Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pregancy - WEEK 37 (July 28th – Aug 3rd)

Holy chubby baby butts. It’s 37 weeks. THIRTY-SEVEN WEEKS PEOPLE!!!

You know what that means?

Besides me being the size of a walrus’ ass?

It means that I am technically full term.


If that doesn’t scare the pee outta me, I don’t know what else would. Well, besides sneezing, and a forceful cough, and if my body just decides to ‘let it go’. But that’s a different story for another time.

I know I missed last week’s update, but that’s because the nesting is out of control.

So, what’s been happenin’ the last few weeks with me?
Oh, you know, the usual. Elephant feet. Carpal tunnel/numb hands. I eat a lot of ice cream. It’s getting harder and harder to wipe my ass. I’m considering asking Ryan----not to help!! Jeez, I wouldn’t stoop that low------ if we can put in one of those ass sprayers in our bathroom. Like the one on Crocodile Dundee? What’s it called? A baday?  Whatever. It’s needed.

I’ve mentioned before, but the doc put me on half days last week. It’s been a full week of glorious rest and relaxation. Well. Sorta. If I’d actually sit down long enough to get rest and relaxed, it’d be glorious. But my damn mind & body just wants to go and go and go. I have gotten a lot of stuff done. And it is nice that while at work, I’m basically a ‘helper’ instead of in charge. I’ve moved my ‘in charge’ duties to my little friend Rebecca. She loves life. But hey, I’m a whole lot less stressed!!! And that’s the most important. lol

Good news is I finally feel like I’m ‘ready’. Like, the baby’s room is almost done. The baby’s packed for the hospital. Every ‘little’ detail is taken care of, like having a bottle dryer, and 47 pacifiers, making sure that each tiny ass socks are matched up correctly. Ya, OCD details. It’s awesome. So, now I really feel like I can relax.

Had my 37 week check up today, Doc said that she's just not ready yet. Zero on the dilation station and 20% effaced. Which means, didely is going on. Guess she's not going to make her debut early. 

Ok, onto Baby Girl!!

Not much is happening these last few weeks, besides her growing a ½ a pound a week. (eek!) She’s probably somewhere around 7.5 lbs by now (double eek!). With 3 weeks to go, I’m getting a little nervous about pushing her large pooper out. But what can you do.

Since I’m at full term, she could be born today and pretty much survive w/o aid. She spends her days practicing breathing, sucking, blinking, and pivoting. And oh boy does she pivot!!! PIVOT, PIVOT!!! (You know, from that Friends episode. Cracks me up every time.) One day her butt’s on my right side, the next it’s on my left. Last night in particular, she was constantly moving. Tossing her head from side to side like some Herbal Essence shampoo model, stretching her legs out so that her feet end up in my ribs, elbowing me in my pelvic bone, etc. It was nice.

OH, one major thing that happened last week is that she dropped!!! Yes, it feels like I have a grapefruit about ready to come out of my hoo ha. Ya, she’s that far down. It’s a weird feeling, I tell ya.  Oh, and the little weekly book says that her head will continue to grow……SUPER.  Also, her ass is still up in my ribcage, but that’s expected, since we’ve already determined she’s taking after her daddy and his gigantorness.

Other than that, I’m just so ready to meet her. I just want to hold her and cuddle her and see what her personality is like! I just can’t wait! This whole pregnancy I’ve always thought that she would come early, and maybe she still will, but now I’m beginning to think she’s going to be late, just to be the sassy-ass that she is. I don’t know! We’ll see!!!

3 weeks to go!!!


  1. Okay-nutty advice. Pack cute slipper socks with the skid things on the bottom for the hospital. If you have to walk around, you don't want to wear the ugly ones they give you. Also-pack your own pillow for the hospital if you remember. Theirs are shit. Lastly, if you plan to breast feed eat good food and three squares the first few days. You won't want to. You'll be exhausted and not hungry, but it will help your milk so so much. (I wish I'd known this with baby #1) And if shit doesn't happen as planned-they make formula for a reason. ((HUGS)) So excited for you!!

  2. I'm going to laugh when she comes out less than 7lbs and, like, 18 inches long just because you think she is going to be so ginormous. LOL You are so close to being done! I can't wait to get that text. :)

  3. I mean, I know I've been a little MIA on blogs lately, but 37 WEEKS?! When the eff did that happen?!?! You're so close to meeting Little Miss Sassy Pants! WOO!

  4. I'm so excited to see the first pictures. I've said this at least 20 times, but thank you for sharing all this and what you're feeling emotionally as well as the physical sensations with each of us. I know this is likely more a documentation for you and eventually for her (hope you're saving each of these offline somewhere) but it's really nice to "experience" this with you. /heart u Honey.

  5. I can't believe it has been 37 weeks already! I also can't wait to see pics!!

  6. Ok we will be waiting for the 10 baby pic Thursday's to begin real soon!

  7. I am getting so excited for you! Oh and btw, at 37 weeks you're still adorable. Kate M's got nothing on you, girl! :)


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