Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

It's been a freaking LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ass time since I've done one of these babies!!!

1. Thanks Sarah G for commenting yesterday about the mastitis or whatever. I hadn't really even considered that, and didn't know that much about it. But after numerous google searches and friends sending me messages on FB, I can now say the girls are much happier today.

There were recommendations about everything from putting cabbage in my bra, to drinking mint tea, to taking sage supplements. I haven't had a chance to try any of those. But what did work was taking a hot shower and squeezing the ever-loving-Christ outta the lefty. Yup. Sure did. And it hurt, ohmygiddyaunt, so freaking bad. But once the pressure was relieved I actually felt like a normal tube-sock-ping-pong type of boobie girl! Cheers to that folks!!!

2. Through all this, I think I want a boob job. I mean, purely for selfish reasons. I'm pretty sure my husband could give 2 shits about what my chest looks like, I mean, he loves me just the way  I am. But man alive I feel like a 97 year old broad with these hangy down thingies. It's like I gotta roll them up just to put them in my bra. I just don't feel pretty damn it. And I wanna feel pretty!!! *cue whiny voice

OK, pouting over.

3.  So I started the No-Poo thing last week. Today is day 7. Here's day 5:
This is at like 6am, so that's why I'm all sad sack suzie.

But so far, anyway, my hair looks good.

THIS website was very informative. So is THIS one. And THIS one.<-----That's the best website.

Basically, you use a baking soda and water mixture for your shampoo and an apple cider & water mixture for your conditioner. The process is all about getting your hair back to it's 'natural' state, without all the chemicals and crap that come with commercial shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, etc. Those things leave a coating on your hair that forces you to continue to use them.

The No-Poo method helps you get over that hump and then have your hairs natural oils be all the product you need.

So far I'm in the waxy, stringy, dry stage, so I'm going to up my baking soda a little and keep at it another week. The only real thing I've noticed is that my hair seems 'thicker' and is MUCH easier to brush through. It dries differently too. Not better or worse, but just different. Hard to explain. Another bonus, I don't have to buy shampoo or conditioner! Love that!

Anyway. I'll keep you posted. I'm trying to remember to take pics and everything.

4. OMG. My friend at work just emailed me this video and it's hilarious!

5.  I know we just got over Halloween and all, but I couldn't resist posting this.

Poor Dillyn. But she is going to be this next year:
How freaking cute is that?!?!
And I can probably make that entire thing.
OMG, I Can't.Freaking.Wait!

6.  I'm still on the Make Sugar My Bitch thing. It's still a constant struggle and it's been infinitely harder right now with the holidays and food every.fucking.where. But I'm still truckin' along. Thank Miss Fattypants that I've got a great support group! You girls Rock!!!

7.  Oh, and I'm still going to the gym. The only week I've taken off in like forever has been Thanksgiving week. I don't rockstar it every day or anything, but on average I get there at least twice, each for an hour. So that's something.  I also have a great support group for that too! Thanks to my girls Chassity and Savannah!!!! It's sooooooSOSOSO much easier to MAKE yourself exercise when you know someone else is going with you.

And I've figured out that it truly and deeply helps my depression. I mean, I'm on meds and all, but the weeks/days I exercise, I feel like Mary fucking Poppins on speed. It's amazeballs. I'm not quite at the 'addicted' part, but I'm close.

8.  Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

9.  Thank you all for your comments about my bio father the other day. I'm still up in the air about it all. On one hand I really want answers, even if I know they're lies. On the other, I feel like it's opening up a can of stanky worms (not to be confused with sKanky worms, because those bitches are hoes). I think I've come to the conclusion that writing him an email is the way to go. That way I'm not 'talking' to him, and we still have a pretty good barrier up. I still haven't had the time or energy to write out what I want to say exactly. So I'm just going to wait till I find it.

10. Here's a shout out to my homies at The Print Shop:



  1. Have the rest of the kids before you get the boob job. That's my plan anyway :)

  2. Omg. I was thinking you were constipated! I was like, "But you need to poo, babe!" I am so relieved.

    Btw, totally shameless plug here... I started a new blog. LOL

  3. Blocked duct then? Glad there was no infection! I need to try the No Poo thing...

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  5. hahaha, I thought you were constipated too and was wondering why you were taking your picture about that :D your hair does look nice though :D


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