Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Let's do this.

1. OK y'all. Sorry about last week's TTT. It was a little, well, batshit angry. It was a bad day. A real bad day.

But I'm better.

Mainly because no one's bothered me in awhile. Which is soooo nice.

2. I think I have an addiction. Like, Hi, My name in LauraBelle and I've been a chocoholic for 31.65 years.


Last week I ate an entire bag of Mint Truffle Hershey's Kisses. By.My.Self.

This week I'm doing a damn good job of mowing down this bag of White Chocolate Hugs Kisses:
They're soooooo delicious!

And if I don't have quick access (as in, within arms reach) of some sort of chocolate, like, God-forbid I run out of chocolate, I scrounge the measly change I have to go raid the vending machine like a crack addict hopped up on speed looking for their next fix. It's not pretty folks.

I have no idea what to do with this addiction. I think I'm just going to ride it out till after the holidays then worry about it. Actually, through a recent study, it was found that it's better to not feel guilty about your delicious chocolaty pleasure. Feeling guilty only enhances your craving for it. Seriously. I read it HERE. So it must be true.
No worries then.
Chocolate for everyone!!!

3.  Speaking of this, I've decided to just take a break till the New Year, on the whole 'eat only air and sweat my non-existent balls off' thing.

Who am I kidding. I've been on said break for about 3 months now.

Basically I've decided that there is no way in Katy P's Candyland that I will be able to concentrate on anything remotely healthy, until after all this holiday cookies, candies, feasts that rival a palace soiree, and booze drinking comes to an end. 

So Jan. I come!
Until then........Whoop Whoop for junk food!!!!

4. Soooo, I went to the mall yesterday and purchased the most expensive tube of lip gloss ever.
Holy crap how can one mini tube of sticky shiny goo cost damn near $19?! That's like a cheap pair of shoes, for shit's sake.

Anyway it's Clinique Full Potential plump & shine.
Yes, I need some lip plumping action. Why not, right?
This is what it looks like on:
I don't really have a before picture to show you the difference, but I can tell you that I'm absolutely in love with the color. And it really does give my lips a little plumping action.

So, apparently it's worth the 19 bones.

5. We have yet to put up our Christmas decorations. Lord we suck. We were going to do it weeks ago, then I got sick. Then last weekend we were both out of town. And this week has just been a cluster every night after work. Blah Blah blahbity blah. So we're shooting for this Sat.

If it doesn't get done then, I'm going to be pissed because it'll only seem like the decorations are up for 5 min before we have to take them allllllll down again.

What a pain in the ass decorations are. Can't someone just put them up for me? Well, maybe not put them up for me, but take them down from the attic and lay them all out pretty like, then I could put them up. Then come back after New Years and take them all down, pack them up, and shove them back up in the attic again. yes, I need someone to do that. Any takers?!?! Anyone?!?! Bueller?

6.  Guess who's sexy ass I get to see shakin' it on a stage this weekend????


I'm so excited I could just pee!!! I'm going with our next door neighbors and bad ass good friends Jen and Brad. Then some other bad ass friends that Ryan works with Jarrett and Brandy. And then I think pretty much everyone in KS will be there. At least, that's the way the chatter on FB makes it sound like.

I'll try and take pictures. But knowing me, operating a camera while intoxicated, dancing, singing, and pumping my fists in the air is only going to lead to some freak clumsy accident. But I'll do my best.

7.  Wanna know what else I'm doing this weekend?!?!

I'm getting my HUNTER'S SAFETY!!!!!
Nothing says 'safety while hunting' than getting shitfaced the night before at a concert then crawling out of bed to look at and possibly shoot guns while a Game Warden assesses your good hunting safety 'knowledge'.
 I'll let you know how it goes.

One of my goals, and the reason for me getting my Hunter's Education, is to get a bigger deer than my husband one year. Yup. I'm a little competitive. Just a little.

Speaking of deer and husband.....this is what I have to beat next year:

Yes. That is a behemoth deer.
And my husband shot it after sitting out 2.5 seconds on opening day (two Wednesdays ago).

If you'll notice all the broken antlers, you'd think he'd be disappointed that it wasn't a full rack. However, just judging by his huge perma-grin in the photo, he was not disappointed in the slightest.

The deer looked like it took on a 'roided-up elephant. And won. Seriously. It had numerous broken antlers, scars all over his face and his ear was ripped in half. How in the name of farts do you get your ear ripped in half? How?
This buddy was a fighter, I tell you.

And now we have close to 150lbs of fresh venison in the freezer. Thank you baby Jesus. That should last us the year. Cross your fingers.

Anyways, back to more important matters, like ME, I will be taking the Hunter's Education Field Day test this Sunday with my Bad Ass friend Jen (I think I shall always refer to her as Bad Ass Jen from now on).
We will be the oldest females in this group.
Everyone else will be 12.
It will be epic.

8. Speaking of hunting. It looks like my Wildcats will be hunting some Oregon Ducks on Jan. 3rd!!!

And the game is going to be in Phoenix!!!!!

I don't know if y'all know, but there is a group of like 6 girls that live in Phoenix, that blog in this blogosphere, that I would shave my head Britney-style to see again!!

But we can't go.

It's just that we get back from 11 days off for the holidays on the 2nd. And I'd have to probably take that day, the 3rd, and the 4th off. I pretty sure my co-worker Rebecca would shit a angry badger if I did that to her.  Plus we've gone on so many trips this year, to Chicago, Florida, we've got to go to Colorado. It's endless. Basically, we're broke.

But there will be another time to see my Wildcats play in a bowl game! I know that! This is their second time at the Fiesta Bowl and I know we'll go again some day!

(PS Arizona girls: I think I've about got the husband talked into making a trip down this summer! [And Ryan if you're reading this, which you probably are, We're going to go to Arizona this summer, mmkay?])

9. Have you ever left the house without brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant? And you don't realize it till your about a sparrow farts distance from work? And you have no extra toothbrush/mouthwash/gum/ANYTHING in your desk to help with the breath that smells like a cat pooped in your mouth overnight?

Ya. Me neither. Just asking.

10.  Tomorrow night I'm going to a BBQ at Bad Ass Jen's place and I'm making this:
Cowboy Caviar, yum!

Mexicorn Dip.
  • 2 cans (11 Oz. Can) Mexicorn, Drained
  • 1 can (4 Oz. Can) Chopped Green Chiles
  • 1 whole Bell Pepper, Chopped
  • 3 whole Green Onions, Chopped
  • 2 whole Jalapenos, Chopped (without Seeds)
  • 8 ounces, weight Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 cup Sour Cream
  • 1 cup Mayonnaise
Combine all ingredients. Chill before serving with Fritos or tortilla chips!

Do you think it would be bad if I just hugged the bowl all night and didn't let anyone else partake in it's deliciousness?

That's it for me folks!! Have a great weekend! I know I will!


  1. bummer no az in summer..are you cra cra? its hells balls hot here then! Ok that corn stuff looks gross but I will take your word for it that its yummy...corn chips make anything yummy in my book!

  2. Ha! I showed G Ryan's pic with the deer and he said, "Where do they live?" I told him and he said, "Hellz yeah, they are on our must know in the zombie apocalypse list. We need people who know how to kill deer. I like deer better than fish..."

    Also - love that lip color. So pretty!

  3. I have that same addiction to chocolate...I don't even try to fight the addiction. I just (sorta) try to keep it under control.

    Does that lip gloss make your lips does it "plump"??? It's cute!


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