Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Well, the day has come.

I have left my beautiful twenties behind and ventured in to my adventurous thirties.

I am 30. Holy Shit.

Seriously, it's not that bad. I love, love, love birthdays. Especially mine. My birthday typically lasts a week. That's just the way it is, people.  My hubby doesn't like birthdays, so it equals out.

Thirty. Wow.

You know, when I was just turning 21 (from what I can remember in between shots at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and keg stands at midnight-just kidding Mom, that never happened....right.) I thought 30 was sooo far away. I'd probably be married to some hot babe, have a couple crazy kids running around the yard with the white picket fence bit, working at some fulfilling and successful job, and be filthy rich. Blah, Blah, Blah. Well, 2 out of the 4 is ok. No kids, and definitely not filthy rich.

Now that I am 30, I think back to when I was 21 and besides the keg stands and shots every other day, my attitude really hasn't changed all that much.  I mean, I feel like I’ve matured...I think. Anyway...I still feel the about the same. I absolutely have more stability and I am absolutely in a better frame of mind now then I was back then. But I'm still a fun-loving, kinda psycho, beer drinking, compassionate, and down to earth kind of person.  I don't think that's ever going to change with age.

I mean, what really changes with age? We get older. We get more wrinkle-y. Some of us become smarter and more mature, but I think that's from learning from your mistakes.  And I made A LOT of mistakes when I was in my early twenties. Lots, people. You have no idea, and if I started to mention some of the doozies, you'd probably run screaming in the other direction.  No, really, I probably made some of the same mistakes that everyone makes, but just imagine those mistakes on steroids, then you get the idea.  And I learned from those mistakes. And I’ve bettered my life from learning from those mistakes.  I'll still make mistakes; I completely expect to make some (just not on the scale of my 20s) in the future. That goes back to the cycle of getting smarter with age, though.

Ok, kinda rambling here. Sorry.

So what am I doing for the big day you ask??? Well, today I'm going to run errands after work and go home and sit in front of the boob-tube and watch my shows.  I know, I know, not very exciting.

BUT! I'm saving the exciting part for this weekend.  I'm having a big bash with family and friends, complete with brats, burgers, beer, and laughter. Every time we all get together we just roll with laughter. I can't wait.
And my best friends are coming down from Manhattan (they're Ryan and I's best buddies that we go to KSU games together and to Table Rock together; just all around great people) tomorrow night and we are going to the Parade of Homes here in Wichita.  After that we will proceed back to the humble abode and commence the intoxication process.

I'm getting ants in my pants just thinking about it! I'm sure I’ll post a few good pics when it's all said and done for your all's viewing pleasure.

BTW, on a little side note, I did not make my 20 lb loss goal, but that's ok.  I'll write more about it tomorrow.

Cheers ya'll!


  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and party next weekend.

  2. Happy birthday!! I turn the big 3-0 next year...i don't know if i'm ready to leave my twenties!

    Hope you have a blast this weekend. :)

  3. Happy, happy birthday, my young friend. :) I forget how old I am sometimes. HA! Have a fabulously lazy day and then a super fun celebration. You deserve it!

  4. I hope you have an absolutely fabulous birthday! I have strangely been looking forward to my 30th for quite some time now. It's still almost two years away for me, but it is an age that I look forward to and will surly embrace when it arrives. Not to say I haven't enjoyed my 20's, cause I have. And probably made several of the same mistakes and then some!!!!


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