Monday, December 10, 2012

Cowboy music, beers, and screwdrivers (and not the drinking kind).

Who likes cowboys in tight jeans, rockin' music, and shitloads of beer?!?!!


The Eric Church concert was a freaking blast!!!
Downright the most stellar concert I've been to in a long time. Really, I think the only other person that may be a little better, was Jason Aldean. And it's too close to call, really.

But man, could Mr. Church rock!
And I must say he is as cute as his pictures.
At least from where I sat, I thought he was. But I didn't sit that close. But lets just go with it.

The night started out early with cheesy pizza and big beers. Then, we moved into the concert and found the closest beer trough. At that point we proceeded to stand at said trough for an hour before the concert because we were too lazy to sit down. And we were getting beers about every 4 seconds. So it helps that we stood close.

Kip Moore started the concert off, he sings Beer Money & Somethin' 'Bout a Truck. Two of my favs! I don't have any pictures of him, because I forgot that I had a camera phone and a regular camera in my purse for like an hour. Moron.

Then Justin Moore started playing. His songs are If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away, Backwoods, & Til My Last Day. All great songs!!

And finally..........The Man. Mr. Eric Church. AKA Sexkitten. OK, that might have been a little overboard. (Sorry Ryan.)

Sorry, that's a little blurry. I'll put better one up in a minute.

We went with our neighbors and friends from across the street, BadAss Jen and Brad. Remember, I'm calling her BadAss Jen, well, because. I don't know why, but she's badass.

She's just so pretty.

We had WAAAAYYYYYY to much fun with each other. Way to much fun.

Here's some more pics:
 Yes, The Husband and I can not take a normal picture.

Well, that's a little better. That's when he was singing Smoke A Little Smoke. Such a cool song.

The concert lasted till about 11:30pm. Which was awesome. Except Intrust Band Arena stopped serving beer at 10pm. Bastards.

Oh, and I WAS in the beer line at about 9:45, only a few people from the front of the line, and some bucked tooth nincompoop bimbo got all up in my face and was like, 'We're done serving beer!' I calmly replied that 'No, you're not, because I am still empty handed.' She did not like that comment.
But! Worst part about it was, as I was walking away, the dumb hooker let 3 other guys in line to get beer!! F*cking bullshit. No one gets in between Mama and her beers. No one.
So, I might have had a few choice words with the heifer. She didn't like that either. Then I think my dutiful husband decided to steer me in a different direction. Thank God, because otherwise I probably would have been kicked out. I'm still mad at that ho-bag though.

So other than the hooking heifer not serving me my booze, the concert was a hit. Total hit!

And since we were all still generally in an upright position, meaning that all the booze we drank prior to 10pm hadn't inebriated some of us that much, we went to a bar!!! Great idea.

No really, it was fun.
 Kelsey (Jen's soon-to-be sis-in-law), BadAss Jen and Myself.
Three hot chicks if I do say so myself.

And this is the only picture I have with The Husband. That's not uber blurry or of him chugging beers.
Thank you BadAss Jen for having excellent photography skills that night.

All in all, it was a great night, filled with fantastic music and really good friends.

The next day however, BadAss Jen and I got up to take Hunter's Safety with about 10 twelve year olds and some middle aged dudes. Best time of our lives.
Nothing says 'redneck' like going to your hunter's safety class completely hungover, wearing no make up, pretty sure  I didn't comb my hair, and all I ate all day was sour gummy worms and beef jerky. (Yes, I have an appetite like a 10 year old boy. It's fine.)

But......I PASSED!!!! 100% baby. So apparently being hungover and taking tests agrees with me. I wonder why I didn't ace all my classes in college then???? Hummmmmmm........

Oh, and to start this lovely week off, I got pummeled in the head with the pointy end of a screwdriver at 8:30 this morning. It hurts. A lot. I hate life.
A repair man was on this loft right next to my desk fixing the filter in the heater, and magically his screw driver flew out of his hand and into the top of my skull. I screamed obscenities so loud that the kid in the next room heard me.....with ear phones on.

Luckily, the damn thing didn't puncture my noggin, because we all know I need as much of my brain as possible in order to operate normally. Apparently I truly do have a hard head, because it didn't break the skin. I do have a nice bump tho. And a killer headache. Makes working just like a little slice of paradise right now.

And I'd just like to point out that shit like this only happens to me. Seriously. I need a helmet. Actually, it was pointed out by BOTH my husband and boss that I may need to wear a helmet........Nice fella's, nice.
But really, it may not be a bad idea knowing my clumsiness.

So anyway. I'm tired, my legs hurt from dancing too much, I have a headache, and it looks like I'm sprouting a unicorn out of my brain.
Just another day in Awesomecity, folks, just another day.
Try not to be jealous.


  1. I'm so jealous!! I love Eric Church.

  2. so jealous! sounds like a blast...well not the screwdriver bit..but all the other stuff...well maybe not the hooker heifer...but you know what I mean :)

  3. Don't hate but I have no idea who these bands are. I absolutely love the pics though and my favorite is the first one of Eric Church where all you can see is a sea of flannel. That my dear is photography at it's finest. I loves me some men in flannel. Mmm Mmm. /swoon

    You are freaking gorg by the way. *heart u*


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