Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weigh In Day-Week 9 + A day in the life of my mom, Julie

Current Weight: 153.5
Last Week: 154.9
Goal: 138

I lost a 1.4 pounds! Woo Hoo! I did work extra hard this week and really watched what I ate (with the exception of some awesome pizza on Friday. Hey, a girl's entitled to splurge a little.)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was just one of those crazy busy days, then Ryan got home (he's been working out of town all week) so we spent the evening relaxing with a little March Madness. 

I think I'm becoming obsessed with college basketball, by the way.  Coming from a girl that played only tennis in high school because you ran the least amount.  I'm just not very sporty.  Once when I was in kindergarten (and my Mom LOVES to tell this story), she signed me up for T-ball, possibly thinking that I just may be a future softball champion. Who knows.  Anyway,my best friend Frannie and I were on the team together and coach conveniently put us both in the outfield. Probably because he knew we were about as coordinated as a sumo wrestler trying to do Yoga. About 20 minutes into standing out in the middle of no mans land, not paying a bit of attention to the game, Frannie and I decided that we were thirsty and hungry. So what do we do?  Trot straight off the field and to the concession stand. Leaving the game in the middle of a play.  Both Mom and Frannie's mom were in the bleachers, cheering on the game, when they notice we are just strolling off the field. My mom looks at Frannies mom, and was like, "where do you think they're headed?" Both moms watched as their budding athletes bought Snickers and Mt. Dew and plopped right down on the grass by the stand to chow down.  That was about the last adventure I had in pee-wee athletics.

I was going to write about a whole bunch of scintillating topics, but my mom, Julie, emailed me the most hilarious story this morning, and I just have to share to you all.
So this is in the words of my mom:

Wow, what a trip. I took Colt, Chumko, Frank, and Jesse to the vet yesterday for their annual shots, with Trinity's help. (I'm going to break in to explain: Colt-Huge blue weimaraner, Chumko (means 'big bear')-extremely overweight black lab (he has an eating disorder), Frank and Jessie-outside orange cats, Trinity-my 9 year old niece.)
 First, I had to get a stool sample from Chumko and Colt, which only took a few minutes by going on a quick 30 yard walk. Then, I had to get Brougham (my brother's yellow lab) and Corn Dog (Mom's other dog, an assistance dog in training, yellow lab puppy, her real name is Serenade, but mom calls her Corn Dog because well, she's corny) in the kennel without getting Chumko and Colt in the kennel.
 Next was getting the cats in the cat carrier, but found out the door is missing and I couldn't find it. So I put them in a Rubbermaid tub.
 Finally, loading up the dogs.....I had to load Chumko first, because he is difficult to load since it scares him and he needs LOTS of room. So I had Trinity attempt to hold Colt while I loaded Chumko, but every time Chummy started his big run and jump into the backseat of the Jeep, Colt would break free from Trinity and jump in ahead of Chumko. Then I had to get Colt out of the car and try to coaks Chummy into the car.
 We finally got everyone loaded with Trinity and Chummy in the back seat. Colt, Frank, & Jesse behind the back seat. Got 5 miles away from home and remembered I forgot the POOP. So we turn around and headed back home. By this time Colt had his 2 front legs over the back seat with Trinity and Chummy, and his back legs behind the back seat. He seemed perfectly content to sit like that. Then the cats figured out if you press on the lid hard enough you can get the lid open. So Trinity was trying to turn around and hold the lid down. I didn't think we would ever get home, but we did.
 Once we got home, I got the POOP and then went to Plan B. I put Colt in the Back seat between Trinity and Chumko. He sat with his butt resting on the back of the seat (where the headrests are), back paws dangling, and front paws on the seat, as normal for him. I got a bungee cord and put it around the cat tub and put them in the front seat with me. So off we go, again.
 Once I got to the vet, I went inside to get help for the BIG unload. We put them all in one room at the vet and kept the cats in the tub for fear of opening the lid and having them jump out like a jack-in-the-box and never catching them again. Dr Dan came in and we just opened the corner of the lid to the cat tub about 2 inches. Frank peeked his nose out and I reached in and grabbed him by the neck and Doc shoved the shot in, then we slammed the lid shut. Repeated this process on the opposite corner of the tub and Jesse peeked his nose out, again I grabbed Jesse's neck and Doc again shoved the shot in, nearly shooting my fingers with the rabies vaccine, and again slamming the lid shut. Chummy and Colt thought getting a shot was just getting extra attention with lots of tail wagging. Chummy has lost 10 lbs since I took him in last (I have gained 10, so I'm thinking I should let Chummy have the 10 back and maybe I would loose 10). He now weighs 128 lbs and Colt weighs 98.
Now the loading up process again. Doc loaded chummy first and I held Colt. Colt was loaded next, then Trinity. Back seat is now full. Doc went back in and got the cats and put them in the front seat, while I paid the bill. The ride home was fairly uneventful until the last 3 miles, when the cats figured out that if they push hard enough that they could raise the lid even with the bungee cord on. So I had to hold the lid down and drive. Finally, HOME. I let everyone out including Brougham and Corn Dog and we all went on a walk (well except for the cats, who were just content to be home and out of that tub).
I was laughing so hard when I read this I about peed my pants. 
Here's some pictures of everyone.

(Sorry I couldn't find a picture that really showed his girth. But this is a good one.)


Colts typical sleeping position.

Brougham is the one looking at the camera.
Seranade (Corn Dog) is sleeping.
And Trinity is in the background.
Sorry, no pictures of the cats.
Anywho, I did get up and exercise this morning. That makes 4 times this week. And I drank my little Herbalife for breakfast and lunch. So far the weekend is off to a good start!
Well, I'm off to go stain some trim. Have a great weekend everyone!


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