Sunday, February 9, 2014

Has this ever happened to you?

Picture this:

Your 6 mo old daughter is sick. She has a fever, and a nasty cough. So you take off work and stay at home. Praying to the doctor gods that you can get in to the physician the same day without an appointment. You call 2 minutes after they open and get an appointment 28 minutes later. Hallelujah! Since it takes about 40 kazillion minutes to just get the baby ready to go ANYWHERE, you have about negative ten minutes to get yourself ready.

But it's ok, because all you're doing is going to the Dr down the street, right? You jump out of bed, throw on a sweatshirt over your nightgown, wrangle into a pair of sweatpants and then tend to your babe. There's no make-up, no hair combing, and most importantly, no over the shoulder boulder holder (or more like an over the shoulder pebble holder since breastfeeding sucks the life out of your boobs).

Once at the doctor, they tell you that you need to take her to an bronchiolitis (sp?) clinic downtown to suck the boogies out. Oh the joy. But again, you realize that you're going to the hospital and there's no one that's going to care that you look like a cracked out homeless junkie.

But for some reason, on the 20 minute drive to the hospital, you forget that you look like you haven't showered in 2 months and you call to ask your husband to lunch. He accepts.

 Oh the joy.

You meet at a mexican restaurant down the street from the hospital, and low and behold he shows up with his entire office. And I'm not talking about the co-worker that's already seen you drunk off your ass at the lake last summer. I'm talking about his accountant, his co-worker, and HIS BOSS.


So there you are, guzzling salsa, and sitting in your nightgown, bra-less under your sweatshirt, with your husband's Boss. The entire time you sat through chimichunga's and burritos you hoped your new found awesomesauce mommy nipples wouldn't start to peak into overdrive because of the -20 degree wind chills.

It's a glorious day.

Anyways. I'm just wondering if this has ever happened to you?

I can't confirm or deny it's happened to me.

I admit nothing.


  1. I can't admit to something exactly like this happening (i'm child-less) but pretty dang close. I must have like a gps signal on me for when I'm not feeling well, finally able to pry my rear off the couch to go to the dr...figure "heck I've made it this far I'll just stop here and here for some necessities" only to run into someone of "importance" who wants to "chat".

    Hope the lil gal is feeling better....

  2. Aww, I hope little D is feeling better! I have totally done that before. "I'll just pop into Wal-Mart or the drug store..." annnnd it's my entire graduating class. Fudge.

  3. OMG! i'm dying over here!
    This hasn't happened but I can assure you, EVERY time I decide to just run to Walmart or the lcoal pharmacy for just one thing, If I'm not wearing make up, and haven't done my hair, or maybe am still wearing yesterdays yoga pants, I WILL run into at least 3 people I know, all of whom will look completely perfect and ready for a photo shoot! Every freaking time!

  4. You just made me laugh until I cried. Thank you. But I'm sure even in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, you look like a glamorous, beautiful cracked-out homeless junkie.

  5. Welcome to motherhood :) Hope that little D is on the mend quickly!!

  6. Ha! Poor Laura Belle! I know it was probably an annoying day, but you sure did make me giggle.

  7. Sadly, it all sounds about right.


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