Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Weigh In

Current Weight: 151.9
Last Week: 150.2
Goal: 138

I've decided to modify my Friday weigh in day posts a little. I'm still going to weigh in on Fridays and post about it, but I'm going to drop the weekly title.  Its just that I've finished with my first set of goals and on to my next, so I don't want to start over at Week 1, but I don't want to go on to Week 13 either. So, we're now just calling it 'Friday Weigh In'.

About today: I've gained about two pounds since last week. That's ok, because I totally expected to, what with my beerfest birthday party and the gorging that went along with that.  So 2 pounds is okey-dokey.

I started Atkins on Tuesday. I also quit smoking and drinking on that day also. (But the drinking goes along with the Atkins, so it's just for a few weeks, don't you worry.)  Can I just tell you I've had the worst day at work today. All I want right now is freaking nicotine, a jumbo donut, and a 12-pack.  And there's a jumbo sprinkle covered deliciously glazed goodness sitting on the table in the break room, right next to my desk. It's been sitting there for two hours now, just calling my name. Singing my name more like it, in this wonderful little harmony that just makes me want to pretend I'm in my 'special' place full of donuts on silver platters being fed to me (hubby: you might want to skip over this part) by Bradly Cooper with only a leaf covering his 'special place', and pitchers of beer being poured by Matthew McConaughey in a beach towel, and Jason Aldean playing his guitar at my feet to any song I request. Ahhhhh.

OH, sorry, got a little carried away there.

I haven't touched the donut yet.  Now it's little competition between myself and Willpower to see who wins out.  I'm thinking that Miss Willpower is going to crush me like a bug.  And that's ok.

Other than the poopy day I'm having today, the whole quitting everything thing is going pretty good.  I was so nervous that doing all this at once, I was going to end up sabotaging myself, but ironically, it's actually the best thing I've done so far.  So get this: I'm so consumed with keeping whatever craving I have at the time under control, that I forget about the other two things I yearn for.  Like last night, I wanted a cig so bad that I completely forgot about bread.  And even at my worst today, I want that donut so, so, so bad, but I'm not thinking about a smoke.

All in all, I think this is going to be the best challenge for my health mentality that I've done yet. I also think it's going to help me keep on the straight and narrow for this next week plus some.  Who'd have thought!


  1. I don't mean to invade ur special place, but I'm totally there right now. One change, jason is nice and all, but he'ds being replaced by kenny chesney! So glad things are going well (by well, I mean complete tourture, but ur hanging in there)!

  2. That's an interesting thought about giving up many things at once. You are very strong and I get more impressed the more I hear. You can do this!!

  3. WOW. Just found your blog. GOOD LUCK on your quitting! : )


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