Friday, March 25, 2011

Weigh In Day-Week 9

Current Weight: 150.8
Last Week: 153.5
Goal: 138

I’m down 2.7. Seriously…..2.7? That’s the best freaking amazingly fantastic news EVER!  I almost can’t believe it, except that my feet have been glued to the scale this week and the weight loss Gods have shined down upon thee all week.  I was 153.5 on Saturday, then 152.5 on Monday, 151.7 on Wednesday, and finally **blinky-blink-flashy-flash** (picture neon sign flashing) 150.8!!!!

Doing a little happy dance right now, be right back……..

Ok, that was fun.  And really bad, at the same time. Good thing you all couldn’t see that, it would have tormented your dreams forever.

So obviously I’m not going to make my goal of 138 by April 7th (30th B-Day), but that’s ok. I’m completely fine with that. I basically just pulled that number out of that jiggly place where the sun doesn’t shine, just so I had a number.  I’m just happy that I’ve actually lost weight these last few months.  But I still have two weeks to go till the big day. So, my ‘new’ little personal goal for the next two weeks is to at least get down to 145. That would be my all-time lowest weight for since 2003.  And I definitely think I can do it with the way things are going.  To be quite honest, if I just get down below 150, I’ll do a little happy dance, buck-naked, down my street on Sunday morning.  Just kidding. They would for sure put the straight jacket out then.  Basically, what I’m saying is that I’d be thrilled with any sort of loss.  I’m simple that way. And then the new date for the 138 goal is in June 7th.  That gives me an extra two months to get the job done!

So even though I’m at the awesome 150.8, I’m pretty sure that number is going to be a little teeny glimpse of memory tomorrow.  You want to know why?  Because today is gloriously-delicious-crap-fatty-food day at work. AKA, Snack Day. So far I’ve had 3 cream cheese tortilla roll-ups, a slice of berry-topped homemade cheesecake, a chocolate brownie with cream cheese frosting (umm, there’s a theme here), guacamole and tortilla chips, and finally my weekly chocolate cake donut with sprinkles on top. Yep, that equals the recently lost fat returning to my ass, pronto.

But again, I’m ok with it.  I’ve eaten nothing by broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, hummus, low-fat cheese, and drank my breakfast and lunch (Herbalife people, not beers) for the last two weeks. So I COMPLETELY deserve to have pig-out time.  The funny thing is though, I had all that and I’m stuffed, like ready-to-puke stuffed. Two months ago, I would have eaten all that then went back for seconds by now, with the plan of going for thirds before lunch.  That’s good, either my stomach has ‘shrunk’ so much that I’m eating way less, or that type of food just doesn’t sit well with me anymore.  Either way, that’s goody-goody gum drops with me.

I did prepare for this ‘Day of Gorge’ though, I did the workout from Hell on Wednesday, then Arms and Shoulders last night, and I actually got up this morning and did CardioX (See Beth Ann, I said I’d get up and work out this week, I just didn’t say how many time’s I’d get up!)  And I’m committing to you all that I’m going to work out this weekend too. It’s supposed to be poopy, rainy, and cold this weekend, so no running outside, maybe I’ll do some more weights with P90X. 

I’m also going to do some much needed shopping therapy this weekend.  The bathroom renovation is complete! And Ryan and I have not killed each other, that’s a miracle in itself.  It looks fantastic, phenomenal, DIY Network-worthy greatness. However, I need get the final touches of new towels, floor mats, and a shower curtain.  Then, I’ll take some pictures and post them, so you can get the FULL effect.

There are also some MAJOR sales at JCPenny’s and I have a $50 gift card for there.  Can you say, “NEW BIRTHDAY PARTY OUTFIT”? I sure can. Especially since I’m 8 pounds lighter than the last time I went shopping.  Look out crazy mall walkers, this girl’s on a mission….to look spankin’!


  1. Enjoy your new *AWESOME* birthday outfit! And have fun shopping!

    That is just such a great loss! I am way proud of you!


  2. I'm a little behind, but YAY!! I didn't make it up for yoga today, but I fully expect to start back tomorrow. Thanks for the nudge. :)

  3. Congrats on your loss!! That's awesome - hope you get a great bday outfit!


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