Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Weigh In' Day and Running

Friday's are going to be my 'weigh in' day. And I'm going to try my darnedest to ONLY weigh myself on Friday.  OK, I confess: My name is Laura, and I am a scale-aholic.  First thing in the mornings I do my business, put my 'eyes' in (contacts) and step on the scale. I pray up and down to the Weight Loss Gods that the number is going to be lower than the day before. And if it is, I do a little weight loss happy dance; if it isn't, I growl at the stupid scale and stomp off telling myself the scale is malfunctioning.  I have finally decided this love/hate relationship with that flat monster of bad numbers is not healthy.  I need to concentrate on how my clothes fit (currently that would be tight), and stop obsessing about the numbers.  So, I'd like to go ahead and apologize to my little scale and tell it that we can no longer have our morning meetings, we'll have to wait patiently till every Friday to see each other, but we will get through this together.

Good News: I've found a new love, Yoga! My first yoga class was a million years ago and with my friend Rebecca (who has been a yoga enthusiast for a few years now) and it went really well, but I didn't feel comfortable for whatever reason, so I never went back.  But now...I am obsessed! I started back up last week and did a Level I/II class at my local gym and I did pretty good. Not great, but not bad. I love the fact that I can think about nothing but my breathing while my not-so-small pooper is in the air for everyone to see.  Last Tuesday was my second class, and I can proudly say I think I've improved! (Could be my imagination, but I'm thinking positive here.)  I've even decided to go back tonight, even though Thursdays are my usual 'sit-on-the-couch-and-veg-in-front-of-my-favorite-ABC-shows' night. 

More Good (but slightly scary for me) News: Before yoga class I've been running on the treadmill, and I have to say, I really kind of enjoy it. WHAT?!? Did I really just write that?! Someone check my pulse. Am I still breathing? It's official: Hell is as frozen as my frosty beer mug in the freezer.  Seriously though, I have always despised running. It's so much work and I don't have the best lungs (I have been a smoker for years, but am working my way to smoke-free right now) and well, it's just sooo much work.  I played tennis in high school because that was the sport that you ran the least in. Pathetic, I know. But I've been reading a bunch of really good running blogs lately (this chick is my favorite and just found this one near me) and I've become extremely motivated. I'm even considering signing up for some kind of running event. Like a 5K or whatever.  But first I think I need to be able to run more than half a mile with out popping a lung. I'm gonna work on it.

Anyway, check in is tomorrow. I'm not worried, after tonight I will have worked out for a total of 4 hours this week. And I'm planning on working out on Sat. morning too. (Maybe even do a little more running. God help me.)

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