luck momma! Enjoy your sleep, your husband, and your big belly. These moments are fleeting... no need to rush through. You do as you are able. Best Wishes!!!

  2. Hey, Laura!

    I read your blog every once in a while because it pops up on my Facebook news feed, and I'm just so excited for you that your little girl will be here any day now!

    After reading your post today, I found myself breaking out into a cold sweat and having trouble breathing. I checked my blood pressure to make sure I wasn't stroking out. I wasn't. Just a mild panic attack. No worries. Whew! Those flash backs to the first few weeks postpartum were scary!

    Candice made really, really great points about what your body is going to go through after you give birth. There is a reason the doctor will tell you to wait 6 weeks before starting any sort of exercise regimen. Trust me! And, even then, you may get the all clear but still not feel like returning to exercise the way you thought you would. That's OKAY! Don't stress over your body right now!

    My baby is 10 days younger than Candice's baby, I gained 40 pounds (for the second time) on a 5'3" frame, and I too have recently returned to my pre-baby weight. Am I completely satisfied with the way my body looks at the moment? No. But, I am happy to be slimming down as I continue to take advantage of the calorie-torcher that is nursing. My recommendation would be to NOT stress over losing weight and getting back into shape and to NOT set any major expectations for your body right now. You ARE going to be super exhausted, and you ARE NOT going to want to eat right and exercise after your baby gets here. That's perfectly fine because that is not going to be your priority. Rest, recover, and love on your baby for the first six weeks. Then, once your doctor says it's okay to resume "activities," reevaluate. For instance, Candice is back to running. I am not. Honestly, my boobs are scared to be shaken so violently. Hopefully your ta ta's are tougher than mine! But, I stroll with the kids and do leg, arm, and ab exercises when I have the time. Some days I get to it. Some days I don't. That old advice, "It took 9 months to put on that weight...," is really true.

    You will need lots of extra calories to build up and maintain your milk supply. And, your body needs that time to heal. Nursing is such an awesome way to get the baby weight off! You will be just fine! When you have the energy and desire to worry about your body, you will. Just relax until that time. You will have plenty of other things to focus on. Motherhood is such an incredible journey. Enjoy the ride without putting any added pressure on yourself! You are awesome, and you are going to ROCK this!

    Can't wait to hear all about Baby D!

    Lindsey Hill (Candice's Sister-in-law)

  3. ok Doll, here's the thing- you are growing a person and once said person is free from the confines of your comfy uterus you will still need to have an increase of calories to produce milk- eating healthy is always a good thing to do, but just remember when you breast feed what ever you eat she will eat- seriously- it will change the flavor of your milk, and if you eat gassy foods, she will be gassy, if you eat spicy food she may get heart burn. so wean yourself into foods and see how she responds to it.
    I know for a fact that if you go around eating broccoli she will become gassy and fussy... avoid the trees!
    With my boys I hardly produced milk- usually happens with the stress of having twins.
    But with my daughter I felt like Elsie the cow- and I ended up nursing for 10 months (not exclusively) and I ended up losing weight- when I got pregnant I was 215 and at my 6 week after check up I was in the 180's... then I started shoving food in my piehole again, and not the healthy food I had been eating and shot all that to hell and back-
    But you can do it- get the hubs on board with the healthy eating and it will be easier to keep eating healthy after you stop nursing.
    ok, I'm getting off my soap box so you need to get back to laying back with you feet up or go soak them.


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