Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lindsey, this is for you.

My poor, poor friendy Lindsey is at home today….and probably tomorrow. Because she's a teacher. And teachers rock.

And she needs reading material.

You're welcome girl.

I'll take one of those fab desserts you make as payment. Stat.

So today was interesting. First off, I tried to wake up early because of the Wichita Whiteout grrrrr…..said in a wrestler/tiger accent by my husband (yes he did say it with a growl. Completely normal.) But that didn't happen. The waking up early part, I mean. The growling by the husband totally happened.

Then, of course, Baby Girl had to be all sassy pants and start crying while I was trying to get ready. So in order to calm her down I turned the blow dryer on and pointed it at her while she sat in her Bumbo on the counter.  Well…….10 minutes later while changing her I noticed that some damn horrible terrible mother didn't have the blow dryer on low like she thought, it was on high. And caused a red mark on her leg. Ughhhhhhhh. Mother of the year…. right here. She didn't seem bothered by it. She loves the blow dryer and just sticks her face as close as she can and shakes her hair like a Pantene commercial. But still. I think I cried all the way to work.

Then I got to work and snowmegeddon happened. Nothing like working in a blizzard and wondering if you're going to have to camp out under your desk with a 6-pack or if you're going to die getting home. But in the end, I got to leave at 2pm. Thank the lord. And I didn't die trying to get home. Bonus #2!

Bonus #3……I got to hang with this beautiful girl:

God I freaking love her!

And now I'm drinking a few beers and blogging.

Good end to a shitty start.

Peace out my homies!


  1. OMG, I can't believe she's already old enough to be holding herself up like that! how the heck did that happen?
    She's a beauty.
    Somehow Wisconsin has been spared from snowmageddon this time around, which is so odd!


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