Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cleansing my Juices - Day 3

It is truly amazing what 3 days sans solid food can do to you!  Tuesday night, before going to bed I was still feeling a little sluggish, but I got an amazing nights sleep and I think that's going to help!

Someone woke up at 5:30, and while I didn't want to get out of bed, by the time I had her formula made, I was up-UP. Almost bright eyed and bushy tailed. Almost.

While making my juices for Day 3, I noticed that I was a little short on some veggies, so I had to combine Juices 4 & 5. Basically it's Juice 4 with coconut water added. So, I'll be spreading my intake out today to make up for it.

Day 3 Weight: 155.9
Day 3 Mood: Surprisingly cheering. I still feel like I'm having an out of body experience, but I'm in a good mood. I don't know. It's hard to explain. I'm going with the fact that I don't want to punch someone a plus.

7:30am-Juice 1:  I was actually pretty hungry at 730, so I chugged this one down. It didn't taste as 'lettuce-y' today, so I'm not sure what I did on Day 2. It was actually a little on the sweet side.

11:00am-Juice 2: This was a little spicy again today. I'm just not sure about ginger in the juice. I mean, it doesn't taste bad, it's just not my fave. I still have a headache from yesterday. It's still not terrible, just a dull pain. I haven't even taken anything for it. It'll go away eventually.

12:15pm: Started to get a little tired. Not sure if that's because I'm still off my Go-Juice of coffee, if it's because I've gone 48 hours with no carbs, or if it's because work is a lifesuck and all I want to do is repeatedly slam my head on my desk. Either way, I'm waiting for my body to snap out of it.

1:45pm-Poop Report (This is going to get a little graphic....sorry): OK, so I had another dookey, and let me tell was awesome to have a normal bowel movement. Just AWESOME! On another note, I think my body is almost tox free. I only say this because when I turned around and looked at my little turdy, it looked just like a beet!. Yes, I know. I'm waaaaayyyyyyy over sharing. But you're just going to have to deal. But seriously! It almost scared me at first. lol. Then I remembered my only intake has been good, whole, wonderful fruits and veggies (with beets, of course) for 3 days. I mean, I don't think my poo has ever looked this good!

OK, you can open your eyes, the poop report is done.

2:00pm-Juice 3: I actually forgot about getting juice, and so I went another 3 hours without anything. I just happened to be walking around and noticed that my stomach rumbled a bit. I looked at the clock and was like, Whoa! I'm surprised I'm not chewing my arm off! But really, the food cravings are gone. Not once in 3 days have I thought about chocolate, or sugar, or soda. Maybe it's because the juices are so sweet, that I'm getting my fix. However, it does seem like I think more about salty foods. Like chips and salsa, and burgers. It'll be interesting to see tomorrow when I go back to 'normal' eating, what types of food I think about.

5:00pm-Juice 4: The BeetleJuice. God I love this juice. It was a little too spicy today, because I think I mixed in some ginger. But it was still awesome. I wasn't really starving for it or anything, but could feel myself getting hungry, so I opted to chug it while running errands after work. I still feel sluggish; I'm just in this mellow mood and can't snap out of it.

5:30-7:30pm: Mad dash to clean the house, dust, vacuum, laundry, and start making supper stuffs for Friday night. All in between consoling my poor little baby because she's constipated and is really backed up. Poor thing does nothing but cry when she's awake. But luckily she napped for an hour, which let me get a lot done. Surprisingly I have a ton of energy!

7:30pm-Juice 5 (Milk): At this point I was starving. I had made a batch of my Red Pepper Salsa and all I wanted to do was bury my head in the bowl and mow it down like a pig at feeding time. But I didn't. I do have a shred of Willpower!!! I decided that I didn't want to eff around with all the cinnamon and nutmeg crap in my milk, so I just poured myself a big glass and chugged it down. God it tasted so good!!!  I was still starving all night, but I think it was the fact that I was prepping food, then thinking about food, then dreaming about food, and so on. Can't wait for tomorrow and solid foods!!!!!

The 3rd day was definitely better than the first 2, but I still didn't feel superhuman or anything. I'll do a full review tomorrow for y'all!!!

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  1. Interesting reading! (yep, even the dookie parts, hee!) I may have missed it, but what are you using to make the juices? a Bullet? Vitamix? Do tell!!


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