Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ten Things Thursday

Wowza. It's been a while for this. But here we go!!!

1. My lovely little co-worker Vicky is out for today and tomorrow, so I thought I'd be nice and do some of her backed up work while she was gone.
That's big 'ol batwings me, printing a dial on our Pad Printer. Don't fall outta your rolly chair because of your excitement to see this. I know. It's hard to do. Such an exciting job.

Oh and I'm not doing this for's Beer Friday tomorrow and she WILL be buying me multiple beverages. Yes, yes she will.

2.  Little D is going to a new daycare in a little over a week. I've hemmed and hawwed (spelling???) about what to do for months, and basically decided to bite the bullet and try a new one.

The one she is currently at is ok. I mean, she comes home clean, she's fed, doesn't seem irritated, but there are just a few things that bug the ever-lovin' shit outta me. Like the fact that the daycare lady's teenage son is all up in Dillyn's business, giving her kisses and just in her face. All.The.Time. Like, I'm trying to put D in the car seat and he's got his head between me and my baby. I basically want to be all, "If you don't back the fuck up, I'm going to go cray cray mommy on your skinny pimply faced ass!"

But I haven't done that.....yet. I have told him 'That's enough' and he still does it. And the daycare lady LETS HIM!

Oh and the other day, she said, "Well, Dillyn didn't burp after her afternoon feeding, because the kids couldn't get her too." Ummmmm, the kids are about 5 years old, so if they're feeding her, then we have a little issue.

Anyways, I found a stay at home mom that wants a little extra income and will only have her 2 daughters and another 2mo old, which is a girl. So Dillyn will not only have a smaller daycare, she'll actually have another baby in there that's close to her age.....which I LOVE! The lady's young and clean and just well put together. She seems soooo nice. I mean, she went out and bought all this....with her OWN money:
And she bought new spoons and bowls for feeding!

Dillyn's current daycare has NONE of that! NONE!

I'm already just so impressed and have such a better feeling about it!

3. I'm still going strong on the No Poo thang. Remember like a kazillion months ago when I wrote that I was just starting it, well, I'm still at it. I've got a mixed reaction......1: I LOVE that I don't have to waste time washing my hair every damn day. 'Cause I'm lazy folks, plain and simple. If I could spend that 5 minutes just standing under the hot water vs. actually moving my arms and hands to wash my hair....I'll take the standing and doing nothing. Yup, that's how lazy I am. Don't hate.
2: I also like that it's cheap as all hell.
3: I really don't notice a difference in my hair. And sometimes it's really hard to manage. But then again, I may be doing something wrong. Who the hell knows.

But I'm going to keep at it, just because it's cheap and I do like it.
Here's a pic I took a few weeks ago, with a pick I took right after starting it.
A few weeks ago. Pretty, glossy, and volume...PLUSES!
This was taken right after I started. I don't really notice a difference.
4. I've been going to this new store in my town called The Rusted Rooster. They got cool shit like this:


I have the deer necklace.....of course.

It's just this completely fun shop that has antiques, jewelry, soaps, lotions, little kids vintage clothing, EVERYTHING!

And it's soooo inexpensive! That  necklace was $9. NINE FREAKING DOLLARS!!!

But every time I walk in there, I get this overwhelming urge to start being creative. All I've thought about for 2 months is getting back into making jewelry, and painting, and photography, and just doing crafty shit!

Maybe I'll talk the hubby into letting me use half his 'hunting room' for a craft room.......ya, we'll see about that.

5. OH YA, my back.  OK, so I went to the Chiro, and I was all outta wack. My lower vertebrae were jacked up, so he loosened the muscles around the bones and cracked me back in place. My hip's all jacked up too, and he helped with that. Now I've gotta do stretches twice a day so the muscles don't tighten up and pull the vertebrae out of place. It's sore as all hell, and it's difficult to stand or sit for a long period of time without it hurting. But at least I'm not having back spasms any more!!! Jumping for joy on that one, let me tell you.

They did keep asking me how I hurt it......ya, definitely wasn't going to tell them it was wiping my own ass, and that basically I'm old saggy tits now and my body just gives out on a whim. Nope, not going to mention all that jazz.

6.  I kinda wish today was Friday. Actually I kinda wish every Thursday was Friday. A 3 day weekend every week would be absolutely splendid. Dontcha think???

That freaking sprint commercial cracks me up every time!
But I thought this was just as hilarious.
It's the little things people.

8.  Seriously:


9.  You know those moments when all you want to do is get on Pintrest and waste away the day....with a beer or 10?

I'm having one of those. Right.Now.

10. I shall leave you with this, because it made me giggle, and it's so true to all of you:

Cheers to beers folks!


  1. Hee! You always make me giggle.

  2. You SHOULD get back into photography, and shoot my wedding. Or just come and drink muh free booze and all that. :)

    Miss you!

  3. Oh honey bunnies....I hear ya on the Baby D daycare story. If your gut feels weird about it - there's probably a reason why. Does the lady know you are switching? How did that go? I have conversations like that. Glad your back is better. You should have begged for pain pills. They go good with booze. So I hear.

  4. You are so funny! I love that you are being proactive on the day care... I want to have a baby, but day care keeps me up and nights and I don't even have a baby. This could be bad.


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