Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cleansing my Juices - Day 2

Well, now. Isn't this interesting. I'm still alive. And haven't had sugar in 24+ hours. I am shocked people. SHOCKED. I for sure thought I would die if I didn't have some sort of sugarfest during the day.

I woke up feeling pretty good. Like I said yesterday, I got the shittiest night of sleep. So I wanted to stay in the covers. All.Damn.Day. But I didn't. I got up and got ready for work. Surprisingly, I wasn't starving. And I didn't feel the need for a gallon of coffee thru an IV drip. And, I kinda couldn't wait for some juice. Huh. Interesting my dear Watson, very interesting.

Day 2 Weight: 156.4
Day 2 Mood: Slightly better.....I don't want to slap a dwarf bunny rabbit or anything, but I'm still in a funk.

7:30am-Juice 1: A little strong on the romaine, but otherwise pretty good. It actually tastes better than yesterday. I don't know if it's a mind thing or what. But I thoroughly enjoyed it!
New profile pic???? 

8:30am: Que the headache. It's not throbbing, but it's just there.

10:00am-Juice 2: Extra spicy today for some reason. But very quenching! It really hit the spot! And after I finished, I found myself reaching for more. But I guzzled some water. BTW, I've been drinking LOTS of water during this. I think it helps the cravings. But I pee about every 5 seconds. lol

12:30pm-Juice 3: Pretty much same as Juice 1. My headache is still around, but I've determined it's completely due to not having any caffeine. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not starving or anything, and it's kinda nice to just grab the juice and go. I'm also beginning to really like this (eating)drinking 6 times a day thang. It really keeps me more in a mellow mood. I feel like I don't have as many ups and downs. And I have ZERO cravings for sugar.

2:15pm-Poop Report (You might want to skip this paragraph if you don't care for bowel movements.  I still feel the need to post about it.) BTW, this is for you Vanessa!: Ok, so I had my first dookey since Sunday, and let me just tell I'm amazed people. I mean, I drop the kids off at the pool about once a day, usually, so I'm regular, but lets just say things don't seem 'right'. But my little poops today were gorgeous! If poop can be gorgeous. I mean it was probably the best number 2 I've had in a long time. And only after 1 day people! ONE DAY! Of juicing!

You know what this tells me, yup, that I eat like crap and my body hates life trying to detoxify itself.

3:00pm-Juice 4: This has become my favorite juice so far. The Beet-le-Juice. I'm serious. I could actually drink this every morning. It's sweet and smooth and just all around yummy!!! I may just plant beets in the garden next year! Woop woop!  Bad part: I got beet juice on my white shirt. Boo-city.

6:00pm-Juice 5: I actually got to drinking this late because I was talking to a friend and by the time I got home and got Dillyn settled I didn't realize it was time for juice! That's something. I hadn't had anything for 3 hours and wasn't even hungry.  I think my stomach has gotten used to me not overloading it with 50 lbs of crap every day.

7:30pm-Juice 6: This is the milk again, and I'm still not a fan. It's just that cinnamon and nutmeg don't really dissolve in fluids. Even if I shake it up, I'm still getting chunks of cinnamon that kinda make me want to heave. But I choke it down. It's still refreshing to have something other than juice at the end of the day. And I've gotta say, Almond Milk is actually pretty good. I really like it and might start drinking it regularly.

All in all I couldn't believe I got through Day 2 so easily! I thought for sure that it would get really tough by the middle of the day, but nope, I actually started feeling better!  I will say that I'm still having cravings for 'bad' stuff. For some reason, nachos sound amazing. And a cheese burger. But I'm really not interested in my normal breakfast sandwiches, and I do really want a big salad. Actually, for the most part, 'bad' foods don't sound good. Like with the nachos, it's just that I really want cucumber salsa, with some tortilla chips. And the burger, I could totally make healthier than a drive-thru version.

I have dropped about 5 lbs so far, which I know is total water weight, but at least it seems like a small victory!

We'll see how things go after Day 3. Maybe my body and cravings are changing. And maybe they will stick with the healthified foods.

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