Friday, December 14, 2012

There is no title that justifies this topic.

 ***I want to point out that this blog is for me to write. For me to vent. And for me to get all my pent up frustrations out. This is my opinion only, you don't have to share it, you don't even have to agree with it. Hell, you don't even have to read this***

It is beyond gut wrenching and agonizing that we live in a world that human beings kill other unarmed and innocent children and adults. For nothing really. Innocent people die for nothing.

Most of the time, the main question we ask is WHY?
Why did he do that?
Why didn't someone stop him?
Why did my loved one have to be there?
Why did he pick that school to shoot at?
Why is someone so evil?

And what hurts almost as bad as that innocent lost loved one, is that we may never get any answers to those questions. We may never know WHY.

Another thought that runs through our heads is, 'I DON'T UNDERSTAND!'
I don't understand how someone could do this!
I don't understand how someone could be this sick!
I don't understand why this happened!

I, personally, don't understand why most of these horrible crimes are committed by young adults. There is a trend here folks.
Connecticut School Shooter: 24 years old
Oregon Mall Shooter: 22 years old
Aurora Theater Shooter: 24 years old
Virginia Tech Shooter: 23 years old

And I could go on and on.

What is wrong with today's youth that they think killing, make that mass killing, is the answer to their problems?!

Is it TV? Well, I used to watch the Die Hard movies when I was a kid and any other shoot 'em up flick and never killed anyone.

Is it access to guns? Sorry, there's always been guns around in my family. As kids we were trained to use BB guns at age 5. And to only hunt for food. Again, I've never killed anyone.

Is it Government? Good question. While the Government has changed since I was young and I don't agree with a lot that goes on in DC, you still can't hold others accountable for your own actions.

That's what it is. Who's accountable? What makes a young man kill kindergarteners?

In my opinion: It's the parents.

I'm sorry, but how do you NOT KNOW your son demented?!?!

Yes, I am not a parent. I've never had children. I can just tell you my opinion from the experience as a child.  And you know what, my childhood wasn't a sparkly pink Candyland either. I had my share of problems. I just want you to understand that this isn't about me, but my life could have gone two different directions. With help from my PARENTS, I chose the direction I'm currently in.

When I was in college and in one of the worst depressions I've ever dealt with, flunking out of school, drinking very heavy every night, and being reckless with my life, do you know what my PARENTS and my FAMILY did? They supported me. They pushed me to get help. THEY were the ones that made me realize there was something wrong. Every person in my family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and parents would call me and talk to me and offer their love and support. I needed that. I needed them. That's what REAL family does. I definitely didn't think for one nano-second that picking up a gun and killing innocent people was the way to handle my problems. I was taught better than that.

So, how can you tell me that as a parent you don't know when there's something wrong with your child?!?! HOW?! Because my parents and family knew. I can imagine when someday I have children, I will know.

And I know there are swarms of kids out there with no parents, or parents that are deadbeats, or druggies, or emotionally & physically hurtful, and I know those kids can grow up to be horrible people because of that. But there's also kids that come from that, but because of ONE person that ACTED like a decent human being and was a 'parent' to them, they changed the direction of their lives, and are upstanding people.

And I'm sorry, but it's not the druggy kids or flunky's that are shooting up masses people. It's average young men. Who came from a middle income family. And most of them were going to college.

People if there is one thing in the world that you can teach your kids, teach them to face their problems, without using violence. Teach them about loss, teach them about the right way to win, teach them how to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Those families in Connecticut are in my heart and my thoughts. I pray that they get comfort and support in a horribly tragic time like this.


  1. Amen!!! I total agree with you on the parent issue. I am sure more information will come out on that.

    I am sick about it! I am so glad mya was off of school today. That is so far beyond anyone's worst nightmare.

  2. These are the main two reasons that I feel disturbed young people trend towards mass violence:

    Only recently has it become acceptable for both parents to work. It used to be relatively taboo for a mother to work an actual full-time job while she had kids. I absolutely think that it is FINE for a woman to work AND be a mother, but I also think that with both parents working, it can be easy to give less attention to the child and to overlook what might be "warning signs". Additionally, such a public display of violence is generally a cry for attention, which a child may not have had growing up.

    The second thing that I think contributes to this issue is that children are generally not taught very good stress management or conflict resolution. The current school system (and parental attitude) tends to cater to a child's sensitivities, and I feel that it leaves them ill-prepared to face the stresses of the real world. The lack of skills necessary to cope with such issues can lead to violence.

    Obviously, this is all just a thought... regardless of the reasons behind them, acts such as these are so so tragic, and I feel so badly for the families involved. It breaks my heart to think of how sad this Christmas will be for so many people.

  3. this country is so broken... and filled with evil... it's beyond sad and defeating.

    things like this make me wonder if i ever really do want to bring my own children into this world... what would i be subjecting them to? how is that fair?

    just deeply deeply saddening this all is.... and correct me if i am wrong but ALL of these shootings not only have been young (20-26, ertc) - but white males?? Every single one? Wonder what criminal profilers would say about that... weird....

  4. I'm not sure who is to blame, I just know some people are crazy.

    By the way, miss you girl.


  5. I wish I had something insightful to add, I just wanted to lend my support. *heart u*

  6. its shit...really is. I don't get it. But I could you not know that your kid could do that...and could you not lock up your guns...sorry but as a parent..I lock mine up and its not for my kid to get them out and play with. I am not for gun control because I think there will always be guns..there are mental issues with people that really need to be addressed and actually I am becoming to think we should lock down schools and add metal detectors...

  7. I certainly do not have an answer for these heinous crimes. I can't even watch the news when something like this occurs. When a gunman entered a small school in Lancaster, PA and murdered many of the young girls, I was in awe over the families embracing the wife of the shooter and offering forgiveness to her deceased husband. Despite the many deaths in their small Amish community, these fathers and mothers found forgiveness in their hearts.


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