Tuesday, February 25, 2014

White Lightning Has a BooBoo (And not the Honey kind)

First of all, I've just now decided to name my Jeep White Lightning. I think it's appropriate.

So there I was, minding my own business, driving to the Y to get my work out on, when my stupid phone decides to do the 2 step across my console. I do what any normal person does and I look down, grab it, and throw it in my purse.

And then I looked up......and BAMMMMMM.

I had just enough time to try and slam on my brakes before my pretty little Jeep's nose slammed into the ass of a Chevy Silverado. Next thing I knew, I my hood looks like a folded piece of paper and my left pinky hurt.

I'm ok. Besides my pinky. Which is tragically sore for some weird ass reason. And thank you Baby Jesus that Dillyn wasn't in the car with me.

But DAMNNNNNNNN. It was a damn near brand new car!!!!

It happened so damn fast.
Stupid phone.
But it easily could have been me just changing the radio station. Or looking in my rear view.

Accidents happen. I know. But it's still poopy.
Thank God I'm ok, and the other person was ok. White Lightning will live to drive another day.......like forever from now until she gets fixed.

Until then I get to drive the beast of a truck my husband usually uses to hunt in. I feel like I could drive over the Sphinx like a golf cart drives over an ant hill. On a positive note, any high school kid that sees me thinks I'm a badass. Yup, that's right. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

Anywhoozle. That was my monday. It sucked donkey balls.


  1. Glad youre ok! If Dillyn's carseat base was installed you should check with the manufacturer to see if it needs to be replaced.

  2. Dammit. That sucks donkey turds big time. Glad you're ok though!


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