Monday, July 23, 2012


Actually, that's a true title/statement, because I am wearing black today.

Because I'm in mourning.

Of my vacation.

It died.

A very slow and excruciating death.

I may never recover.

Ok. Seriously, I'm back!!!! Are you not so excited that you could just pee?!?!?!

I have so much to tell y'all about the amazing and crazy adventures in LaLa Land (that's what I'm calling my own personal 'world'. You likey? Ya me too.)

But first I wanted to mention that I've decided to do the BOOBs Challenge 2012!!! Yippee! This gal needs a little motivation. Ok, maybe a lot of motivation. For realz.

So, it's 71 days till BOOBs 3.0 starts (or something like that). And I'm going to woop ASS! We're on day 6 of the challenge, it started last Wed., but since I've been doing a lot of beer, boats and floats for a week, my official start day is today.

I'm going to try and lose the extra flub that somehow accumulated on my arse last week. I mean, all those 12 ounce curls didn't count for anything??!!?!?!
The tragedy.

I'm also going to finally add some muscle definition to this flab. I'm at the weight that I want to be (kinda, pre-vacay I was anyway), now it's just time for some tone.

So keep checking back for updates! I'll take a before pic so y'all can see how bad ass my tan lines are, then at the end I'll have my STELLAR 'after' pic.

To all the ladies in this challenge: KICK ASS!!!!!

And, in between the 16 hour-overtime-infested-bullshit-days that I now have to work and the meager sleep I will hopefully get, I will find time to get a recap of last week up! Promise. (It just may take me all just be patient. lol. BTW, Lindsey and Jordan, I don't think we got one pic together last weekend. WTF is that?!)

OK. I have to go home now. So I can come BACK to work, and work like 6 more hours. Or more. Oh the joy.
You're jealously of me right now, aren't you? Just a little? No?
You suck.
Ok, not really.

Cheers Lovies!!!!


  1. We did!!! Jello shots on the boat!!! :)

  2. Welcome to the challenge :)

  3. glad you're back girl! we missed ya!!

  4. Welcome back! :) No fun to leave vacation though, I think there should be some sort of rehab for that.

  5. Can't wait to hear how the vacay went. (Epically I'm sure - but I do so love your recaps.) :)

    Good luck in the challenge!

  6. I miss you when you are gone...stop doing that.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss but I am glad your back. Good luck in the challenge. xx

  8. YAY! Good luck in the challenge!

  9. Yeah, I kept thinking we needed a picture. Oh well, jello shots were more important.


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